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Selling a Junk Car in Parkersburg: Get The Most Cash For Your Vehicle Today!

Selling a Junk Car in Parkersburg: Get The Most Cash For Your Vehicle Today!

Do you have a car sitting in your driveway that nobody ever uses? Perhaps it doesn’t run or can only be driven in an emergency. Not only does a junk car give your property a rather unsightly look, but it takes up valuable space that might be used for something else.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


What You Can do with Your Extra Space


Is your junk car taking up space in your garage? If so, you are wasting valuable space that can be used for a multitude of projects. You can always use your garage for parking a car that is actually functional and fun to drive. You can also use your garage for hobbies, fitness, and even profit.


You can eliminate clutter in your home if you store furniture you are not using or decor you have gotten tired of in your garage. It can be a  place to store seasonal items such as winter skis or summer lawn chairs when you are not using them. 


If you have always wanted a home gym, you can furnish your garage space with a treadmill, some free weights, and a mat or two. 


If one of your two kids wants their own room and you live in a two-bedroom house, you can turn your garage into an extra bedroom.


 Many people work from home nowadays and the garage is just far enough away from the house that you won’t be disturbed, but close enough that you can handle any emergencies.


The extra space can be used as a workshop or artist studio. It is a good place to practice playing instruments and you can’t have a garage band without a garage.


Monetize Your Space

If you think you don’t really need extra space for anything, think again. Your garage can earn you extra money. You can simply rent out the space for storage or turn it into a mother-in-law apartment. You can find a permanent renter or use it as a vacation rental on a website such as Airbnb. 

What to do with the Money

There are a few different things you can do to get rid of a junk car, and when you do, you will have extra money. You can buy a new car, or fix up an existing vehicle. You can save the money for an emergency or have an especially nice holiday season.


One thing you can do is stimulate the economy of Parkersburg.


Things to do in Parkersburg

Once a medical and transportation center during the American Civil War, Parkersburg became an industrial town in the 1950s. It is now the third-largest city in West Virginia. There are plenty of fun things to do in this historic town. 


Fort Boreman Park

This popular spot gives you a look at a real Civil War Fortification. The trenches are four feet deep and circle the top of a hill. It was a Union fort, designed to keep Confederate soldiers from attacking the railroad lines. The park is a pleasant place to take a stroll and learn some local history. It is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.


Blennerhassett Mansion

137 Juliana St, Parkersburg, WV 26101-5331

Located on Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park this Palladian-style mansion once belonged to Harman Blennerhassett a British lawyer and politician. He came to America to avoid taking part in an Irish Rebellion and to hide the fact that he was in an incestuous marriage. His home was once considered the most opulent in the American West.


The mansion once hosted elaborate parties and Arron Burr was often in attendance. Blennerhassett and Burr once stockpiled weapons in Parkersburg and plotted to start their own country and attack Washington, DC.


Although it was destroyed by fire, a replica was built. Today costumed actors lead tours of the famed domicile. You get to the park by taking an old fashion riverboat. 


Parkersburg, West Virginia is full of quaint antique stores where you can find everything from Appellation tools to Civil War memorabilia. If you prefer the great outdoors, you can always go birdwatching, There are over 250 species of birds in the area.

Touring can make you hungry and Parkersburg has a lot of great restaurants. Columbo’s is a 1950’s themed Italian diner located at 1236 7th St, Parkersburg, WV 26101. It is famous for its pizza and other Italian classics. 


The North End Tavern and Brewery located at 3500 Emerson Ave is a fun place to taste brews, eat bar food and talk with the locals. 


Where to Sell Your Junk Car

Once you have decided to get rid of your old car, you will have several options for selling it. Each option has a few drawbacks of which you should be aware. 

Trading in Your Vehicle

If you decide to buy a new vehicle, the dealership will normally offer you a trade-in amount for your old one. Be sure to know the Kelly Blue Book Value of your vehicle before you go into the showroom. You are unlikely to get the full value for a junk car, but it is good information to know when you are negotiating with a salesperson. 


A dealership is also likely to lowball you on a trade-in. They know that you are anxious to get your new vehicle and move on with your life. They may assume you will not want to take the time to sell your old car when you can just trade it in to them and be done with it.


In addition to looking up the Kelly Blue Book Value of your car, you may want to get an offer or two from independent buyers and let the dealership know what you have been offered.


A dealership may also offer you what seems like a very fair price for your automobile. If they do this remember to read your paperwork very carefully before you sign it. They are likely to tack the amount of the trade-in back onto the final price of the vehicle.

Filing an Insurance Claim 

West Virginia is a tort state when it comes to automobile accidents. That means that the person who caused an accident is responsible for its related bills. If your car was totaled as the result of an accident, you can file an insurance claim. Insurance should reimburse you for the value of the car right before the accident happened. 


It takes a long time to file a claim with an insurance company. They may deny the claim and they are likely to offer you less money than the vehicle is actually worth. If you do not agree with the amount of money they offer you, you will have to get a lawyer and sue them. This can take many months if not years.


Sell Your Old Car Online

There are several websites dedicated to auto sales. They will charge you a certain amount of money to list your car per month. If you sell your vehicle this way, you will have to compete against many other people and it may take months. You will have to take many hours out of your day to show the car and people that buy junk cars may offer you much less than the listed price.


Sell Your Car to Us

Cash Cars Buyers offers a hassle-free and profitable way to sell your car. We pay in cash an have a simple process. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle.


Simply fill out our form and wait a short period of time for us to call you back and make you an offer. The form asks for your contact information and the make, model VIN number, and year of your car. We are primarily interested in vehicles built after 2000.


Once we get your form, we will make you an offer. If you accept our offer, we will make an appointment with you to pick up the car. Our team member will arrive promptly, pay you in cash, and tow the car away for free. 


We May Not Need a Title

If you trade-in your car, file an insurance claim, or sell it, you will need the title. You can get the title replaced by the DMV. They will charge you a fee and take their time about sending it to you in the mail. 


We do not necessarily need the title. In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.


Our friendly staff of junk car experts is waiting to make you an offer, so give us a call today.