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Cash For Junk Cars Rapid City, SD – We Buy All Junk Cars! 

Cash For Junk Cars Rapid City, SD

Whether you are in the market for a new car or you are seeking some extra cash for that old car, you can sell it to a reputable company for fair market value! We are Cash Cars Buyer, ready to assist with the sale of your junk car! You can also get a FREE online quote as well as a “FEE-FREE” method of getting rid of your car now! Just click here and begin the process of selling that old damaged, wrecked or rusted car, FAST! 

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Who Buys Cars with No Title?

Selling a junk car without a title can be a hassle as well as a headache. Until now. When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you may be able to sell your car without the title! In many cases, not having your title, is not an issue. We ask that you have both your car registration as well as your picture ID. Once you obtain those documents, you can click here and get a FREE online quote, FAST! 

Junk A Car- Pitfalls To Avoid When Selling Your Car Privately 

Thinking of selling your car privately? While this may be a viable option, you may want to steer clear of some of the mistakes many make, as they work to sell a car on their own. 

Not knowing the value of the car 

Once you decide to sell your car, you want to make sure that you know how much your car is worth. Sites such as Edmunds as well as Kelley Blue Book can provide you information about your car’s worth. This will help when it comes to pricing your car for sale. 

Failing to get the correct paperwork in order 

Another pitfall that many private car sellers make, is not obtaining all of the correct documentation for your car. When selling a car in Vermont, you have to: 

  • Sign the title over to the buyer.
  • Make sure that you fill out the Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement with the buyer.
  • Take the time to give the buyer a lien release. Remember that you are not going to be able to sell the vehicle if it has a lien on it.

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Not Being Completely Honest about the Condition of Your Car 

When you have a car to sell, you have to be an honest seller. For example, if the starter on your car does not work, you want to relay that to the buyer. If you have a bad engine, you want to let perspective buyers know. Not being honest about your car, can cost you in the long run. You may also want to offer a vehicle history report to that perspective buyer as well. 

Giving into Bullying 

When you sell a car, you will meet an array of people with an array of personalities. One perspective buyer you don’t want do deal with, is a perspective buyer who is pressuring you or bullying you. You never want to give into a buyer or deal with anger, insults or demands. 

Not selling that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

When you have a car to sell, you only need to sell it to Cash Cars Buyer! Not only are we local to your Rapid City, SD location or home, but we bring the office to you! Whether you live in zip code 57701, 57702, 57703 or 57709, we can come to you and inspect your car, paying you on the spot, when it’s all said and done! Take time to enjoy nature in Custer State Park! Or spend time with the family at Reptile Gardens! Whatever you do, don’t spend time searching for a junk car buyer! We’ve got you covered! Just click here and obtain your FREE online offer, FAST! 

500 for Junk Cars – Is it Possible? 

Many junk car sellers are looking for that magical number of $500. While it is possible, you have to consider that any junk car buyer, will have a list of criteria that will be looked at, once you look to sell your car. When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we look at the following before buying a car: 

  1. Price of Scrap 
  2. Weight of your car 
  3. Status of your title
  4. Year, make and model of your vehicle 
  5. Location, amount and level of damage, and more. 

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What’s The Value of My Scrap Car?

One of the biggest benefits of selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer, is the opportunity to obtain a FREE online offer in a matter of minutes! You can click here and find out what your car is worth, FAST! 

How it Works 

Enter your car’s specs 

When you have your information about your car, you can click here and enter that information, for the best online offer. Once you love what you see, you can call us and speak to our team! 

Accept your offer 

When you have your FREE online offer, you can call us and speak to one of our friendly agents. He or she will ask you some questions about your car. This will ensure that we provide you with the best guaranteed cash offer. Once you accept that cash offer, you can accept it and let us know the best day and time to come to your location! 

Get paid! 

We will waste no time getting to you, to inspect your car and to pay you on the spot! 

 No fees!

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we will never ask you to pay for anything! We handle all paperwork, processing and even the towing of your car! Just click here to obtain your FREE online offer now! 

When Should You Get Rid of an Old Car? 

You have an old car but you keep holding out hope that it will get better and run like the wind. But day after day, you are let down, as you have to keep pouring money into your rusted clunker that refuses to cooperate with your life.  Is it time to get rid of it? One indicator it’s time to sell that old car, is the amount of money you spend to fix it. If you are spending more money on that old vehicle than its worth, it is now time to sell that car.  As our cars age, they become more of an investment and an expense. Check out some of the most common issues that come with an older car. 

Check Engine Lights 

Whether you have a warning light or that dreaded “check engine light” comes on, it is never a fun day ahead. So, what do you do? You take your car to the local mechanic, pay the diagnostic fee, and find out what the source is that is causing your lights to come on. 


A Failing or a Sputtering Engine 

Your car engine runs best when you have the proper mixture of air and fuel. But when there is an imbalance, you have problems. There are various parts that help an engine run properly. So, when you experience engine misfiring or sputtering, you have a huge problem as well as a common issue. 


Grinding or Squeaking Brakes 

If you keep any car for any length of time, you will have a brake system that will need some maintenance. As brakes are important for safe stopping, issues like grinding or squeaking should be inspected by a professional auto expert as soon as possible.  


These problems as well as more, can cause stress as well as anger. Why not sell that junk car or older car to Cash Cars Buyer! We buy all makes and models, including cars with serious issues! Just click here, tell us about the car and be sure to obtain your FREE online offer, FAST! Get rid of the stress of pouring money into a car that just will not work! 


How Much Do I Have to Pay to Junk my Car? & FAQs 

Do you buy cars with flood as well as frame damage? 

Yes, we do! We buy cars with frame, flood and even fire damage! 

Can I still sell my car even if I don’t have the title? 

Yes, you can! You can sell your car even if you don’t have the title. In most cases, not having the title is not an issue. We just ask that you have your ID as well as your registration for the sale of your car. When you have these documents, you can click here and begin the process of selling your car, FAST! 

How much do I have to pay to junk my car? 

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you never have to pay anything! Think of us as the “FEE-FREE” junk car buying service you’ve been looking for!  There are no processing, paperwork or towing fees! 

Are all of my transactions safe and secure? 

Yes, they are! We will never sell your information to anyone! Count on us to provide you with the service and FAST payout you need, want and deserve! 

Rapid City, SD! You can sell that rusted car rapidly, to Cash Cars Buyer! Click here and take advantage of our free junk car selling services TODAY! 

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