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Are you looking for fast cash in your pocket? Do you own an old car that is collecting rust in your driveway? Is your car damaged, broken or wrecked that needs a lot of money to get it fixed? We are here to help you!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Car Buyer, one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in Sammamish WA, offers the most cash for junk cars in Sammamish WA. That’s not all, and we also offer FREE towing to help you remove your junk car without any hidden fees!

Selling your junk car can never be easier with Cash Car Buyer. Our process is the simplest, fastest, and fairest in Sammamish, WA. Get your instant offer for free and receive your cash payment right on the spot within one to three days! 

Say goodbye to your old clunker and free up your driveway for your new pristine vehicle! Enjoy your cash payment and start a down payment for your new car!

Get the most for your car in Sammamish along with FREE pickups:

  • We buy junk cars without titles in Sammamish, WA!
  • We buy any car, SUV, man, minivan, and any unwanted vehicle. 
  • We provide FREE pickups without any hidden fees!
  • We are one of the top-rated junk car removal specialists in Sammamish WA!

Sammamish, Washington

The city of Sammamish is located in King County, Washington, United States. The city’s total area is about 24.03 square miles. 

According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, the city has a total population of about 65,733 people. People love to live in Sammamish for great safety. The city has a very low crime rate and is very suitable for families with children. The city is known for its great surroundings of lakes and fresh air.

Like most other Washington’s cities, Sammamish has very short summers and very cloudy and cold winters. Over the year, temperature varies between 26 F and 88 F. 

There are many places people like to visit every year in Sammamish WA like:

  • The Fall City Wallaby Ranch
  • The Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour
  • The Snoqualmie Falls
  •  The Remlinger Farms
  • The Camlann Medieval Village
  • The Bellevue Botanical Garden
  • The Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm
  • The Issaquah Farmers Market
  • The Marymoor Park
  • The Cougar Mountain Zoological Park

How can you sell your junk car with Cash Car Buyer?


You might be thinking that selling your junk car is a very complicated process. This is correct if you are using traditional methods like Craigslist ads or eBay Motors. However, with Cash Car Buyer, selling your junk car can never be easier!

If you tried to sell your junk car using classified ads like Craigslist, you would know exactly how frustrating the process is. You will need to learn how to create ads, deal with nonserious buyers, and never find the right one.

On the other hand, if you sell your car to Cash Car Buyer, the process is super simple. This is all that you need to do:


  • First, describe your car



To get the process started, you will need to provide some information about your car.

We will need to know what is your car’s make, model, and year.

We will also need to know that car’s condition. Does it have a title? Does the engine or the transmission have major issues? Is the car missing any parts? Etc. 

This information helps us best evaluate your car and provide you the most accurate offer that reflects the true value of your vehicle. 



  • Second, review your offer



The second step you need to do is to review our instant offer. Once you provide the car’s information, our team will provide you with an instant offer that is based on the most recent purchases around Sammamish, WA.

We are very confident that our offer reflects the maximum you can get for your junk car in Sammamish, Washington. Thus, you do not need to search beyond Cash Car Buyer.

You have the option to accept or reject our offer. If you decided to accept it, you would move forward to the next and final step: schedule your pickup time and location to get your cash payment. 


  • Last, get your car removed and receive your cash payment



If you decided to accept our offer, our team would connect you with our local junk car removal specialist to schedule a pickup time and location.

With a 24-hour junk car removal company like us, you will have the option to schedule evening, weekend, and even same-day pickups in Sammamish WA.

Our local junk car removal specialist will meet you at the time and location you agreed on.

He will review your car and confirm that it matches the information we have in our system. Then, he will ask you to confirm removing your car’s plates, and any remaining belongings in the car. 

It is very good to inform your insurance company that you sold your car as junk. This way, you can get the advantage of any remaining balance in your policy. You will also build a good relationship with them and probably get future discounts for your new car. 

Are there any things I have to do after selling my junk car in Sammamish, WA?

If you completed your deal and received your cash payment, there are a couple of things you need to do n Sammamish WA:

  • Confirm that you do not have any personal belongings in the car. Many people tend to forget their phones, computers, or even clothes.
  • Make sure to remove your plates and license. You will need those to cancel your registration at your local DMV office. 
  • As we mentioned earlier, contact your insurance company and hold any running policy.

That’s all that you need to do! Plus, you know exactly how to enjoy your cash payment!

We buy junk cars without titles in Sammamish, WA!

Many people ask if we buy junk cars without titles, and this is not a surprising question, especially because most junk car buyers do not accept cars without titles. Luckily, we are one of the very few companies that buy junk cars without titles.

It is important to note, however, that not having a title can reduce your offer significantly. Therefore, if you are the legal owner of the car, we recommend you getting a title replacement from your local DMV office.

Sammamish’s local DMV is located at 15600 NE 8th Suite K-16, Bellevue, Washington, 98008. Visit them and request information about the required paperwork and fees. 

How much cash can you get for your junk car in Sammamish, WA?

In Sammamish, most junk cars go for about $260 on average. For your car, expect to get paid somewhere between $100 and $19,000.

Junk car’s price is significantly affected by the car’s type, condition, and price of scrap metal.

Your car’s type is the fist factor determining how much cash you can get for your car. For instance, if you are selling a heavy SUV like Ford Excursion, you will get more cash than selling a small car like Toyota Corolla. This is because junk car buyers are mostly interested in the metal part of your car. Thus, the heavier your car, the more cash you will receive.

Your car’s condition is the second important factor affecting your final offer. Not surprisingly, selling a pristine vehicle will not get as much cash as selling a completely damaged car.

Finally, the price of scrap metal can affect your offer. If the scrap metal’s price goes down, junk car buyers will not offer as high prices as when the price of scrap metal goes up.

To give you an overview of how much to expect for your junk car, here is a list of our most recent purchases around Sammamish, WA:

  • 2000 Dodge Neon. We purchased this car for $100
  • 1998 Toyota Camry. We purchased this car for $100
  • 2011 Chevrolet Malibu. We purchased this car for $600
  • 1993 Jeep Cherokee. We purchased this car for $200
  • 2000 Ford Mustang. We purchased this car for $310
  • 1996 Toyota Camry. We purchased this ca for $112
  • 2019 Lamborghini Huracan. We purchased this car for $210
  • 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII. We purchased this car for $180

As we mentioned earlier, never hesitate to call us if your car is not in perfect condition. We are junk car buyers, and we do expect cars in a very bad condition. This does not mean that we do not buy cars in good condition. We buy all cars despite the condition.

Next step!

The next thing you need to do is just to give us a call (773) 791-4363. We will provide you with the instant offer within seconds, and will get your car removed within one to three days!