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Get Cash for your Junk Car in Reading, PA

Get Cash for your Junk Car in Reading, PA

Located in beautiful Berks County, PA, Reading is a city of reputable hard-working folks who deserve the best when it comes to getting top dollar for their junk cars. When it comes to finding a trustworthy junk car buyer in Reading, your search ends with us.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Our team at Cash Cars Buyers are local residents of Reading, Pennsylvania, and are ready and able to help you get the most cash for your old clunker. Whether you’re located in the zip code 19601, 19640, or 1963, we’re here to help you get up to $500 for your junk car.


Keep on reading to discover why we’re the best choice for junking a car!


Selling a Junk Car in Reading, PA


When it comes to selling your car in Reading, there are particular documents that you need to give to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. Having the wrong documents will drag out the process and make it seem like you can never sell your junk car. 


The documents you need in order to sell your junk car in Reading include:


  • A photo ID: A driver’s license or passport will do the trick.
  • Your car’s title: This is also known as its “pink slip.”
  • An accurate reading on your odometer.
  • And lastly, a bill of sale.


You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I don’t have a title for my non running car. I lost it. What do I do?”


Not having a title for your vehicle isn’t as big a deal as you think. In fact, you can sell a car without having a pink slip.


How Do I Sell a Car without a Title in Pennsylvania?


It’s actually super simple to sell your junk car if it’s missing a title in PA. If you’re a resident of Reading who has a junk car to sell but no title, you need to take the following steps:


  • Obtain your registration and a proper picture ID, such as a driver’s license.
  • Get an instant estimation for your junk car on Cash Cars Buyer’s website.
  • When entering your information, indicate that you don’t have a title.
  • Choose to proceed with selling your car to us after you get an offer. 


And that’s basically it! In many instances, not having a title for your junk car isn’t a problem. The bottom line is that we just need to prove that you’re the real owner. So go get your picture ID, registration, and call us at 844-663-7286 if you need help.


Is My Car a Junk Car?


Behind a house, your car is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. So it’s sad to realize that your old car that you’ve had throughout the years is a junk car. 


If you are serious about selling your vehicle, you need to know who will be willing to buy it, and who won’t. Many factors can lead to your car being a junk car, including:


  • Having a salvage title: This is a document you will get if you are in a major accident.
  • Having more than $1,000 in body damage: Is your car wrecked due to flooding, fire, or vandalism? Cash Cars Buyer will still take it!
  • It will cost more to repair than the car is even worth: If your vehicle has issues that cost more than it is worth, you may have a tough time trying to find a legit buyer.
  • Does it even run? If it doesn’t run, that’s not a problem! We will still offer you top dollar for your clunker!


So I have a Junk Car. What are My Options in Reading, PA?


You actually have a few options for selling your junk car. But they may not all be good ones.


Firstly, you can try selling your car to a dealership. They will often use your old ride as a down payment for a newer vehicle. However, if your car is junk, they may not be willing to buy it from you.


Secondly, you could scrap your car at a junkyard. However, scrap yards typically only pay between $200 and $400 for a junk car. Additionally, you will probably need to pay for your non running car to be towed there, which can cost you a pretty penny.


Third, you can try to sell your car privately. This can be difficult to do if it’s a junk car. You’ll get many low ball offers. Some people may not even show up when you expect them to, leaving you hanging. 


So what should you do? You should contact Cash Cars Buyer at 866-924-4608 to get the best deal for your junk car in town. We’ll pay you in cold hard cash within just 23 hours. You can then use the money to pay your rent, other bills, buy groceries, or use as a down payment on a new set of wheels.


Why Should I Sell My Junk Car?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider selling your junk car! Not only will you get up to $500 for your old car, but you’ll also be able to:


  • Beautify your property: Having an ugly old hunk of metal in your front or backyard can be a total eye sore. You deserve a gorgeous property to call home. Call us today ay 866-924-4608 to get rid of that old clunker now!


  • You will save money: If a neighbor or somebody else dials 311 on their phone to report an abandoned vehicle, it could be traced back to you. You could end up paying a lot of hard earned money in fines.


  • It’ll make the earth a little greener: Did you know that junk cars can release toxins and pollute the air and ground? Keep Reading, Pennsylvania beautiful by selling your junk car to us today.


  • It’s recyclable: Up to half of your junk car can be recycled. Do your part to help the environment.


  • We will tow it for free: That’s right! We will tow your old junk car away at no cost to you!


  • You can get up to $500: If you need fast cash for your bills, call us today.


There’s a myriad of reasons to get rid of your old junk car. Not only does it make your home look ugly, but you’ll also be helping to make the earth greener and put a little more green in your pocket!


Benefits of Selling Your Car to Cash Cars Buyer


There are plenty of reasons to trust us with your old vehicle. Here are just a couple:


  • We’ll give you plenty of cash right on the spot!
  • We offer FREE junk car towing.
  • We are local to Reading, PA.
  • We have over a decade of experience in the junk car buying industry.
  • We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company.
  • Our customers are our top priority.
  • We take any year, model, or make in any type of condition.
  • We offer top-dollar for your unwanted car. Up to $500 to be exact!


If you want to get rid of your old car, call us today at 866-924-4608. You can also get a free estimate 24 hours a day, seven days per week. 


How It Works

Now that we’ve convinced you that selling your junk car to us is a great idea, let’s explain how our junk car buying process works. We literally make it as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. In mere minutes, get a free quote from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply answer a few questions and voila! You’ll get an instant estimate on your junk car. The process is completely transparent and there are no obligations required of you.
  2. After you’ve accepted the offer, we’ll schedule a day that is convenient for you to come inspect and pick up your junk vehicle for FREE!
  3. After we ensure everything is in order, we’ll pay you top dollar for your non running car! There are no hidden fees or irritating call-backs. Just simple money in your wallet within 24 hours. It’s our 100% guarantee.


So what are you waiting for? If you need fast cash, contact us today!


More Cash for Your Clunker


At Cash Cars Buyer, we’ll offer you tons of money for your non running vehicle. We don’t care what year, make, or model your car is. Even if it doesn’t run, doesn’t have a key, or does not have a title, we will buy it from you!


If you need fast cash, why not sell your junk car in Reading, PA? Contact Cash Cars Buyer today to get an instant offer and top dollar for your vehicle the very next day. We look forward to hearing from you!


Call us today or visit our website to get a free estimate on your old junk car in Reading, Pennsylvania.