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Cash For Junk Cars Reno, NV – Get A FREE Instant Offer Now!  

Cash For Junk Cars Reno, NV – Get A FREE Instant Offer Now!  

For the casinos and the tourism, you crave, you can visit Reno, Nevada and celebrate life in a big way! And when it comes to getting rid of that old junk car, it’s no gamble when you call Cash Cars Buyer! Oh yes, we are Reno’s premier junk car buying company. With stellar junk car buying series all over the city, you can count on winning big when it comes to getting rid of that old clunker and getting paid, FAST! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Our local Reno service areas include zip codes: 89433, 89439, 89501, 89502, 89503, 89511, 89519, 89521, 89523 and surrounding Reno areas! In other words, regardless where you live in Reno, you have a junk car buyer! 

Sell Your Car for Cash- Leave the Driving to Someone Else! 

How do people get around in Reno? Public transportation is huge, followed by a taxi. Then of course you like Uber. And further down the list is a car. So, for that trip to the National Automobile Museum or the Nevada Museum of Art, leave the driving to someone else and sell your car! Lots of benefits come with commuting, car-sharing and carpooling! What are they you ask? Keep reading, please! 

Carpooling and ride-sharing save you money 

Carpooling allows you to share the cost of parking and gas, while cutting your expenses by nearly 50% or even more! The more people you have in your carpool, the less you pay! 

Carpooling is better for the Earth 

Having fewer cars on the road means reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions. There is also an improved air quality too! 

You lower your stress level 

Reno offers some great sites and you have to see them – whether you live there or are a tourist. So, how can you see all that Reno has to offer, if you are busy with navigating through traffic jams and stressed out about parking lane entry ways and highways? Save on the stress and sell that car! 

Get an instant offer on your used or junk car now and call us so that we can arrange for an appraisal and FAST pickup! 

Junk A Car- How It Works

Tell us about the car you want to sell  

By telling us about your junk car with accurate information on our website, we can formulate an instant offer on your junk vehicle! Like what you see? Call us fast! 

Accept your offer 

Happy with the offer? Take the time to now provide us proof ownership, and then call us. We will then schedule the pick-up of your car and hand you the payment at the same time.


Get paid FAST! 

We will hand you payment, during the car towing, which is 100% FREE to you! 


You’ll Get FREE Junk Car Removal When We Buy Your Junk Car!

A lot of people usually worry about how much a tow car service might cost. In a lot of cases, the cost of the towing just about as much as the cash payment for the junk car they just sold!  Some junk car owners will hand you money, and then you have to turn around and hand it right back! 

Since lots of people know this, the large towing bills and frustration of selling a junk car can really affect your decision to sell your car and who you sell your car to. When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you don’t pay ANYTHING for towing! In fact, all of your services with us are “FEE-FREE”! You pay nothing for paperwork, processing or the towing of your old car off of your property! 


Our goal is to get you money for your junk car, as fast as possible. That’s why we’re one of the best junk car buyers online!  


Looking to Get Cash for Cars?

If you have been lost and frustrated calling while around to get a junk car buyer, you can stop. You have tried the rest, now it’s time to call the best. Tired of searching for the junk car company that makes it easy to sell your car and you’re tired of the Google and Internet searching?  Consider your search officially over. Cash Cars Buyer removes all of the bullying, hassling price-haggling and the annoying back-and-forth out of the junk car selling process. We give you quick cash for clunkers. In as little as 24-72 hours, you could get as much as $500 or even thousands of dollars, as well as FREE towing! 


It takes just a few minutes to get your FREE confidential online offer! So, before you accept an offer you know is a scam or is entirely too low for that old car, get your quote now and call the best junk car buyers in the business, Cash Cars Buyer! 


Our Cash for Cars Offers Are FINAL & GUARANTEED! No Games, EVER!

As much as you might not think it, all cars have some value. Many junkyards may not admit it and may even have you feeling hopeless about your junk car. You may even find lots of businesses take advantage of the fact that you might not know the “tricks of the trade” and so, they will bully you, scam you, and eventually underpay you. Sometimes you may find that other companies have these tow truck drivers that will attempt to swindle some cash for their benefit. Forget all of the games, hassles and haggling. We guarantee all of our offers! Furthermore, we vow that our drivers and agents will pay you the full amount that you and Cash Cars Buyer agreed upon!  Once the deal is made, that money is as good as yours! Just allow us to firm up that offer, answer any questions you may have, inspect your car and pay you money for it, FAST! 


What is my Junk car Worth? 

Here at Cash Cars Buyer, we specialize in buying junk cars for cash. We also buy all makes and models- regardless of age, mileage and condition. You can expect for our offers to range from $100 which is on the low end – to thousands of dollars, for some vehicles. Looking for the worth of your junk car? Just click here! 

We have a straightforward, honest and no-nonsense approach to car buying. As a result, this has created lots of happy customers! Why not be one of them and sell your car to us, NOW

The Best Place to Sell My Damaged Vehicle FAST 

Cash Cars Buyer is the best place to sell a junk car quickly and easily. We offer a host of FREE services that come with no hassle or haggling over the price. Just click here and enter a few basic details about your rusted ride. When you’re done, you’ll get an instant offer on your junk car. Then you can call us and get a guaranteed quote on your vehicle after you discuss your car with us. And from there, you can get your car inspected and receive payout in as little as 24-72 hours.

“I damaged the title to my car. Can I still sell it?” & FAQ 

Where can I sell my car online?  

When it comes to selling your car online, you can choose an ever-popular online marketplace such as Craigslist, Facebook and even eBay. But for the fastest and most convenient way to sell your car online, choose Cash Cars Buyer. You can obtain an instant FREE online quote and have that car picked up in a matter of days, not weeks! 

What fees do you charge for buying junk cars? 

Cash Cars Buyer is a “FEE-FREE” junk car buying service! You never have to pay for processing, paperwork or towing! 

Can I get $500 for my junk car? 

It all depends on the condition of your junk car. Factors such as the year, make, model, demand, weight, amount and location of damage and more, play a role in your final offer. 

Do you buy cars with frame and flood damage? 

We sure do! We buy cars with water as well as frame damage! 

Will you buy my cars with no keys or title? 

We sure will! No keys? No problem! We even buy cars with no title. In many cases, not having the title is not an issue. We ask that you have both your car registration as well as picture ID for the sale of that broken-down car. 

Sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! We know what it’s like to sell a junk car and that’s why we eliminate all of the stress from your junk car selling experience! 

Sell your car to use because: 


  • We pay in money on the spot for all kinds of junk cars, even those that don’t run! 
  • Can’t find the title to your junk car? We buy cars with no title! In most cases not having your car title is not an issue. But we do ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID.   
  • We offer FREE junk car removal! You never have to pay to have your car hauled away! 
  • Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! No paperwork or processing fees to you! You never pay nothing!  
  • We are local to your Reno, NV area & can arrive to your location in as little as 24 hours! 
  • You can get an instant offer on your car, 24/7, in the privacy of your own home! 
  • We are a licensed bonded and insured company. That means we are trustworthy and straightforward! You will always have the best possible outcome to your junk car selling experience! 


Reno, NV, sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer and let’s turn that clunker into cash, FAST!