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Cash for Junk Cars Port Arthur, TX – We Pay Top Dollar To Get Rid Of Your Junk Car For YOU!

Cash for Junk Cars Port Arthur, TX – We Pay Top Dollar To Get Rid Of Your Junk Car For YOU!

Do you have a clunker or junk car just sitting in your driveway? Did you try to find an easy and affordable way to get rid of it but to no avail? Did you try classified ads like Craigslist and found it extremely frustrating and time consuming? Then, it is the time to call Cash Car Buyer so we can get you the best deal for cash for junk cars in Port Arthur, TX!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

At Cash Car Buyer, we pay the most cash for junk cars in Port Arthur, TX. You don’t have to pay anything to get a free quote – you can just go to our website and use our tool. If you are tired of looking at your junk car taking up space in your driveway and losing its value day by day, the best thing you need is to have someone remove it safely and quickly. That’s why we are here, and Cash Car Buyer will come to you despite your location and pick up your junk vehicle FREE of charge – that’s right, FREE junk car removal! Never think that no one will take your poor looking vehicle, every vehicle has a value at Cash Car Buyer!

Why Cash Cars Buyer?

  • We always have a FREE junk car removal included in your offer, letting us pick up your car from anywhere in the Port Arthur area! We offer free non-running vehicle removal from the zip codes of 77611, 77619, 77627, 77630, 77640, 77642, 77651, 77655, 77705. If you live just outside of these zip code areas in Groves, Port Neches, Bridge City, Nederland, Orange, Sabine Pass, Beaumont, or Vidoe -still give us a call! We want ot help you get the best deal for junk cars too.
  • We buy any junk car, SUV, van, minivan, coupe, run down car, or convertible – even cars without a title! That’s right, you don’t need a title to sell us your car legally. Every other place requires a certificate of title, or pink slip, to legally change hands of ownership, because you need to transfer it to the new owner. However, with us, you do not need this! All you need is a driver’s license and registration to sell us your junk car. 
  • We offer cash payments right on the spot, up to tens of thousands of dollars in hand within 24 hours – always!

Port Arthur, TX

Port Arthur is a city in Jefferson County, a county in the Coastal Plain region of Southeast Texas with a population of around 252,000 people. It is within the Beaumont – Port Arthur metro area within Texas and is located just under 100 miles east of Houston, the most populated city in the state of Texas and the fourth most populated in the United States.

The economy of Port Arthur is mainly determined by the oil refining capacity – although it is currently branching out into new installations. Motivate ENterprises is a new business that is a huge addition, along with Premcor REfining and BASF/Fina. 

Further, this city has a huge emphasis on education, with various colleges and secondary and primary schools available for kids of all ages – a true family town! Lamar State College – Port Arthur offers basic core curriculum classes, along with music, nursing, legal aid, and process technology. In addition, most of the city is served by the Port Arthur Independent School District, with one single high school. 

So how does our service work, you ask?

We have more than decades of experience in junk car buying around Port Arthur, Texas. We buy any car you have, despite its condition, damage, or age. 

Many people might think that professional services, like Cash Car Buyer, are only interested in nice-looking vehicles or those that are just gently used. The vehicle’s condition does not matter to us. Of course, the vehicle’s condition is a huge factor in the amount of cash you can get from our online offer; however, our buying decision is never affected by the vehicle’s condition, meaning we will gladly buy it from you, you might just not make as much as a vehicle that is well-running or just used.

With our long experience in Port Arthur, we formulated our process to be as simple as possible. Here is the breakdown of how to sell your junk car for cash in Port Arthur, Texas:


  • Describe your vehicle 


The first step is to give us a call using the number on our website so we can go over your quote and discuss any other factors. Provide as with a brief description of your vehicle, including things like damage, condition, and important info. What is the car’s make, model, and year? Does it have a title?

We would also need to know the vehicle’s condition. Does the car work just fine? Does it have major problems? Is it missing major parts, or does it have issues with key parts like the engine transmission? 


  • Accept our FREE and instant offer


Right after you provide the vehicle’s information, our team will provide you with your free, instant offer that shows up in just seconds on the website. This offer is based on a database of previous sales, current sales, and the price of scrap metal in the market today. 

We are very confident that our offers are completely customer based and provide you with the biggest benefit. Our goal is to provide you the maximum cash for your junk car in Port Arthur, TX.

Cash Car Buyer’s team uses the most advanced technology to go through our database within just seconds to provide you with your personalized and fair offer for your specific junk car – we never use generalizations. 

At this stage, you have the option to accept the offer or leave it. If you accept it, you will be directed to our local junk car removal specialists in Federal, WA


  • Get your cash payment right on the spot!


Our local junk car removal specialists will meet you at a specific time and location that you chose to pick up your junk car – no more worrying about towing. 

We are a 24-hour junk car removal company; this means that we offer weekend and evening pickups that suit your busy work or school schedule. We try our best to make sure that you never need to cancel an important appointment to get your junk car removed. We work our schedule around yours.

Once your junk car is removed, it is the time to get your cash payment right on the spot – cash in hand within 24 hours! We sometimes can pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle you are selling! 

We like to recommend our customers to let their insurance company know that they sold their vehicle. This way, you could potentially earn discounts on future policies. 

Factors that Affect Your Car’s Quote


  • The car’s make, model, and year


As a junk car buyer, we care most about the metal parts within your vehicle. Therefore, the heavier your car, the more cash you can receive for it. For instance, if you are selling a Tahoe or a Suburban, you can earn more cash than when you are selling a tiny Honda Accord. 


  • The car’s condition


The second important factor is your car’s condition. Selling a perfectly running car gets more cash than selling a completely damaged car. If your car is running, we don’t need to do as much work on it as we will with a non running vehicle or one that is very damaged.  

For example, if you are selling a car with a title, running without any issues, not missing any key parts or contain damaged internal parts like the engine, you will get a higher cash offer than if you are selling the same vehicle without a title and missing a lot of major parts or one that is running only occasionally.


  • The price of scrap metal


Most junk car buyers make money by selling your vehicle’s metal parts as scrap parts. This is important to know if you decide to check out the value of your car at a local junk yard in Port Arthur. Therefore, if the price of the scrap metal goes down, you will not be offered a high quote – so you need to keep an eye on this value. On the other hand, if the scrap metal price goes up, a junk car buyer can offer you a higher price. 

There you have it! Now you know why every resident in Port Arthur absolutely loves our services at Cash CArs Buyer. Not only do we offer free junk removal and towing, cash in hand within 24 hours, and the most professional agents in the entire state, we always keep our customers in mind.

We work with your schedule we come to your location, and we always buy your car – no matter what damage or condition is present with your vehicle. We make sure that our goal is to give each and every customer the best experience possible.