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Cash For Junk Cars Thornton, CO : Hassle-Free Pickup

Cash For Junk Cars Thornton, CO : Hassle-Free Pickup

Have you been searching for a place to sell your junk car around Thornton? What seemed like it should have been an easy task quickly becomes overwhelming and stressful when you realize just how many options there really are.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Not only can you list your car on places like Craigslist or eBay, there are all the potential local scrap yards and salvage dealers that you can get a hold of, there are services like CarMax, and of course there are all the sites you’ll find on the internet.


When you Google “who pays for junk cars near Thornton, Colorado” You'll get over 1.8 million results. That's completely impractical and makes it seem like there isn't even a point in trying to search through them because so many of them look exactly alike. Fortunately, Cash Cars Buyer is different.


We've been in this business for over 10 years. We know our competition well, and we know what our customers want. We are able to offer you up to $500 in cash within just 24 hours. We work with your schedule, so we never have to monopolize your valuable time. Time that could be better spent doing all kinds of things around town.


How Would You Use $500 in Thornton?


During the week you're probably busy working to pay the bills and take care of your family. Whether you've got a job over at the Amazon distribution centre, or maybe working for the Adams 12 Five Star Schools, whatever it is you're doing is important work that requires some down time.


When you're done work for the day, and when you have a weekend free, you don't want to be wasting your time making appointments with salvage dealers, or towing your car across town in the hopes that someone will pay you for it.


Wouldn't you rather be heading over to Tequila’s Family Mexican and sharing some enchiladas with your family? Or how about getting a patty melt over at Gunther Toody's Diner? Both of those sounds so much better than searching through 1.8 million Google results to see who might give you a few extra bucks for a car you don't even want anymore.


When you go with the easy and convenient option of using Cash Cars Buyer you can use your spare time the way you want. Go zip-lining over at Mid-Air Adventures. Take your dog for a walk through Springvale Park. Sit at home with a sandwich and watch a movie on Netflix. Whatever you want, because it's your time.


Cash Cars Buyer knows that your time is important, and you want to use it doing whatever it is you want to do. We also know that our competition is probably only going to offer you between $200 and $400 for your junk car. How is it we were able to offer you up to $500 and in some cases even more? Take a look as we break it down.


How We Make Our Instant Cash Offer


There are a number of things we consider when it comes to making you an offer for your vehicle. Because we're always striving to be as honest and straightforward as possible, here's what you need to know when it comes to how we make our cash offer to you.


  • The first thing that we think you ought to know is the scrap value of your car. You can go to this website and actually see what scrap is worth today. Like gold and other metals, scrap has a fluctuating value. When you know the value of scrap, you can figure out the value of your car at a bare minimum. You should know this before you engage in a deal with anyone to sell your junk car.
  • The make, model, and year of your car are the three things that we're going to ask you for when you use our online tool to get your instant offer. This is the same basic information that you'll need to input on pretty much any website that deals with cars from Edmunds.com to Kelley Blue Book.


  • The trim level of your car also affects the value of it. You'll notice many cars have a wide variety of trim levels; the Jeep Wrangler for instance has 13 different trim levels. Each trim level costs a little bit more than the one before it because it has extra features and options that increase the value.


  • The condition your car is in will definitely have an effect on its value. The better the condition, the more money it's worth. However, if it's been damaged, if parts are missing, or if it's badly rusted out, you can expect to get a lower offer unfortunately.
  • There are some rare cars in the world that actually fetch well over a million dollars at auction if you can believe that. We don't think you have a rare car that's worth quite that much money, but there's still a chance that if your car is rare enough it will be worth a few extra dollars due to the parts being in higher demand.


  • Even if you don't have a rare car there's a good chance that the parts may still have them added value if it's a popular model. The more popular it is, the more in demand the parts will be, and the more they will be worth.


Now that you know the different factors that come into play when we come up with an offer for your junk car there is one other thing you need to be aware of before a sale can be made. Do you have the car's title?


 No title? Not a Problem!


A car's title is the government issued, legal document that proves ownership. If you want to sell a car, you need to have the car title. If your title got lost when you were moving, somebody misplaced it in the house, or it was destroyed in a fire or a flood, you generally have only one option.


You can head down to the Thornton DMV and fill out paperwork to get a new title. They'll send you a replacement in the mail in a couple of weeks, and you'll be free to go ahead with any sale from that point. But you don't necessarily have to wait that long.


In many cases, Cash Cars Buyer is able to go ahead with a sale even if there is no title. If you have a driver's license, and a valid vehicle registration, we should be able to proceed with buying your junk car. This is just one of the many ways we try to make this whole process convenient for you.


The Benefits of Cash Cars Buyer


Obviously, we are confident in our ability to give you the best service in the business. If you're still not convinced, we can lay out point by point exactly why you should choose us for selling your junk car.


  1.       We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. That's why we recommend you check out the value of scrap before you even get in contact with us, or anyone else for that matter. You should know where you stand before everyone makes an offer on your vehicle.


  1. We have 10 years of experience buying junk cars. In that time, we've had a lot of satisfied customers and we've developed some great customer service skills to ensure that this will be the fastest, easiest, most profitable deal that you're going to get.


  1. With some junk car buyers, you need to worry about paying for a tow truck to get your car to them which will cut into your profits. That's not the case with us. Because we are local to the Thornton, Colorado area we can come to you when we make a deal and tow your car away for you free of charge.


  1. When you use our online tool to get your instant offer, we're going to pay you $500 in cash within just 24 hours. That means you don't have to wait for an online payment to process, or a check to clear.


  1. Selling your car to us doesn't just get an unsightly junker off your property, and it doesn't just put $500 in your pocket. It's also a great thing to do for the environment. As you know, your car is full of dangerous fluids like transmission fluid and spent motor oil. We can safely dispose of all of that and recycle much of your vehicle.


  1. We work with your schedule; you never have to work with us. That means you don't need to schedule meetings during your workday, and you don't need to waste time on your weekend coming out to a scrap yard to see us. Our online tool is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever it's convenient for you.


  1. Because we work online, your discretion and privacy are assured. If you don't want anyone to know about the offer that's being made to you, or even know that you're selling your junk car, no one ever has to know.


Cash Cars Buyer stands out from the competition for all of these reasons. We're going to give you the best offer on the market, we're going to get you that money within just 24 hours, and we’ll even come to tow your car away free of charge if you'd like. Just click on the “get instant offer” button on our website and start the process now.