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We Offer Cash For Junk Cars in Shelton, CT! Sell Old Cars NOW!

We Offer Cash For Junk Cars in Shelton, CT! Sell Old Cars NOW!

When that junk car in your garage has taken root, then it’s time to call Cash Cars Buyer, Shelton’s premier junk car buyer offering a wealth of services, that make selling your junk car, quick, easy and convenient!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

From FREE towing to no hidden fees, we offer Shelton CT residents the best way to sell a junk car.  Even if you are interest in downsizing, we can buy that car from you with the assurance that you’ll receive TOP DOLLAR for it!

Looking at a wrecked car in your driveway? Get rid of it fast with Cash Cars Buyer!

Can’t find the title to that junk car? No worries. We buy junk cars with no car title!

So, for that heap of headache you’re having to deal with, junk your car today with Cash Cars Buyer, the best way to get rid of a junk car and get quick cash, FAST!

Make no mistake about it; we offer cash for junk cars!

Local and Experienced Junk Car Buyers- FREE TOWING!

Here in Shelton, CT, there’s lots to do! From boating at Lake Zoar, to family fun at Sports Center, Connecticut, there is something for everyone!

Now the question is, does that scrap car fit in to the life that you want to live? Of course, it doesn’t! So, instead of searching for local junk car buyers near you, spend the day with the family at the Indian Well State Park! Or, enjoy some good eats at Hirschbeck's Sports Bar & Grille!

There are good times to be had here in Shelton, CT! our local coverage areas include 06418 as well as 06484. So, enter your car’s details inside of our junk car assessor, then wait for your instant offer! We offer quick cash for junk cars!

We Offer Cash For Junk Cars in Shelton, CT! Sell Old Cars For TOP DOLLAR!
Is your car a total loss? Call us! 844-663-7286!

What if My Car is a Total Loss?

Your car may be a total loss, but you getting money for it, isn’t. Car insurance policies state that the insurer must prepare a complete estimate of the damages and pay the vehicle owner this complete amount.

Now comes the decision to fix your car or not. Whatever you choose to do about the repair of your car is your choice.  So, when your car insurance company determines how much they owe, Cash Cars Buyer will then pay you the remaining amount of your total loss car, before your car is to be fixed at a local shop.

After your car is a total loss, you will get two payments with the first coming from your insurance company.  The second will come from us. Perhaps you may want to buy a new car.

Many times, it is a good idea to get a car fixed. But at other times, you just have to accept your car being a total loss.

24 Hour Junk Cars Shelton CT- No Hidden Fees!

Whether you’re looking to junk a car at midnight, or in the early morning hours of a new day, our junk car assessor tool is ready and available to give you an instant offer on your car!

You can get an offer on your junk car no matter the time of day! Just use our calculator and provide the details about your car. You can give the make, model and year of your car with ease.

You can also indicate if your car has a car title as well as its location.

Then, once you have all of your information entered, you’ll have an instant offer!

We Offer Cash For Junk Cars in Shelton, CT! Sell Old Cars For TOP DOLLAR!
Sell your damaged car FAST! 844-663-7286!

Sell Junk Car Fast in Shelton, CT!

Before you sell your car here in Connecticut, there are few steps you need to take to do so.

  1. Make sure that you fill out and sign the reverse side of the Certificate of Title. Don’t forget to give it to the new owner along with Form H-31 or a Bill of Sale.
  2. Be sure to keep a copy of the completed Title and Bill of Sale for your records.
  3. Don’t forget to remove your license plates from the vehicle.
  4. Can’t find the title and need a duplicate car title? You can get one here.

Cash Cars Buyer wants to make selling your car the best experience you’ve ever had. So, we applaud you for getting all of the required documents together!

We know it takes a bit of time and money but we guarantee you that when all paperwork is in order, it makes the sale of your car a smooth one.

I Can’t Find My Car Title

If you have misplaced your car title or it’s been destroyed, then find comfort in the fact that we buy junk cars with no car title! Just prove that you are the owner buy supplying us with the car registration and the driver’s license.

How Can I Junk My Car for 500 Cash Near Me?

Have you set your sights on a magical $500 for your junk car? We may be able to help. We buy all makes and models of cars for various prices!

Cash Cars Buyer looks at the full merit of a car. We begin with the make, model and year of a car. Then we continue on with where the car is located, if the car has a title and even the trim of car.

So, for that $500 you desire for your car, you could see a lot more! Just provide as many details as you can about your car using our online junk car assessor. Then, contact us so we can provide you with an offer you can’t refuse!

Scrap a car in Three Easy Steps!

Cash Cars Buyer is all about a quick, easy and convenient car buying experience! Check out how easy it is to sell your car to us!

  1. Give us the details about your car. Our junk car calculator provides round-the-clock instant offers so use it whether it’s day or night!
  2. Accept your offer. Once you have your offer, you can accept it. When you do, we will make plans to come to your location and inspect your car!
  3. Get your cash! When we have completed your junk car examination and all is well, we will put the cool cash in your hands, FAST!
We Offer Cash For Junk Cars in Shelton, CT! Sell Old Cars For TOP DOLLAR!
Thinking of selling your car on Facebook or another online marketplace? We buy junk cars! 844-663-7286!

I Can Sell My Junk Car on Facebook!

You sure can! Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, and make some money on the side. But, if you do sell your junk car on Facebook, you will quickly see that you are in great company!

Lots of people turn to sell a junk car on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Craigslist. But have you noticed that those online marketplace ads have pictures? You have to take them too!

Did you notice that those online marketplaces have descriptions and “hashtags”? Yep, you’ll have to add those too!

And now, comes the part no one wants to endure, the waiting for a serious buyer with cash.

When selling online, you have to sift through those folks who are serious about car buying, and those who want to play games. You got time for all of that? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

So, forget the inbox messages, pictures and long essays about your junk car. Turn to Cash Cars Buyer, your online junk car ad alternative!  We don’t need pictures of your car. We don’t need a description of your car.

All we need you do to, is enter your car’s information into our junk car calculator and then get an instant offer on your car! We know you will love it so call us and let’s turn that clunker into cool cash!

Sell My Non Running Car Fast- Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Will you buy my wrecked car? We sure will and will give you top dollar for it!
  2. Where are you located? We have a network of car buying agents that spans from coast to coast! That means we are local to your Shelton, CT home or location!
  3. How do I use that junk car assessor tool? Click here. Our tool allows you to input all of your information about your car and even guides you from section to section. You’ll begin with putting your car’s make, model and year. Then you’ll continue on with the zip code of the car and even the trim. Our junk car calculator is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  4. Will you buy my car without the car title? We sure will! We ask that you have the car registration as well as your driver’s license. This way, we can prove ownership of your car.
  5. So, I can get $500 for my junk car? We look at the full merit of a car and based upon what your junk car has, determines the price.
  6. What fees do I have to pay? None! Our services are completely free!
  7. You mean I don’t have to pay to have my car towed? You sure don’t! We take care of all towing costs!
  8. Wow! Cash Cars Buyer seems like the best way to sell my junk car! Thank you and we sure are! So, let’s make this junk car sale happen! Call us! 844-663-7286!

Let’s turn that clunker into cool cash, FAST!