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Are you looking to get rid of your old damaged car in your driveway? You are very lucky, as Cash Car Buyer provides you with safe junk car removal and the most cash for junk cars in Peoria, AZ. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Even if your car is not running, you can still trade your junk vehicle with cash to Cash Car Buyer.

Our company offers cash for junk cars and clunkers of all type, including:

  • Old trucks and vehicles that do not run
  • Cars that were damaged in fire or water
  • Wrecked cars that were damaged in an accident
  • And any other car you do not want and would like to get rid of it.

Therefore, instead of searching for salvage yards trying to sell your junk car as parts, here at Cash Car Buyer, we will save you all the hassle and buy your junk vehicle despite its condition. 

In short, if you would like to sell your junk car around Peoria Arizona, Cash Car Buyer can help you by:

  • Providing the maximum cash your vehicle deserves
  • Removing your junk car with no charge
  • I am paying instant cash right on the spot!

City of Peoria, AZ


The city of Peoria is the sixth-largest city in Arizona, located mostly in Maricopa County with small areas in Yavapai County. The city got its name after Peoria, Illinois, which means “prairie fire.”

About 172,259 residents are living in the city of Peoria, according to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau. Peoria's residents love their city as it gives them the suburban feeling with all most residents owning their homes. 

The city of Peoria is about 142 square miles. It has two major rivers running through it: the Agua Fria River and the New River. Both rivers are most of the time dry due to the flood controls like dams and other control measures. 

There are many places attracting people to visit Peoria, AZ. Some of these places are the Vista Recreation Center, the Peoria Sports Complex, the New River Trail, the Ape Index, the Quintero Golf Club, the Challenger Space Center, the Polar Ice Peoria, the Theater Works and more. 

Regarding Peoria's weather, Peoria enjoys sunshine more than 300 days of the year. Summer is very hot and dry, and temperature can get above 100 F. While Winter is a little mild with the lowest temperature of 45 F. 


How does our cash for junk cars service work in Peoria, Arizona?


Cash Car Buyer has a very straightforward system that made selling your junk car a very easy process. Follow the following steps:


  • The first step: provide your vehicle's information



As you read earlier, our company buys any type of vehicle you would like to get rid of. However, we would need the vehicle's information to decide how much is your junk vehicle worth. 

Let us know about the vehicle's make, model and year. For instance, do you want to sell a classic car or a newer model?


Besides, we would need to know about the condition of the vehicle. Is it completely damaged, what works, what doesn't work? What was the cause of the damage, for instance, water damage or fire damage? 



  • The second step: Review and accept our offer



In a couple of seconds from providing the car's details, our customer service will provide you with the best offer your vehicle can receive.

At this stage, you can take the offer or leave it.

Our offers are based on decades of junk car buying around the city of Peoria. Our team members use the most advanced technology to go through our database and determine the highest cash your vehicle can get. Therefore, we are very confident that our prices are higher around the area.


  • The third step: schedule a pickup appointment


If you decided to go with the offer, our team would connect you with a local junk car removal expert. He will work with you to schedule a pickup time that fits your schedule. 

As 24 hour junk car buyers, we provide pick up service during the weekends or evenings. 


  • The fourth and last step: junk car removal and cash payment


Once you've agreed on pickup time, one of our junk car removal professionals will meet you at your selected location to finish the deal and make the payment.

Our representative will have to do a quick inspection and make sure that the vehicle has the same information as the system. 

At this point, you will get your cash right on the spot and finish the deal. 

Our junk car removal process is the fastest and the safest. In many cases, Cash Car Buyer provides same day junk car removal. Besides, all of our representatives are background checked, so you do not have to worry about safety issues. 

Can I still get cash for my junk car if I do not have a title or keys?


If you do not have your vehicle's title, you do not need to worry. Cash Car Buyer can provide cash for junk cars in Peoria, AZ, with no title. 

We first advise the legal owner of the vehicle to obtain a replacement for the title. The process should be easy in your local DMV office. The closest DMV office to Peoria, AZ, is located in 13009 W Bell Rd, Surprise, Arizona, 85378. Their phone number is (602) 255-0072.

However, if you couldn't obtain the vehicle's title for any reason, we can still buy your junk vehicle.  

To buy your junk car without a title, we require that you are the legal owner of the vehicle, the vehicle is registered under our name, and you have a valid driver's license. 

Once we confirm that you meet our specified criteria, Cash Car Buyer can buy your vehicle.

When it comes to the vehicle's keys, as we mentioned before, we will be towing your vehicle, and therefore, it should not be a problem. While it is better to have keys with your car, it should not prevent you from receiving cash for your junk car from Cash Car Buyer. 

How do you decide the final price when you buy junk cars in Peoria, AZ?


It is not a complicated process for a company with more than decades of experience to know exactly how much your junk vehicle is worth. Our system uses well-defined criteria that provide the fairest prices for each vehicle. 

While we buy any junk car despite its condition, we use several factors to determine the final price, including:


  • Your vehicle's type



Your car type is very important when it comes to pricing. Junk car buyers are buying metal. The more metal the vehicle has, the higher the cash you can get. For instance, a 1992 Geo Prism will receive less cash than a 2010 Lexus. 


  • Your vehicle's condition



If you would like to sell a vehicle that is running well, expect to receive more cash than a completely damaged car. 

Along with the vehicle's type and condition, there are other less important factors we keep in mind. For instance, the price of scrap metal can determine the final cash you can get. The higher the scrap metal price, the more cash your vehicle gets.

It is important to note here that scrap metal price does not change significantly over short periods. Therefore, this factor should not prevent you from selling your junk car. 

Also, some companies might use your address as another factor to determine the price. As Cash Car Buyer, we do not care much about where you live, and we provide you with free towing despite your location.


We have the highest reputations for providing cash for junk cars in Peoria, AZ


Are they wondering why you should sell your junk vehicle to Cash Car Buyer in Peoria, AZ? 

Simply because you need to sell your vehicle to a trustworthy party without hidden terms, at Cash Car Buyer, we have more than decades of experience in cash car buying around the city of Peoria, Arizona. 

We are known for our great reputations around the city; our buying process is ethical and legal. All of our team are background checked to provide the safest service to our customers. 

We care the most about:

  • Making sure that our customers receive the maximum cash possible for their junk vehicle
  • Confirming that our trading process is done fast and safe

It is now time to get money for your old car!


Do not hesitate to sell your junk vehicle; it is set in Peoria's heat and losing its value. Give us a call at (773) 791-4363 at any time to get more information, and our team can help you get the best quote, it won't take much time!