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Where Can I Scrap My Car? Get Cash For Junk Cars Spring Valley, NV! 

Where Can I Scrap My Car? Get Cash For Junk Cars Spring Valley, NV! 

Spring Valley, NV is located two miles west of the Las Vegas Strip and home to some impressive sites such as the Neon Museum, Topgolf and more. But what isn’t an impressive site, is that junk car just collecting rust and dust on your property. Sure, you’ve called around, looking to get rid of it. And you have even had your car towed to a few places, with the hopes of some fast cash. But nothing has worked… until now. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

 Cash Cars Buyer offers the residents of spring Valley the best junk car selling services. Whether you live in zip code 89102, 89103,89140, 89147, 89150, 89178 or surrounding areas, we can come to your front door, appraise your car and pay you on the spot! There’s no hassle, struggle or pain when you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! Just click here and obtain an instant offer on your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Then you will we well on your way to a fast, efficient and convenient sale of your junk car! 

How to sell a Junk Car Online 

You can buy just about any and everything online. From shoes, purses and home goods, there is a vast online buying culture! And the selling of car is no exception. SO, where do you sell your car? How do you attract the right buyer?  


You can sell your car on Craigslist, right after you pay the $5.00 fee. And don’t forget that your car ad has to compete with the rest of the Las Vegas area car ads online too. And if you don’t have pictures of your vehicle, or a description about your car, then you might as well not post anything. 

Facebook Marketplace  

Lots of folks sell their cars on Facebook and with good results. Just like Craigslist, you have to take the time to add photos as well as a description too. 


While Autotrader is a popular site to sell a car, you have to pay the fees to list yours. You get your choice of package and you can reach lots of buyers. 

Cash Cars Buyer! 

Or you can bypass all of the hassle, time, stress and haggling. Just sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! You can obtain an instant offer in a matter of minutes! You can also then call us and schedule a time and day for pickup too! And to add to our already amazing methods of selling your junk car, you never have to pay for paperwork, processing or even the towing of your junk car! 

Who can I Sell My Car to, for Scrap? 

When you have a car that’s damaged beyond repair, disposing of it can be downright frustrating.  But with a little help and assistance, you can salvage some parts of that old car.  


Cash Cars Buyer specializes in offering our customers a quick, convenient and efficient way to scrap a car! 

Scrap that car and get FREE towing! 

When you’re looking to scrap that old rusted hunk of junk, we offer several benefits that leave our competitors in the dust! Check out a few below! 

  • You can get an online quote for free, and know what your scrap car is worth, FAST! 
  • We will pay you fair market value for your car! 
  • No title? No problem! In many cases, not having a title is not an issue. You can supply us with your car registration as well as a picture ID instead. 
  • We have over a decade of experience, buying scrap cars! 
  • You never have to leave the comfort of your home or location to get an offer, or to sell your car! 
  • We bring the office to you! You never have to pay to have your car towed! 

So, click here to obtain an instant offer on your car in a matter of minutes! 

Junk a Car- Avoid Private Selling Pitfalls! 

Thinking of selling your car privately? While it’s certainly a viable option, check out some common mistakes private sellers make:  

Not knowing the value of the car 

When you get ready to sell your car, you want to take the time to get a value for your car. You can research this on sites such as Kelley Blue Book as well as Edmunds. But before selling your car know what it’s worth! 

Failing to get your car assessed 

Before you sell your car, you want to take the time to get it assessed. This may mean that you take it to a trusted mechanic or auto professional. You want to know what is working in and on the car, and what’s not. This way, you can price your car competitively and fairly. 

Being an emotional seller 

At some point in time, we all loved our cars. We treat them like members of the family. From giving them names, to placing personal belongings in them, our cars are our “babies.” And for many of us, when it comes time to sell- we still have that attachment. This can affect how you price your car. You can price it so high, that you don’t attract anyone. So, take the emotion out of selling your car and sell! 

Not having the required documents 

When you are selling your car privately, you have to have all of the required paperwork. For example, in Nevada, you are required to have an odometer reading, in addition to the title of your car. If you don’t have all of the required documents to sell your car privately, then you should not be selling your car privately. 

Not calling Cash Cars Buyer! 

Take away all of that stress, hassle and disappointment, when it comes to selling a car privately! Sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! You can obtain an instant offer on your car in a matter of moments and sell your car for fair market value! We specialize in quick, fast and convenient junk car sales! So, click here and get your instant offer on your car, NOW! 


How Much Is My Totaled Car Worth?

Whether you have a junk car or not, you have a car that has value. How much value your car has, depends on several factors. Some of those factors include:

  • Year, make and model 
  • Amount and location of any damage, if applicable 
  • Status of the title (do you have the title to your car?) 
  • The location of the vehicle and more. 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer, take the time thoroughly examine your car, so that we can offer you fair market value for it.  Begin the process of selling your old beat-up car by clicking here

Places That Buy Junk Cars 

If you’re looking for the best place to junk a car, you’ve found it! Instead of the annoying scams, the rennetless back and forth over price and the towing of your car to some ungodly place, you can sell your old beat-up car to Cash Cars Buyer!  In as little as 24-72 hours, you can have your car appraised and a check in your hand! 

500 For Junk Cars 

For those customers who are wishing for $500 for a junk car, you could see that and more. But you have look at the full condition and merit of your car- because regardless of where you take it, you can guarantee that your potential junk car buyer will know your car’s full condition.  Click here to obtain an instant offer on the vehicle now! 

Any Car, Any Condition — And a FREE Junk Car Towing Too! 

Whether or not your car starts of runs, has flood or accident damage- of is even missing a main component, we will buy it! Regardless of age, size, or even the condition, size, we will come to an agreement with you, on a price and send an agent to inspect your car, pay you for it, and have it towed away for FREE!  You can count on our services for:

  • Scrap cars 
  • Junk cars
  • Flooded cars 
  • Vehicles with missing keys 
  • Cars with missing tires or wheels 
  • Used cars in any condition, and more! 

Click here to get an instant offer on your vehicle now! 

“Where can I sell my car?” & FAQ 

I have a damaged car title. Can you still accept my car? 

Looking at a lost or even a damaged car title? Take comfort in the fact that we buy cars with no title. You can supply us with your car registration as well as ID. Once you gather those two documents, you can click here and obtain an instant offer on your car, in matter of minutes! 

Where can I sell my car? 

For over a decade, Cash Cars Buyer has been making a multitude of customers happy. WE offer a “FEE-FREE” way of selling any kind of car, in any condition. Yes, we buy all makes and models! Find out what your car is worth, right now

What is my car worth? 

When we buy a car, we look at factors such as: year, make model, amount of damage and location of damage, title status and physical location of the car. Learn how much you can get for your car by clicking here! 

What fees do I have to pay, once I sell my car to you? 

Cash Cars Buyer charges no fees! We take care of all processing as well as paperwork! 

And you even take care of towing too? 

Yes, we do! Isn’t that awesome? You never have to pay to have your car hauled away! 

Where can I get that instant offer? 

Just click here! 

Spring Valley, NV! Your search for a junk car buyer end here! Learn what your car is worth now, and then call Cash Cars Buyer! Sell your car in as little as 24 hours