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Selling Your Junk Car in Rochester, MN And Why We Can Give You The BEST Deal!

Selling Your Junk Car in Rochester, MN And Why We Can Give You The BEST Deal!

Have you been wondering how much money you might be able to get for that junk car that's been sitting on your property in Rochester, Minnesota? If you've been Googling things like “who pays top dollar for junk cars near me,” you probably come up with literally millions of results. It gets to the point where there are so many choices, what should have helped you answer a question just made it more complicated.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


While you have the option of heading to the local scrap yards to see if they'd be interested in your junk car, or maybe even placing your own ad on Craigslist or eBay to try to get rid of the vehicle, these are all fairly time-consuming options and there's no guarantee you'll get an offer anywhere near what you're expecting. 


Don’t forget, when you deal with the scrapyard, you're going to be losing some of your profits when you have to pay to have your car towed to the lot, too.


With Cash Cars Buyer you don't need to worry about how you're going to get rid of that junk car from your property, even if it doesn't move. We’ll come to you and remove your car free of charge. And when you use our online tool you can get an instant offer for up to $500 in cash for your junk car. That means you can spend more time focussing on what makes life so good in Rochester. 

Get the Most from Your Junk Car


The city of Rochester is a great town in which to live and raise a family. It’s not nearly so large and hectic as Minneapolis, but it’s not a tiny town by any means, either. It strikes that great balance between the two. 


When you need to be serious and get to work, Rochester is a good place to make a living. You've got the Mayo Clinic and IBM and dozens of other great countries at which to work. But when your shift is done, how do you like to spend your time?


No one wants to waste hours and hours researching places that buy junk cars and which one will give you the best offer. Likewise, do you want to have to take time off of work to go to one? Or pay out of pocket to tow your junk car there? Of course not. 


When you have time free you want to do things like take the family to Air Sanity trampoline park, or just take a hike down by Douglas Trail. Maybe you’ll grab some lobster mac and cheese over at Chester’s Kitchen and Bar, or some crab Rangoon at Pho Chau. 


The point is you want to do whatever you want to do when you’re not at work, right? So why bother sorting through the millions of Google results when Cash Cars Buyer is going to make you an instant offer for up to $500 or more in cash for your junk vehicle? What’s more, we won’t cut into your profits by making you tow the car to use, either. We come to you and remove your junk car free of charge. 


Our competition will only offer you $200 to $400. Here’s how we decide on how we’ll make you an offer.

Get up to $500 for Your Junk Car


Some ads say they might pay you up to $1000 or more for your vehicle, but that’s often just meant to entice you into the deal. The real offer will be far less. Cash Cars Buyer will pay up to $500 or more and here’s how we come up with our offer.


  • To start, it’s always good to know the basic value of scrap metal before selling your junk car. This site can tell you what scrap is worth today, so you have an idea what your car is worth at a bare minimum. If anyone offers you less than the scrap value you're being ripped off.
  • When it comes to establishing value for your car, the first thing we’ll want to know is the make, model, and year. This is the basic info any site needs when either buying or selling a car. A Lexus is always going to be more than a Yugo, and it’s all based on the make and model.
  • The trim level will also add value to a car. Some models have numerous trim levels, as many as 8 to 12. The lowest trim levels are very basic and have few options and features. High trim levels are the most expensive vehicles and often have a lot of extra features to justify their higher cost. These features add value when you sell your junk car.
  • If your car is rare that can increase the overall value as well. Other drivers of the same rare model likely have trouble finding replacement parts, so the ones in your vehicle will add value if they're still in good working order.
  • No need to worry if your car is not particularly rare. A very popular car model could have hidden value simply because of its popularity. If many other drivers need the parts for their car, that will increase the potential offer you get.
  • Condition is a major factor in determining value as well. If your car has a blown head gasket, if the axles are broken, or if it was smashed in an accident it will be worth less overall. If it still looks and runs well then you may get more money for it.


All of these factors that we've listed are essential to helping us determine what kind of offer we're going to make for your vehicle. If you sold cars in the past you might be wondering about one more thing: the title. 


Selling Your Junk Car with No Title


A car's title is what proves ownership. It's a legal document, and to make a legal sale the title needs to change hands. So, what happens if you no longer have the title to your car?


Sometimes accidents happen and we lose track of things or disaster strikes and they get destroyed. Maybe your basement flooded, maybe the movers lost a box of your important stuff. That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and we have to deal with it.


Normally when your title is missing your only option would be to head to the Rochester DMV. At the DMV they can give you paperwork you can fill out to apply for a duplicate copy of your car's title. It will make the original invalid and it will probably show up in the mail after several weeks. If you have the time, this is an option.


Cash Cars Buyer is able to work with you even if you don't have the title to your car. In many cases, so long as you have a driver's license and a valid vehicle registration, will still be able to pay you for your junk car. As we said, we're all about making this as easy and convenient for you as possible.


The Benefits of Selling Your Junk Car to Cash Cars Buyer


With all the options you have for selling your junk car in Rochester, MN, Cash Cars Buyer really does stand out from the crowd. Our years of experience and our customer service give us the edge over the competition. The benefits of using our service speak for themselves.


  1. You never need to take time off work to schedule an appointment with a scrap dealer or cutting to the profits of your car sale to pay for a tow truck when you deal with us. Because we're local to Rochester, we're able to come to you and tow your car away free of charge after we make a deal.
  2. You don't need to work with our schedule because we work with yours. You can get an instant offer using our online tool 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There's no need to inconvenience yourself and everything can be done from the privacy and comfort of your own home.


  1. Selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer is not just good for your wallet, you're also doing the environment to favour at the same time. Think about all the dangerous fluids that are sitting around in your junk car right now: spent motor oil, transmission fluid, maybe some leftover gasoline. We can safely dispose of that and recycle well over 50% of the car itself. 


  1. Our offers are always fair. That's why we invite you to check out the value of scrap even before you contact us. We want you to know exactly what your car is worth has a bare minimum, so you know we're not trying to rip you off.
  2. We're able to offer you up to $500 for your junk vehicle and we can get it to you within 24 hours of making a sale. You don't need to waste time waiting for checks to clear, and there are no online payments that need to be processed.


Whether you live in 55902 or 55904 we can come to you, tow your car away for free once we make a deal, and get you cash in hand within 24 hours. The competition just doesn't stack up. Selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer just makes sense.