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Cash For Junk Cars Palmdale, CA – We Offer Same Day Pick Up! 

Cash For Junk Cars Palmdale, CA – We Offer Same Day Pick Up! 

Tired of looking for a junk car buyer for that rusted clunker in your driveway? Sick of calling junkyard after junkyard, only to be told what fees you’ll have to pay, once you junk your car? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We are Cash Cars Buyer, and we offer the most stellar car buying services to residents of Palmdale. Whether you live in 93510, 93543, 93550, 93551, 93552, 93591 or 93599, we can come to you fast – in some cases, the same day you call! 

Instead of hearing what a company can’t do, why not call Cash Cars Buyer and hear what we can do for you. 

From FREE junk car removal, to same-day service, you can count on Cash Cars Buyer for the service you need. 

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

When you’re on a mission to get rid of a junk car, it’s all about the convenience of finding a company who buys junk cars near you. As a junk car owner, you are ready to sell your car and move on with life. 

Lots of places will pay you the going rate for scrap steel based upon the weight of your car. Additionally, they will not take account that you have a top trim level. They will just see junk car, instead of the nice wheels, or the fact that it has great parts. You may even have an older car that still runs well. 

But Cash Cars Buyer will take everything about your car into account, as we work to give you a great deal on your car. And to top it all off, we pay in cash! 

You don’t have to wait for a check to clear or deposit a bank draft. We pay cash. 

You can find us all over the county, including Palmdale, CA. And to make the deal even sweeter, you never have to bring your car to us; we come to you. 

To get the process started, enter your car’s information for that instant offer. Once done, you can call us so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer on your car. 

So, for the time it takes to find a junk car buyer near you, you can take the friends in town or family for great times at Pelona Vista Park. But just don’t waste any time looking for a junk car buyer near you. You have Cash Cars Buyer, ready to buy your car FAST! 

We Buy Junk Cars – How It Works

We want to buy your car and to prove it, we’ll make it the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Check out how easy it is.


Enter your car’s information 

Take a few moments to enter your car’s specs. And be sure not to leave anything out. The more accurate your information, the more precise your offer. 

Call us so we can ask you a few questions 

Once you have your offer, be sure to call us so that we can ask you a few questions about your car. When we finish, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer on your vehicle. 

Accept your offer 

Like what you hear? Great. We will set up a time to come to your home and appraise your car. 

Get paid fast 

Once we arrive at your home, we will get busy inspecting your car. And when we are done and all is well, we will pay you cash fast. 

We Buy Broken Cars for Cash – How to Trade in A Run Down and Broken Car for Money

If you have a junk car, then it’s time that you consider selling it for cash. With Cash Cars Buyer, the process is easy, fast and convenient.  


We offer a fee free as well as hassle-free way for you to sell your old broken-down car.  And if you’re not sure if your car is a junk vehicle, then consider the following: a junk vehicle is a vehicle that costs too much to fix, beyond its value or the owner’s ability to pay. 


So, if you have a car that fits that definition, then there’s cash to be made from the sale of it. Just enter your broken-down vehicle’s information and get an instant offer, that you can turn into cool cash fast! 


And once we have all of the information about your car, be sure to call us for a guaranteed cash offer fast. 


Can I Get FREE Towing When I Junk A Car?

With Cash Cars Buyer you can. We offer FREE junk car removal, once we buy you vehicle.  Free towing may or may not be an option when you call around to sell your junk car. And if it is free, then chances are, you have to pay lots of fees. 

We at Cash Cars Buyer feel that free hauling of your junk car is essential. Why? Well when you are ready to get rid of a car, you don’t want to be strapped with the hassle and financial burden of removing it. We also feel that it allows our valued customers to reclaim their properties. 

500 for a Junk Car – Is this Possible? 

Looking for $500 for your junk car is possible, but you have to consider the value of your car. It’s good to have goals, but you want to be realistic about the value of your car. Some of the factors to consider as you look for your $500 for you junk car include: 

  • year, make and model 
  • trim, options and features 
  • status of title 
  • damage on the vehicle and where its located
  • location of the car and more. 

Ready to get an instant offer on your car? Click here and let us buy your car and give you cash, fast. 


Thinking of Selling Your Car’s Parts Online? 

Car for Parts Online

Looking to sell your car’s parts online? You basically have work to do, but it’s not hard. Check out these steps and see if it’s right for you. 

  1. Asses your car. See what works and what doesn’t. 
  2. Find out what parts are in good shape, fair shape and horrible shape. 
  3. Organize those parts and place them in groups. Focus on the group of parts you want to sell. 
  4. Take great photos of your car parts and list them on a website such as Craigslist, Facebook and even Instagram. 
  5. Write detailed descriptions of your car parts and wait for buyers to purchase them.

Selling a Car to A Junk Yard 

Junk yards are establishments that purchase vehicles in poor conditions for the price of scrap metal. In the past, they have been an integral part of the automobile ecosystem, as they provide a great service to local communities. 

But some junkyards have evolved into places that can be havens for scams, schemes and overall wrongdoings. 

Therefore, these days, it’s important for a junk car seller to do his or her homework before selling a car to a junkyard.

  • Know the approximate value of your car, so that you have an idea of its worth. You can visit the Kelley Blue Book for that information. 
  • Be sure that you have the current price of scrap metal
  • Never take the first offer that a junk yard owner gives you. Be willing to negotiate. 

Cash for Cars – Sell Us Your Junk Car with no Hidden Fees! 

I don’t have the title to my car. Will you still buy it? 

We sure will. In most cases, not having the title is not a problem. Therefore, we ask that you have both your car registration as well as your picture ID for the sale of your car. 

Will you buy my car even though it has no keys? 

We sure will. 

How Much Will We Pay for Your Vehicle?

We assess each vehicle individually. And when we do this, you are able to get the best possible offer. just get the process started with a no-obligation quote by clicking here


When Do I Get Paid?

We provide cash for your car the same day that we pick your junk car up. There’s no check, or bank draft- just cash. 


Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Absolutely not. We handle each stage of the process for you for free. No need to pay for paperwork, processing, research, towing or anything else. All is taken care of and you pay nothing. 


What’s the best place to sell my junk car online? 

Instead of posting pictures, writing a description and waiting on a buyer, you can sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer. 


We provide a safe and secure online experience for selling your car. All you have to do, is enter your car’s specs and get an instant quote. And when you do, call us so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer, after we ask you some questions. 


My car has frame as well as flood damage. Will you still buy it? 

We sure will. 


Where do I get that instant offer for my car? 

Click here! 


Why should I sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

    • You can get an instant offer on your car in a matter of minutes! Your instant offer takes the guesswork out of you knowing the value of your car.
    • Selling your car to us will cost you nothing. Our services are completely free to you! 
    • We offer personal service. We will come to your Palmdale, CA location, ready to inspect your car and offer you cash, FAST!   


  • Even if your car is sitting on bricks, has no keys or even has flood damage, we will still buy it! 
  • If you are missing the title to your car, we may still buy it. In many instances, not having the title is no problem. Just have your car registration as well as your picture ID, once you are ready to sell your car.
  • In many cases, we can come to you, the same day you call us. Generally, you will be paid between 24 and 72 hours. We work fast for you! 


Selling a car doesn’t have to take days, weeks or months. We are Cash Cars Buyer and we make selling a car quick, fast and convenient for you.