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Do you have an old car sitting in your driveway and losing its value? Did you try fixing it and found that the repair cost is more than the car's worth? Are you looking for more cash to start a down payment for your new vehicle? Do not worry, and Cash Car Buyer is here to help you!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

At Cash Car Buyer, we pay the most cash for junk cars in Pasco, WA! We do not care about the vehicle's condition; we buy rusted, wrecked, and damaged cars. 

We buy any SUV, car, truck, van, minivan, and pay the most cash in Pasco:

  • We will buy any unwanted car; whether it is wrecked, broken or completely damaged.
  • You will get cash payment right on the spot! Up to $19,000!
  • We are one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in Pasco, WA

Pasco, Washington


The city of Pasco is located in Franklin County, Washington, United States. The city has a total area of 37.49 square miles that consists of 30.5 square miles of land, and the rest is water.

According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, there is a total of 74,778 people living in Pasco. Many people lived in Pasco their entire life. They enjoyed the family-friendly environment and the great school system. Furthermore, Pasco's residents appreciate the number of churches that provide stewardship opportunities. 

Pasco has the typical weather like most Washington's cities. Summers are very short and hot, while winters are very cold and cloudy. Temperature ranges from 13 to 102 F over the course of the year.

There are lots of places people enjoy in Pasco, WA, including:

  • The Franklin County Historical Museum
  • The Sacajawea State Park
  • The Bechtel National Planetarium
  • The Wahluke Slope
  • The Preston Premium Wines 
  • The Pasco Flea Market
  • The Pasco Aviation Museum


How does our process work?


Our process is very fast and super simple. All that you need to do is to provide us with your vehicle's information, get your instant offer, accept the offer, get your car picked up, and receive your cash payment. The entire process usually takes between one to three days.

Here is the breakdown of our junk car removal process:


  • Describe your car and get your instant offer



The first thing you need to do is to give us a call and describe your car. We would need to know what your car's make, model, and the year is.

We are also interested in your vehicle's condition. Some questions you might ask yourself to get prepared include:

    • Does my car start?
    • Does the vehicle have major issues with the transmission or the engine?
    • Does the car have a title?
    • Is the car missing any parts? If yes, what are these parts?

Your car's condition can help us best evaluate it and provide the most accurate offer. If your car is not in excellent condition, do not worry, we will still buy it. However, if you know for sure that your car is in good condition, it is important to let us know as we will pay you much more for it.


  • Receive our instant offer and accept it



Right when you provide your car's information, you will get an instant offer that reflects the true value of your car. At this point, you have the chance to review and accept our offer if you are interested. 

We are very confident that our offers are the maximum you get for your junk car in Pasco, WA.

If you decided to move forward and accept the offer, you would be connected with our local junk car removal to schedule a pickup time and location.


  • Get your cash payment



Our Cash Car Buyer junk car removal representative will meet you at the exact time and location to load your vehicle and handle the cash payment. 

He will do a quick inspection to confirm that the vehicle matches the information we have in our system. 

Finally, it is time to say bye to your junk car and enjoy your cash payment!

It is important to confirm that you removed your vehicle's plates and confirmed removing all your personal belongings from your junk car.

We recommend that you inform your insurance company that you sold your junk car. This way, you can get the advantage of any remaining balance in your policy. Furthermore, you can build trust with them and probably get future discounts.

Don't waste so much time, just contact Cash Car Buyer in Pasco, WA!

While many people think that selling a junk car through classified ads is very easy, it is proven that these approaches are the most complicated and time-consuming.

If you want to sell your car through classified ads like Craigslist or eBay Motor, you will be dealing with lots of hassle. For instance, you have to spend time learning how to create ads and how to post it. This type of skill you might not use it in the future and is considered just a waste of time. 

Furthermore, you will have to deal with a large number of messages from people asking questions and never buy your car. Besides, you might be dealing with many strangers coming to your private property, check your car, and never show-up or never buy it.

A junk car buyer, there is no time to waste as we will take care of all the hassle. As you noticed before, all that you have to do is give us a call, meet our junk car removal specialist, and get your cash payment right on the spot. 

In addition, you will not be dealing with strangers since all our junk car removal specialists are background checked and they do not mind meeting you in a public space or at your private property. Thus, you will know who you are dealing with.

How much cash will you pay me for my junk car in Pasco, WA?

In Pasco, the average price of junk cars is about $280. However, this price varies significantly by car type, condition, and price of scrap metal. In general, expect to get paid somewhere between $100 and $19,000!

Your car's type is one of the main factors deciding how much cash you will get for your car. For instance, if you are selling a heavy SUV like the Honda Pilot, you will get much more cash than selling a small car like Ford Fusion. This is because junk car buyers are interested in the metal part of your car. Thus, the heavier your car, the more cash you will get.

In addition to your car's tire, the car's condition is another important factor we also consider. For example, if you are trying to sell a car in excellent condition, you will receive more cash than selling a car in very bad condition.

Lastly, the price of scrap metal can also play a role in determining how much cash you will get for your car. Since junk car removal companies make money by selling your car as scrap metal, when the scrap metal's price goes up, they can pay you much more cash than when the scrap metal goes down.

To give you an overview of how much to expect for your junk car, here is a list of our most recent purchases:

  • 2006 Ford Ranger. We purchased this car for $710
  • 1997 Chrysler Concorde. We purchased this car for $100
  • 1993 Toyota Camry. We purchased this car for $120
  • 2003 Volvo Xc 70. We purchased this car for $210
  • 2005 Nissan Sentra. We purchased this car for $310
  • 2005 Nissan Sentra. We purchased this vehicle for $210
  • 1994 Dodge Dakota sport. We purchased this car for $100

As we mentioned earlier, we buy any car despite its condition. Here is the list of our most recent purchases by vehicle's condition:

  • 2002 Hyundai Elantra Hatchback GT. This car came without a title, and it had major issues with the engine and the transmission.
  • 1998 Pontiac Grand Am Sedan Se. This car came with a clean title; however, it had significant issues with the transmission.
  • 1992 Dodge Caravan Cargo Base Fwd. This vehicle came without a clean title. However, the car did not have any issues. 

Who buys junk cars without a title in Pasco, WA?

In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

It is important to know that if you do not have a title, you will get a lower offer that when you have a title. Thus, we recommend all our customers to try and obtain a title replacement through their local DMV office.

If you are the legal owner of the car, visit your local DMV office at 1016 N 4th Avenue, Pasco, Washington, 99301. Check with them what type of paperwork is needed and how much is the required fee.

What are the next steps?

If you are ready to get cash for your junk car, give us a call at (773) 791-4363. Your instant offer is waiting for you!!