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Cash For Junk Cars, Ontario, CA – We Offer 24/7 Instant Quotes!

Cash Cars Buyer is here offering you stellar junk car buying services! Whether your car runs some of the time or not at all, you can count on us to buy it and offer you fair market value! 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

You can also count on FREE junk car removal, the opportunity to get an instant quote 24 hours a day, seven days a week and more! 

So, save the time to search a great place to eat in Ontario, CA because you no longer need a junk car buyer. You have one in Cash Cars Buyer! 

Sell Your Junk Car Fast – No Hidden Fees! 

Not only is your junk car taking up space on your property, but it is also an eyesore. So, why not sell it to a reputable company, ready to pay you cash fast? 

Cash Cars Buyer will not only buy your old clunker, but offer you fair market value. And to top it off, you never have to pay us anything to buy your car from you. 

There are no seen or hidden fees! We just want to buy your car in the fastest and most convenient way possible, for you. 

Cash for Cars – The Art of Selling a Junk Car Privately 

Looking to sell your car privately? Well you have to think like a car salesman. This means, you have to put your best foot forward, and think of your junk car as the prize. 

Check out some useful tips below: 

First, know your car’s value 

You can get an approximate value on your junk car by visiting the Kelley Blue Book website. Then, you have to price it accordingly. 

Have an idea what the current price of scrap is and weigh your car 

While in car sales person mode, be sure that you know the current price of scrap metal. This way, you can sell your car by its weight if you have to. And speaking of weight, be sure that you know the weight of your junk car. 

Assess your car 

Do you know what works on your car? Do you know what doesn’t?  As a junk car owner and while in car sales person mode, you have to know what works on your car. For example, if you have a bad starter, but a good working A/C unit, be sure you know that. You may end up selling your car for its parts. 

Get your car ready

Whether you are selling your car online, or in your driveway, you have to get the car ready. This may mean that you have to remove any personal belongings out of the car or even give it a good wash. Even though it’s a junk car, you have to make it as presentable as possible. 

Collect all of the paperwork 

When you are selling a car privately, you have to make sure that all of the paperwork is in order. And the most important document you need, is the vehicle title. Click here to learn more and what is needed to sell a car in California. 

Sell Damaged Car -FREE Towing 

Not only do you have a junk car, but it has the nerve not to run. No worries here. Cash Cars Buyer will purchase that non running vehicle in no time. And just as if it were a running vehicle, you are still entitled to an instant offer on it, in a matter of minutes. 

Once you like your instant offer, just call us at 844-663-7286 and allow us to ask you some additional questions about your car. And in a matter of minutes, we will come back with a guaranteed cash offer in no time. Like what you hear? Great. Let’s set up a time and day to come and perform an on-site appraisal of your vehicle. 

When we arrive, we will inspect your car, take on any last-minute questions you have, and then hand you the cash. And forget paying to have your car towed. We will happily handle that. 

“Maybe I can Junk My Car Online” 

Well you certainly have no shortage of places you can do so. Just keep a few things in mind: 

Posting a car ad online takes time 

If you have the time and energy to post an ad online, then that may be a viable option for you. Just remember, what you put into your ad, is what you’ll get out of it. So, if you just slap some stats and a picture or two, you may not get the response you want. But if you take the time to add quality photos and a detailed description, you may sell your car fast. 

Pictures and Description are key 

And speaking of photos, you have to have at least ten. And those photos should be followed by a description about your junk car. You cannot have these and try to sell a car online. 


When selling a car online, you have to remember that your car is not the only one being sold. There are similar cars like yours, for sale online. So, you have to be patient and allow the right buyer to come along at the right time. 


Depending on where you sell your car, you will have to pay to sell your car online. This may or may not cut into your bottom line, but lots of online marketplaces require payment upfront, or when you sell your car. 

We Buy Junk Cars – Sell Junk Car Easily 

Enter your car’s details 

Once you have all of the details about your junk car, enter all of them and obtain your instant offer. Just keep in mind the more information you offer, the better your offer will be.  Once you have your offer, be sure to all us at 844-663-7286 and allow us to make you a guaranteed cash offer after we ask you some additional questions. 

Accept your offer 

After you tell us that you love your guaranteed cash offer, we will ask your whereabouts in Ontario, CA so we can come to your location and appraise your car.  

Get paid fast 

Once we appraise your car and all is well, we will pay you cash, FAST. 

Local Junk Car Buyers Near Me 

That would be us, Cash Cars Buyer. We can come to your Ontario, CA home in a matter of days.  For some cases, we offer same-day appointments. But you will never have to wait weeks or months to have your car appraised and get paid.  

Our local Ontario, CA service areas include: 91710, 91743, 91758, 91761, 91762 and 91764. Ontario is home of Planes of Fame Air Museum, Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park and more. There is no place for a rusted, clunker and we’re here to help get rid of it fast. Obtain your instant offer and then call us. 844-663-7286. 

People That Buys Junk Cars – FAQ 

Do I need to have the title for my junk car? I cannot find it anywhere.

We buy cars with no title. In many cases, not having the vehicle title is not a problem. So, if you find that you are not able to obtain your duplicate car title, we just ask that you have your registration as well as picture ID once you are ready to sell your car. You can obtain an instant offer on your vehicle too. Just be sure to indicate that you don’t have the car title and know what your car is worth. 


Will you buy my car with all of the damage it has? 

We will. Just let us know where the damage is and get your instant offer. Once you have it, call 844-663-7286 and get your instant offer fast. 

How do I sell my car online? 

You can post photos, a description and then pay fees to sell your car. Or you can visit our website and sell your car with Cash Cars Buyer. Our site is user-friendly and you can get an instant offer any time of the day. 

What is my car worth? 

It depends on the condition of your junk car. Factors such as the year, make, and model, trim, location, weight, merit of car parts and more determine how much you will receive. But you can also get an instant quote on your car with the information you provide. 

And you will come to me? I don’t have to bring my car to you? 

No, you don’t. We are local to Ontario, CA and we are happy to come to you, after you accept our guaranteed cash offer. 

What fees do you charge? 

No fees here. You never have to pay us anything to sell your car. 


Sell Your Junk Car to Cash Cars Buyer Today 

Selling a car online can be time consuming. You also have do hand out your personal information for a bunch of strangers to call and contact you. 

Selling on an online marketplace can be expensive. 

And selling your car to a junkyard may leave you feeling scammed.  

So, why not sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer? You can get an instant quote on your vehicle at any time and we can pick up your car as well as pay you fast. Sometimes, we can pay you the same day you call. 

So, avoid all of that- hassle and spend a few minutes getting an instant offer. Then call Cash Cars Buyer to sell your car quickly-. give you a quote then and there. Call 844-663-7286. 


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