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Cash For Junk Cars Vestavia Hills, AL – We Buy Junk Cars, All Makes & Models! 

Cash For Junk Cars Vestavia Hills, AL – We Buy Junk Cars, All Makes & Models! 

We know that you’re sick and tired of that eyesore in your driveway. You’ve even had some attamed thefts of car parts. And when it comes to “Google” searches of “who buys junk cars near me?”, you come up short all of the time… until now.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Cars Buyer is the premier junk car buying company in Vestavia Hills, offering fair market value on all makes and models. We also offer A “FEE-FREE” service to you, ensuring your junk car sale is smooth, quick and easy!  We offer local and personalized service to zip codes: 35266, 35243, 35242, 35226, 35223 and 35216. You never have to leave the comfort of your location to sell your junk car. We come directly to YOU! 


Begin the process of selling your old rusted van, sedan or SUV right here! Your instant offer will enable you to see what your old vehicle is worth, in a matter of minutes! Then from there, you can accept your offer and call us for a guaranteed cash offer. 


Where Can I Sell My Junk Car in Vestavia Hills? 

When it comes to local junk car service in Vestavia Hills, the pickings may be slim. As a junk car owner, you’re looking for a reputable, honest, trustworthy and straightforward company. You’re also looking for some cash to line your pocket with. That’s where we come it.  


With over a decade of experience in the junk car buying business, we MAKE it our business to provide you with fair market value for your junk car. We also make it a priority to offer you service with a smile. Additionally: 


  • We’ll come straight to your location, ready to appraise your car and pay you on the spot! 
  • Our services are completely FREE to you. There is never a charge for paperwork, processing or even towing! 
  • You can be assured of honest answers to every question you have. 
  • Once you have your offer, you are never under any obligation to accept it or act on it. 


So, what time is it? it’s time to get an instant offer on that rusted whip sitting in your driveway now! 

Click here and let’s get that car sold fast! 


How can I Scrap My Car During Difficult Times? 

It’s often been said that tough times don’t last, tough people do. Such can be applied to the sale of a car. Selling a vehicle during an economic downtime, a global crisis or some other issue happening in the world, may be difficult, but not impossible.  If you have a car to sell and you’re wanting to sell it during hard times, we understand. We buy cars during hard times and will never take advantage of the difficulties in your life. 


Cash Cars Buyer treats each customer with dignity, respect and friendliness. You never have to be ashamed to sell your car to us. We don’t care about the reason you’re selling your car.  We are glad that you are considering us for the sale of your old vehicle and we hope that you get the word out, about how easy it was to sell it to us! So, get that instant offer on your vehicle here, and then call us! You have a car to sell and you also have a buyer… Cash Cars Buyer!  So, head north and enjoy the beauty of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Or enjoy some delicious eats from the Ridge Eat & Drink! We are the solution to your junk car problem! Connect with us now! 


Junk My Car Same Day Pickup Available – FREE Junk Car Removal! 

Two of the best aspects about Cash Cars Buyer we hear time and time again from satisfied customers, is our same day removal of old cars, and FREE junk car removal for ALL cars we purchase! 


In lots of cases, we can come and pick up your car as well as pay you for it, the same day you initially call us and receive an instant quote. For most of our customers, we can come and remove your junk car within 72 hours from your initial conversation with us. 


For every car we buy, you can count on FREE junk car removal. You never have to cut into your payout, to pay us for hauling your old rusted and totaled jalopy away!  Get an instant quote here and call us for your guaranteed cash offer! 


How to Sell a Junk Car Online 

When it comes to selling a used, wrecked or junk car online, you definitely have options. From attracting local buyers, to garnering looks from buyers from all over the country- you can get some great views. But with selling a car online, comes hard work, patience and lots of stamina. Not sure if selling a car online is for you? Check out what needs to be done: 


Deciding where to sell 

When deciding to sell online, you have to decide where you want to sell your ad. Is Alabama Craigslist ideal for you? Or are you more of a Facebook Marketplace person? You may even opt to sell your used car on Autotrader or even eBay Motors. Having a plan as to where to sell your car will help. 


The money for the fees 

Lots of online car marketplaces require fees for selling. For example, Autotrader offers several packages for car sellers. Craigslist requires a $5.00 fee to post there and your ad will only stay up for a given amount of time.  Fees for selling your car can really add up; so, be careful. 


Pictures and a description of your vehicle 

When selling the two biggest components to a successful car ad are the photos and the description you write. Your pics have to be sharp, detailed, focused and feature your car at all points and angles. When you write about your car, you have to include all information you can about your car, ensuring the potential buyer knows everything. 


Patience is a must 

Once you have your online car ad posted, now comes the “waiting game”. You have to give your ad time to reach lots of buyers, and once it does, you have to allow those buyers to do some comparative shopping. 


The best place to sell your car online! 

Cash Cars Buyer offers you a streamlined process for selling your junk car. Have you visited our website? You can read the latest automotive-related news, and gather information about our company! And when it comes to selling your car online, all you have to do, is click here! Just input all of the details about your junk car, and obtain an accurate instant offer on your vehicle in a matter of minutes! 


Get Rid of Your Scrap or Junk Car & Make Cash FAST!

Cash Cars Buyer makes selling your junk car quick and easy. We love what we do and it shows in our business practices! 



We guarantee the offers we give, no stress or haggles ever!  


Expert Assistance 

Our junk car buying team has years of junk car buying experience. Not sure about any aspect of your junk car buying or selling process? Ask! We are here to provide you with “first-class” service while offering you market value for your junk car! We are the experts in the junk car buying business and will offer you expert assistance to help you! 

No Haggling Whatsoever! 

We won't put you under any pressure to sell your junk car, and you are never under any obligation to accept any of our offers! 


Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car Fast! 

Need a few great reasons to sell your junk car? We have them! 


You will beautify your surroundings– Once that junk car is gone, you will have a sense of peace, tranquility and joy. When there is clutter, we feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Let us bring you a sense of tranquility with the FREE removal of that junk car! 


The undesirables will dissolve– It’s no secret that an abandoned car left outside can attract wildlife. These days, you never know what condition animals are in. Your abandoned and totaled car may soon be home to a mother bird and her chicks, a family of raccoons, or neighborhood cats. Additionally, you have to have a watchful eye for those who will steal the parts from your car. 


Removal of your junk car helps our environment– Old, wrecked and rusted cars that sit in one spot are a safety as well as health concern. They may be housing hazardous chemicals to seep into the ground and eventually make their way into the local water supply. This poses a threat to humans as well as the entire ecosystem. 


You’ll make money– the most obvious benefit of selling you old ride, is the fact that you’ll make some great cash in the process. You may even find that you make more than you bargained for! 


Sell Your Old Car Today! 

Cash Cars Buyer is ready to buy that old, beat-up, junk, scrap, totaled and wrecked car FAST! We offer same-day pickup, a “FEE-FREE” method of selling your car and a guaranteed cash offer. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn that junk car into cool cash, FAST! Connect with us now!