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Cash For Junk Cars Vallejo, CA – Sell Your Junk Car Fast! Get An Instant Offer Now! 

Cash For Junk Cars Vallejo, CA – Sell Your Junk Car Fast! Get An Instant Offer Now! 

 Vallejo, CA a city in California's San Francisco Bay Area, is home to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, a large, fun and festive amusement park with high-speed roller coasters. But the fun and festivities are no more, when you look outside, at that rusted and damaged ride. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Let Cash Cars Buyer put the fun back into tranquil living, by removing that old jalopy from your driveway, at no cost to you! We are a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buying company, that makes selling a junk car quick, fast and efficient! 


Forget the roller-coaster ride that other sketchy junk car buying companies are gearing up to take you on. Sell your car to us, the premier junk car buying place of Vallejo, CA! Get an instant quote on that heap of metal muddle NOW!


We Buy Junk Cars Near You for Cash! 

We buy junk cars for cash near you. It’s what we do and love. Our local coverage spans zip codes: 94592, 94591, 94590 and 94589. Our sole mission behind our brand, is to buy your car for fair market value and offer services that are free, convenient and fast! 


Begin the process by entering some basic information, receive an instant offer, and get paid within 72 hours. We make it very easy!  And did we mention that towing is FREE? Sell your junk car as-is, no matter where it is! 


Experience the Difference from Reputable People Who Buy Junk Cars! 

Other companies, businesses and car junkyards that buy junk cars might give you the “run-around”. You may fall victim to their schemes or scams too. You may even get an offer far less than your vehicle is really worth. With over a decade of junk car buying experience, as well as being reputable, we know how to properly value your damaged car and offer you the most cash possible.

Get started with your FREE no-obligation quote by clicking here and answering a few basic questions about your junk car! 

The Best Way to Sell a Car Online

When selling a junk car, you have a few options available to you. The first thing most people think of to get the most cash for junk cars is to sell a junk car or used car online. With this option, comes lots of work. Let’s look at what goes into creating the perfect online junk car/used car online selling campaign: 

Deciding where to sell your car 

Once you decide to sell your car, you should choose the best place to sell it. Is the best online marketplace Craigslist? Facebook Marketplace? Are you going to get that buyer from a post on Autotrader? Deciding where to sell your car is important 

The fees 

When you sell a car online, don’t forget the fees that you have to pay the companies in which you create your ad from. Craigslist charges a $5.00 fee to list your car. Sites such as Autotrader offer car sellers a host of packages.  

Pictures and descriptions 

Two of the most important elements of a successful online car ad, are the photos you take of the car, and the description you provide about the car. 

Your pictures have to be sharp, focused and clear. And your description has to be precise, accurate, honest and detailed. 

Get the best online selling experience with Cash Cars Buyer! 

Selling car online doesn’t have to be a chore. You can sell your junk car online and use Cash Cars Buyer as the place to sell it! Our website features an easy interface, the latest automotive news and happenings and more! The process of selling your junk car online, begins with the instant offer you can get on your car in a matter of minutes! 

People Who Buy Junk Cars for Fast Cash Near Me

Instead of calling the local car removal services, junkyards, dealerships and scrapyards, Cash Cars Buyer offers a national network of approved junk car buyers that provide you the possible price for your junk car. Our agents are: 

  • Friendly and knowledgeable about junk car buying! 
  • Honest, straightforward and polite. Forget wasting time or empty promises! 
  • Prompt and courteous! We arrive to your location for an on-site appraisal payout. In some cases, we arrive the same day you call us! Most of the time, we can appraise your junk car and pay you for it in as little as 72 hours! 

Simply answer a few questions about your vehicle, and receive an instant offer. Then, call us so that we can talk to you, gather additional information and make you a guaranteed cash offer, FAST!  Soon, we will arrive to your home or office for FREE to pick up your car and put payment in your hands! 

Who Buys Junk Cars Without Title? We Do! 

You have the desire to sell your junk car, but you cannot find the title, or it was lost. You may even have a destroyed junk car title. We can help.  We buy junk cars with no title, and we just may buy yours! In many cases, not having the title is not a problem. 

We do ask that you have both your car registration well as a picture ID such as a driver’s license, or a California state-issued ID. Once you have both, we ask that you enter your car’s information, including  your lack of title. 

Once complete, you will receive an instant quote! From there, call us so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer on your vehicle in matter of seconds! 

Do you buy non running vehicles?  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to sell my junk car online? 

When it comes to selling a car online, the only choice to make, is to sell it to Cash Cars Buyer. We eliminate the hassle, stress and frustration that online car selling can bring. Just enter your car’s specs and get an instant offer fast! 

Do you buy non running vehicles? 

We sure do! Your car doesn’t have to start up and run, in order for us to buy it! Obtain an instant offer on that non running vehicle fast and then call us so that we can handle the rest! 

What other kinds of cars do you buy? 

We buy cars with: 

  • No keys 
  • Water damage 
  • Frame and flood damage  
  • Accident damage- beat up fenders and more! 

What fees to I have to pay, once I sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

We charge no fees to you! Our services are “FEE-FREE!” From the paperwork, processing and towing, we pay for all of it! 

How soon will you come and get my car and pay me for it? 

Once you have your instant offer, and you call us, we will arrive to your location, FAST! In many cases, we can arrive the same day you call us! Generally, from the time you obtain your instant offer to our conversation with you, it takes just 72 hours to appraise your car, and pay you for it! 

Is selling my car online secure and private? 

Absolutely. We have been buying junk cars online for over a decade. Our company is designed with your safety as well as privacy in mind. Your personal information is never shared with a third-party company. Additionally, our online instant offer system is designed to be as secure as possible. With each sale, you will have all of the legal documents and agreements, that confirm its sale to us. 


Once we arrive to your home, our appraisal is fast as well as private. And all transactions are safe as well as secure!  

I don’t have the car title. Will you still buy it and what papers do I need to sell it to you? 

We buy cars with no title, and we may buy yours. We ask that you tell us about your car, and supply us with both a valid car registration and picture ID. A driver’s license or California government-issued picture ID will suffice. 

How does selling my junk car work? 

  1. Enter your car’s specs. Retrieve your instant offer, then call us. 
  2. Let us to ask you some questions about your junk car, and we’ll make you guaranteed offer. 
  3. Once you accept your offer, we will ask you a day and time to come and appraise your car. 
  4. We will arrive to your location, inspect your car, and once all is good to go, pay you right then and there! 

Sell Your Junk Car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

There are so many reasons you should sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

    • You can receive an instant offer on your junk car, 24/7! 
    • Once you sell your car to us, you never have to pay anything! Forget the processing, paperwork or towing fees! Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! 
    • We offer personal service. We will come to your Vallejo, CA location, ready to inspect your car and offer you cash, FAST!   
    • We have over a decade of experience in the junk car buying business! 


  • Even if your car is sitting on bricks or blocks, we will still buy it! 
  • No title? In many cases, not having the title to your car, is not a problem. Just have your car registration as well as your picture ID. 


  • We are licensed, bonded and insured company. We provide honest, straightforward, quick and efficient services as well as quotes. 

Forget the rest, you now have access to the best! Sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer today! Get the money you need FAST!