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The days of looking at that junk car on your property are over! We offer cash for junk cars!

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Are you sick and tired of looking at the non-running SUV behind your home? Have you grown tired of the two-seater rusted car missing two wheels?

Then it’s time to call Cash Cars Buyer for quick, convenient and free removal of your clunker!

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

There are various ways to sell your dented or totaled vehicle. Maybe you can visit some junkyards and gather some prices. Or perhaps you can sell it privately. Or maybe you can call friends and find out which one of them wants or needs a junk car.

But, the best method to choose to make your junk car history, is to call Cash Cars Buyer. We are local here in the Sarasota-Bradenton, FL area. Our areas of service include zip codes 34208 34209 34210 34211 34212, 34231 34232 34233 34234 & more! So, cease asking yourself the question, “Who buys junk cars near me?” Because the answer is three simple words… Cash Cars Buyer!

sell my junk car in Sarasota-BradentonPaying Quick Cash for All Vehicles- Cash on the Spot!

Whether you have a 1990 SUV or an old sedan, we will buy those vehicles plus more! We don’t care if they are running or not, you can count on cash on the spot for any and all vehicles! We make the process so easy too! All you have to do is use our online vehicle calculator and learn the complete value of your vehicle. Any questions or issues? Call us and let’s help!

I Am not Sure if my Car is a Junk Car

Perhaps your old two-seater doesn’t run and is also leaking fluids in your driveway. It may be a junk car. Or maybe that van with only one tire makes this weird sound when you try to start it. You may have a junk car. So, what is a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that costs more to fix, than its worth, or the car owner’s ability to pay. So, if your old clunker falls into this category, then let’s talk! Begin with using our online car evaluator to get an offer and let’s exchange that jalopy for some cool cash!

I can Sell My Junk Car on Instagram!

Selling a junk car online may be a viable solution, but it comes with work. Instagram has millions of users and the platform has lots of traffic. At the center of any Instagram ad, are pictures. So, you post lots of pics of your junk car on Instagram. Then, you have to write a description of your car. And don’t forget the hashtags that draw junk car buyers to your car.

Even if you decide to sell your car on Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter or another online platform, you have to put in work to make your junk car stand out.

Instead of all of the work that goes into selling a junk car online, you can contact Cash Cars Buyer. We don’t care about pictures of your car, nor do we want to read a long paragraph about your car. All you have to do is, enter your car’s information using our online tool, answer a few questions we have about your car, and then we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

So, when you think “I want to sell my junk car online”, think Cash Cars Buyer!

I Want to Sell My Junk Car Fast!

Cash Cars Buyer knows that you want to sell your clunker fast, so read below about what is required from the state of Florida.

First, you want to make sure that you remove the license plates from your clunker. Next, be sure that you remember to transfer the title to the person buying your vehicle.

Have you lost or damaged your car title? You can apply for a duplicate title.

Moving forward,  according to the Florida High Patrol, if you forget to fill out form HSMV 82101, which removes the seller's registration from the vehicle being sold, you and/or your car insurance company may be held liable if the vehicle is in an accident with the new vehicle owner.

What If I Want to Sell My Junk Car, but I can’t get the Title?

Cash Cars Buyer knows that in certain situations, you may not be able to get a car title or even the duplicate title. So, we request that you have a valid driver’s license or picture ID as well as a valid and current car registration for the car you are selling. Need more help? Contact us today!

We Offer FREE Junk Car Towing in Your Area- No Fees!

One of the reasons folks use Cash Cars Buyer for the sale of their junk car is the fact that we offer free towing of the junk car! Regardless of where the car is, we will haul it away for free and never charge you for it!

Additionally, we will never charge you fees for paperwork, processing or anything else! Our services are completely free to you! What a great feeling to know that you never have to come out of pocket to work with Cash Cars Buyer for the sale of your clunker! Call us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our most asked questions!

  1. What do I do first, to get an offer for my car? First, enter your car’s information using our online tool. Then, connect with us so we can ask you a few questions. You’ll have an offer in no time!
  2. Will you buy my car even if I don’t have the title? We will! We ask that our valued car sellers have a valid picture ID, such as a driver’s license and a valid as well as current car registration.
  3. My junk car doesn’t run. Will you still buy it? We sure will! We buy all makes and models, even if they’re not running!
  4. You’ll even tow my car for free? Yes, we will!
  5. Will you also handle all of the documents and paperwork too? Of course!
  6. How much money will I get for my car? This depends on your car. It’s hard to say, but our online tool will help you narrow down an exact offer for your car! Click here to use it!
  7. Why Use Cash Cars Buyer? We love what we do and we’d like to think we’re good at it! Cash Cars Buyer has been buying cars nationwide, for over a decade now.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s turn that clunker into the cool cash you need as well as deserve! 844-663-7286!

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