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Cash For Junk Cars Portsmouth, RI – Sell Your Old Car To A Reputable Junk Car Buyer NOW! 

Cash For Junk Cars Portsmouth, RI – Sell Your Old Car To A Reputable Junk Car Buyer NOW! 

Founded in the 1600s by Anne Hutchinson as well as two other dissenters of the original Boston Colony, Portsmouth, RI offers golfing, marinas, shops and even historic sites to all. The city also encompasses, Hope Island, Patience Island, Prudence Island and Hog Island. Portsmouth is also home to a fast, efficient and profitable way for you to get rid of that old, scrap, junk, damaged and even title-less car. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We’re Cash Cars Buyer, offering residents “first-class” junk car selling services. No need to guess what thar car is worth in Portsmouth; you can obtain a FREE online offer FAST! Whether you reside in zip code 02809, 02835, 02871, 02872, 02878 or 02889, you are entitled to our “front-door service with a smile”! So, there’s no need for you to call a tow truck, simply to get your car appraised. 

Portsmouth, RI Junk Car Buyers- We Take the Guesswork out of Getting an Offer! 

Whether you have an old SUV, a rusted sedan, a door-less pickup truck or title-less hatchback, you can obtain a FREE online offer that enables you to see what your vehicle is worth in a matter of minutes! 

Our Process is Easy! 

No need for a long and drawn-out method of selling your car! We make the process easy! 

Begin with telling us about your car 

Once you have the details about your car, click here and enter them. We ask that you be as precise as you can, as our online portal will guide you through the questions regarding your car. Once done, you will have a FREE online quote that you can use to call us with FAST! 

Accept your offer 

With that online offer, we ask that you call us. One of our friendly and experienced junk car team members will ask you a few questions about your car. This ensures that we formulate the best guaranteed cash offer, under the Portsmouth, RI sun! When you approve of your offer, then it’s time to get ready to pack that car up and send it on its way! 

Get paid FAST 

After you “OK” your offer, we’ll be so happy to have your approval, that we will waste no time coming to your Portsmouth home or location. And we’ll come on the day and time that you specify. We’ll get to work inspecting your car, validating some other information and then paying you on the spot! No, we don’t ever say to our valued junk car sellers, “a check is in the mail!” Once we have your car, you’ll get paid right then and there! 

We take care of the towing too! 

Think you have to call a tow truck once we buy your car? Not at all! The towing is on us! 

Did we mention that we offer same-day pick up? 

Well, we’re mentioning it now! Depending on certain circumstances, we can come to your Portsmouth, RI location, inspect your car, and pay you on the spot- all in the same day you receive your offer! How’s that for junk car selling service?  Get started now and let’s turn that old car into fantastic cash, FAST! 

Sell a Junk Car in Portsmouth, RI- No Title Needed! 

So, you tried and tried to find that title, but you can’t. Or the car you are looking to sell once belonged to your late grandmother- and you have no idea where she kept it. You can STILL sell that unwanted vehicle! Cash Cars Buyer understands that life happens. That’s why we buy cars that have no title! We just ask that you have your ID as well as your registration, once you’re ready to sell your car. When you have those items handy, click here and tell us about your title-less car and receive a quote on it, FAST and for FREE! 

Portsmouth Cash for Junk Cars- No Games or Hassles! 

Cash Cars Buyer pays fair market value for all makes and models- with no hassles or games! Whether you have a small pickup truck a long and large hatchback, an old and dented van, a broken-down minivan- we will buy it!  All vehicles are in demand and we never treat junk car sellers with disrespect. Sure, your car may be junk, but you are the prize!  And since all vehicles have value, all vehicles bring cash. You can count on a fair offer for that unwanted vehicle that used to be your pride and joy.  


When it’s time to junk a car in Portsmouth, RI 

Still on the fence about selling your scrap car? Let us help you make a firm decision and offer some tell-tale signs that it is indeed time to sell that car. 

When you have to have the car repaired on a regular basis 

If your mechanic is able to afford a vacation a month, thanks to the money you spend on your car’s repairs, then its’ time to let it go. You should not be paying hundreds of dollars a month, to get your car fixed. 

You have crossed the 150,000-mile threshold 

If you have a car that has 150,000 miles or over that, then it’s time to get rid of it. Sure, it may be running and all, but not many buyers want a car with so many miles. 

Your car can’t pass simple safety inspections 

If that older car is not equipped with safety features and it fails certain safety inspections, then it’s time to sell it. No, you may not want a top-of-the-line car, but you certainly safety equipment such as working air-bags and some type of lane assist feature, to watch out for other drivers and more. 

You’re scared to drive it 

If you fear driving your car, then perhaps it’s time to sell it. 

Sell that junk car to Cash Cars Buyer! We buy all makes and models! 

Forget using that weekly paycheck to pay for fixes that don’t last. No need to fear a car that you have to drive to work. Cash Cars Buyer purchases all makes and models, at fair market value! The process is simple and you never even need to leave your Portsmouth, RI home to sell it! Click here to get started! 


Our Junk Car Buying Service Saves You Time, Stress and Aggravation:

  • Why spend time speaking with non-serious buyers, answering phone calls and emails, trying to sell your car the traditional way?
  • Eliminate the stress as well as aggravation caused by people not showing up to view your car, at their appointed time.  
  • Selling your car to us is completely cost-free to you.
  • No need to bring your car to us; we come to you with MONEY to buy your junk truck, SUV, can or car. 
  • We have over a decade of junk car buying experience and we love what we do! 
  • Need credentials? No problem! We’ll show them to you; because we are licensed, bonded and insured! 

Obtain your FREE quote today to sell your junk car or truck! It is fast, efficient, profitable, easy and painless. No need to wait, get cash for your junk vehicle now!

Junk Car in Portsmouth, RI – Safety First! 

When you decide to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we will focus on making your sale a smooth and easy one. Once you enter your personal information, you can count on that information being safe and secure. We never sell your personal details with anyone. Our online portals are safe and secure. 

COVID-19 Update: As Cash Cars Buyer conducts business during the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are practicing physical distancing and taking other measures to ensure the heath and wellness of team members and our valued junk car sellers. Let us know how we can assist during this global crisis! Feel free to obtain your FREE quote and begin the process of selling your car, NOW! 

Where to Sell a Junk Car in Portsmouth, RI 

As you “Google search” “junk car buyers near me”, you may find a few businesses that look ideal for the sale of your junk car. But with a bit more research, you find it will cost you more to sell your car and your bottom line will be zero. There are also over 9,000 scrap metal centers in the country, with not all of them created equal. You want a company in Portsmouth, RI that prioritizes your needs and desires. You also want a company that will not scam you or play games. 

As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we steer clear of the games and we only offer the most stellar customer service. Sell your car today and see how easy it is, to make money off of that rusted ride! 

500 For A Junk Car 

Yes, you can receive $500 for your junk car. But keep in mind that any junk car buyer you approach to buy your car, will have criteria that your car will be weighed against. Some of that criteria include: 

  1. Year, make and model of the vehicle 
  2. Current price of scrap metal and your car’s weight 
  3. Status of the title 
  4. Physical location of the car and more. 

On the low end of offers, we can pay $50 for a car. On the high end, our offers can be in the thousands. Whether you receive hundreds of dollars, or thousands from us, you can always count on a fair offer, FAST. 

Portsmouth, RI! Get ready to sell that junk car FAST! Click here to receive your offer and prepare to turn that problematic car into perfect cash with Cash Cars Buyer!