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Who Offers the Best Way To Sell a Car Online? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars Smithfield, RI! 

Who Offers the Best Way To Sell a Car Online? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars Smithfield, RI! 

There are some cars that we love and some cars that we love no more. For those unwanted, rattled, rusty and dusty vehicles, there’s Cash Cars Buyer, Smithfield’s premier junk car buying service – offering fair market value – for your totaled car. Not only can you receive a FREE online offer, but you can also receive a host of “FEE-FREE” services that makes selling your one of the easiest tasks on that “to do list”! With over a decade of junk car buying experience, we stand by our offers, while providing you a safe, secure and convenient way to sell your car! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Local Smithfield, RI Junk Car Buyers, Who Love The Ugly Cars! 

Perhaps you have been told that your car has no value. Maybe you were given a “side eye” from other junk car buying companies. Or, perhaps a local junkyard laughed at you and told you that you were dreaming if you wanted cash for your ugly car. Cash Cars Buyer treats all valued junk car sellers with respect and dignity. Our job isn’t to laugh or give you any kind of side eye. We buy cars that have: 

  1. Flood and water damage 
  2. No doors or wheels 
  3. Broken glass or windows 
  4. No keys 
  5. Accident or even collision damage 
  6. Car parts missing 
  7. Dents, dust and damage, making the car beyond recognition. 
  8. Just a huge “ugly factor”! 

We specialize in less-than-perfect cars and offer cash for them! No car is too ugly for our team! Just click here and receive your FREE online offer, and point the way toward that heap to metal madness! 

Who Buys Cars With No Title in Smithfield, RI? 

You had the car title to your junk car, but lost it. Or, at your other previous home, there was a fire and it was damaged. Regardless for the reason for your lack of title, don’t let it worry you. We are Cash Cars Buyer, and we buy cars with no title. The next title-less car we buy just may be yours! In many instances, a lack of title will not keep us from buying your car! We just ask that you have your ID as well as license for the sale of your vehicle. You can click here to obtain your FREE online quote and begin the process of selling that jalopy with joy! 

Smithfield, RI Scrap Car Buyers putting Safety First! 

When you have a car to scrap or a junk car to sell, you want to do it without scams, schemes or even other folks looking over your shoulder. Who needs to know that you have a car to sell, unless you tell someone? Cash Cars Buyer not only has safe online portals where you can enter your information, but all transactions are secure, from beginning to end! We don’t sell information to companies nor do we engage in any games for you to play. 

COVID-19 Update: Cash Cars Buyer is conducting business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also taking measures to ensure the safety of our team members, as well as your valued car sellers. So, if you have a question about our practices or services during this global crisis, please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Who Offers The Best Way To Sell A Car Online? 

Thinking of selling that older, rusted, dented and wrecked car online? Sure, you can. But there is lots of competition out there. You also have sites that provide an array of services for junk car sellers. Where to you post your ad? Is it Craigslist? Do you go with Facebook? What about eBay Motors or Autotrader? Regardless of where you decide to sell your car, there are some commonalities that each of these sites have. For a successful online ad, you have to have, 

  1. Pictures 
  2. Money for fees
  3. A description of your vehicle that entices buyers 
  4. Contact information that is either a phone number or an email.  
  5. And don’t forget to pack the patience, as you wait for folks to call or email you! 

Or you can just sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Instead of stressing and working hard to make your car ad stand out, you can sell that junk car to Cash Cars Buyer! We make selling a junk car convenient for you! Forget the pictures you have to post or the description you have to write. Just click here and receive a FREE online offer, FAST and begin the process of turning that old car into awesome junk! 

Junk Car Sellers Offering Same Day Pickup! 

Looking to get rid of that car the same day you approve you offer? Cash Cars Buyer offers same day pick up! You can get an offer in the morning and receive FREE junk car removal as well as FAST payment in the afternoon! We know that time is of the essence. We also know that you need reliable junk car buying service that will meet your junk car buying needs. That’s why we waste no time in helping you sell your car fast! Generally, it takes us between 24 and 72 hours for pickup and payout. But no matter when we come to get your car, you can be assured that we will come with a quickness! Ready to get started? Just click here

We Buy Junk Cars FAST! – How It Works

Cash Cars Buyer will put money in your hand within 24 to 72 hours, and waste no time buying your car! Check out how easy it is to sell that rusted ride FAST! 

Enter your car’s information 

Take the time to enter the details of your car. Be sure to be as detailed and precise as you can. This will ensure that you have the best online quote ever! 

Accept your offer 

Once you have your FREE online quote, make that call to speak to one of our experienced junk car team members, who will ask you some details about your car. When done, you will have a non-obligation guaranteed cash offer. When you approve it, we will ask the best day and time to come to your Smithfield home or location to appraise your car and pay you right there! 

Get paid and get that car towed away! 

The day has come to sell us that car. We are excited as you are and we will waste no time arriving to you, to put money in your hands. And forget about towing! That’s on us! 

Cash Cars Buyer provides local service to Smithfield residents with a smile! Our coverage area includes zip codes 02814, 02828 and 02917. So, take a hike at the Stillwater Scenic Trail. Or just enjoy a great Mediterranean meal from Terrazza. But just leave the junk car woes to the experts! We turn your junk car selling fiasco into fantastic cash, FAST! Click here to get started now! 


Junk A Car With Mechanical Problems in Smithfield, RI NOW! 

Whether your starter is faulty, or your engine is seized or blown, you can still obtain a FREE online quote on that car. As our cars age, the cost of keeping them in running order can be expensive. Not only do you have to get the oil changed, but you may have to get new rotors and brake pads. It may be time for a new catalytic convertor. Or, you just may have to bite the bullet and face the cost of a new engine. Car repairs are on the rise and they seem to continue their climb. 

Forget that hassles of selling that car, that refuses to stay fixed. Just sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer, and free those paychecks from the weekly car fixes! You don’t need to have a car in perfect working order to sell. We buy non running cars and cars with a list of mechanical issues. Get started by telling us all about your troublesome car, right here

Cash For Cars Anywhere in Smithfield, RI 

We’ll buy your junk car anywhere in Smithfield, Rhode Island as well as surrounding areas. We’re never too far to come and pick up that junk car! We pay fair market value and buy EVERYTHING. That includes: 


  • Vehicles that are running or not
  • Cars that are wrecked or totaled 
  • Vehicles with no title- just have your ID and registration for the sale
  • Vehicles with water or flood damage
  • SUVs, vans, sedans and hatchbacks that are too expensive to repair
  • Vehicles collecting parking fines and parking tickets
  • Vehicles with no keys or tires 
  • Cars that are just plain too ugly


Start the process now! Receive your FREE online quote today

Get Paid Money FAST For Your Scrap Car Anywhere in Smithfield, RI! 

Looking to sell your junk car in Smithfield and need reputable sellers, offering money FAST? You’ve found us and we couldn’t be happier! You can sell your junk car in Smithfield while searching high and low for a buyer. But you won’t find a more effortless and seamless transaction than the one we provide! We are the junk car buyers in Smithfield, RI, who make it easy to sell your vehicle. When you decide to sell your car to us you can expect: 

  • Fair market value without the hassles or haggling 
  • Fast money payouts right there on the spot  
  • Convenient appointment times (same day in some cases!) 
  • Our team to handle the processing and handling of your paperwork
  • The ability to sell your car, even without the title! 
  • FREE junk car removal! 
  • A “FEE-FREE” way to sell your vehicle in a matter of days, not weeks! 

Smithfield! Get ready to sell that junk car fast, with the best in the business! Click here and let Cash Cars Buyer turn that old car into awesome and FAST cash!