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Cash For Junk Cars in Scranton, PA- TOP Dollar for Non Running Vehicles!

Cash For Junk Cars in Scranton, PA- TOP Dollar for Non Running Vehicles!

Why should you spend one more day with that junk car sitting in the front yard? For the junk cars that have invaded your property, it’s time to contact Cash Cars Buyer, the premier car buying company here in Scranton, PA. We offer cash for junk cars!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We Are Junk Car Buyers in Your Local Area- TOP Dollar Paid!

How to junk a car? The solution is simple, Cash Cars Buyer! With over a decade of experience, we will purchase that wrecked, totaled, junk, scrap and damaged car.

Whether you live in zip codes 18503, 18505, 18507, 18508, 18510, 18515, or more, we will come to your Scranton, PA home or location, inspect your car and pay you top dollar for that non-running vehicle! You can begin the process by entering your car’s information here. Then, connect with us so we can pay you top dollar for that jalopy!

Perhaps you have sold a junk car before and the experience wasn’t what you had hoped. Maybe it took you days or even weeks to get paid.

Forget the scams, waiting and gimmicks. Cash Cars Buyer has an online junk car calculator that will give you a precise price for your junk car, based upon the information you enter.

Then, we will connect with you and ask you some additional questions. When you have your offer, you can accept it and once you do, we will schedule a time to come look at your car, then put that cool cash in your hands!

Cash For Cars in Scranton, PA- TOP Dollar for Non Running Vehicles!
Find the value of your junk car using our online junk car calculator! Then, call us! 844-663-7286!

Find the Value of Your Scrap Car NOW!

One of the best parts of Cash Cars Buyer, is our online junk car assessor. It’s a favorite among our valued customers. Why? Because it gives you an accurate offer for your car!

Cash Cars Buyer takes lots of factors into consideration, when giving you top dollar for your car. You probably know that your car’s year, make and model are based on the final price you get for your car.

But other factors such as the trim and even the location of a junk car can play a role in the final price.

But our online junk car calculator eliminates all of the guesswork for you. You will be asked those standard details about your car.

Then you will be asked to indicate where the body damage is on your junk car. A great way to think of your top dollar price is this: The more details you provide about your scrap car the more precise and potentially higher your final offer will be! So, use this valuable tool now, and then connect with us, so we can get you the BEST offer on your junk car!

Cash Cars Buyer Offers FREE Junk Car Removal- Cash in Hand, FAST!

Another secret to the success of Cash Cars Buyer, is our FREE junk car removal guarantee. That’s correct! Once we buy your junk car from you, we will pay to have it hauled away for free!

You will never have to pay to have your car towed and why should you?

In fact, our services are completely free to you! You never have to write a check or hand over cash to give to us, for anything.  The only people handing YOU cash are the trusted car buying agents of Cash Cars Buyer! How sweet is that!

Sell That Junk Car Today- Get Cash in as Little as 24-48 Hours!

Once you have entered your car’s information into our online junk car calculator, we will connect with you to firm up that offer. Once we do and you like what you see, we will make plans to come to your Scranton, PA home or location, and inspect the car! Then when everything looks good, you will have cash in your hands fast!

Once you get the “ball rolling” with that offer, you could see money in your hands in as little as 24-48 hours! We use no games or gimmicks when it comes to making you an offer, and getting you paid.

So, go on ahead and type your car’s information here and then call us to come get that clunker! We have cash to give to YOU!

I Want $500 for my Junk Car

Well, that is very possible! You asking for $500 for your scrap car is not an unreasonable request. But, lots of factors depend on that final price.

The more details you enter into our online calculator, the better and more precise offer will be made to you.

Lots of places will talk down to you and show you very little or no respect. They will tell you that your car is only worth a few dollars. While different junk cars are worth different prices, our online tool goes through every inch of your junk car. It is then up to you, to enter the details about your car, to get that precise offer.

Cash Cars Buyer will never treat you as if you are a “bother” or your car is worth close to nothing. There is merit in every car and we treat all of our car sellers with the utmost respect. So, begin the process of getting cash for your car, then call us!

Selling Junk Cars for Parts

In today’s society, there are efforts to save our Earth. From recycling to “going green”, there are initiatives all over the place to help our planet. A junk car can help save the planet. Did you know that over 80% of a junk car can be recycled? It’s true.

Once you have a junk car, you have you can help our Earth! Just check out some of the items and elements that can be recycled from a junk car!

  • Tires– The junk car’s tires can be repurposed into tarp, asphalt for highways and even new tires!
  • Motor and Engine oil– Did you know that old motor and engine oil can be reused and cleaned?
  • Auto Glass– the broken glass and old glass from a junk car, can be recycled into glass bottles, fiberglass insulation and even concrete blocks!
  • Engines & Transmissions– the old transmissions and engines from that junk car can be rebuilt! All it takes is a great mechanic to give them new life!
  • Car Plastics– the old plastics from a car can be repurposed into new items that help others in the community and beyond!

So, sell your car and save the environment! Get your offer here then call us!

Is my Non Running Car A Junk Car?

Perhaps you are now at a point of extreme anger, because that rusty car just fails to start during a Scranton, PA winter. You may have a junk car. Or maybe your van with two wheels has some fender damage. You may have a junk car there.

So, what makes a non running car a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that costs more to fix than its worth or the car owner’s ability to pay.

So, of that car that hates winter or that van with the fender damage are junk cars, then call the best junk car buyers in the business, Cash Cars Buyer!

My Car is a Total Loss. What’s the Payout on it?

If your car is a total loss, then read on. According to guidelines, a car insurer is required to prepare a complete estimate of the damages. The insurer is also obligated to pay the vehicle owner this complete amount.

You may choose to get your car fixed, or you may choose not to. The choice is a personal one you can make about your car. So, when your car insurance company determines how much they owe you, Cash Cars Buyer will then pay you the remaining or the residual amount of your total loss car, before your car is to be fixed by an approved mechanic and car repair shop.

Now you as the vehicle owner can receive two payments. The first payment will come from the insurance company, with the second coming from Cash Cars Buyer. With both amounts of money, you may decide to get another vehicle. But the choice is yours to make.

When looking at a possibility of a total loss, sometimes it is a good idea to get you car fixed. Other times, it isn’t.  Need to talk out your total loss or have other questions? Call us!

Cash For Cars in Scranton, PA- TOP Dollar for Non Running Vehicles!
Sell your car in three easy steps. Then, collect the cash! 844-663-7286!

Sell Your Junk Car in Three Easy Steps!

The process of selling your car to us is as easy as one, two three!

  1. Enter your car’s information. Just type in your car’s information using our state-of-the-art online car tool!
  2. Accept our offer. Once you have entered your car’s information, connect with us so we can make you an offer. It will take less than a minute!
  3. Get cash! Once you accept our offer, we will schedule a time to come to your Scranton, PA home or location. Then, we will inspect your car in person. Once all is on the “up and up” and you’re happy, we will put cash in your hands, FAST!

Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company. We even have an “A rating” from the Better Business Bureau! So, contact us today! You’ve dealt with the rest. Now it is time for the best… Cash Cars Buyer! Your cash for that clunker, awaits!