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Get a Great Deal For Your Junk Car When Selling It For Cash in Olathe, KS

Get a Great Deal For Your Junk Car When Selling It For Cash in Olathe, KS

If you have been waiting and wanting to sell your junk car in Olathe, KS, now is the time to start really considering and thinking about what you’re going to do with it – and when. There are so many options when it comes to selling a junk car, but as you let time go on, you could be losing a lot of money if the car sits and starts to break down, exposed to the elements and the heat in Kansas. Instead, keep reading to figure out how we can get you the most cash for junk cars in Olathe, Kansas. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The traditional method of getting rid of a junk car is to call up the local scrap yard in Olathe and see when – or if – they are available to meet with you. You will have to take ample time out of your day, schedule around their times, or have to go on the weekend to see them – and you always have to go to their junk yard, they will never come to you. 

If they actually do want to buy your junk car, then you have to consider how you’re going to get it to them if it’s not able to drive or a non-running vehicle. If you need to tow it, that’s going to come out of your own pocket, since tow companies will pay huge sums for a car to be towed all the way across town.

There are other options like posting an ad on classified websites that people use to sell new and gently-used items, like eBay Motors or Craigslist. You don’t have to go anywhere to do this method, but you need to be aware that a Craigslist ad could sit for days and even weeks before you get a reply – and this reply might just be wasting your time. 

It’s also very likely that if someone does reply they’re going to try to haggle you down to a lower price. People seem to think they can always get a lower price if they use online services, so be prepared to get about half of what you originally thought for your car. 

A number of results for junk car buyers in Olathe will show up when you Google who pays cash for junk cars near me. You might even see the tens of pages on this search engine, showing millions of results in fact, but how do you search through all of those in one lifetime? 

Right, it’s basically impossible – especially if you were planning to visit some of them. Most of them are nearly identical to each other and they may not all be trustworthy – they will use bait and switch tactics to get you to agree to one offer, and then switch it after you already arrived at their place of business.

Instead, Cash Cars Buyer can provide you with an instant offer online in just minutes – and we will never change it throughout the process. Don’t worry about agreeing to one price for your junk car and then being forced to accept something much lower – we keep our word.

Cash Cars Buyer offers you the fastest, easiest, and most professional service in the best offer for your junk car or non running vehicle. When you make a deal with us, you can quickly get back to enjoying your fun life in Olathe, KS!

Make the Most Of Your Time and Life In Olathe, KS!

Olathe is the county seat of Johnson County, the most populated county in the state of Kansas, containing mostly suburban housing and suburbs in Kansas City, MO. Olathe is the fourth most populated city in the entire Kansas City Metro area and the state of Kansas, with a population of around 140,000 people as of hte 2019 estimate – and it surely has grown since then!

Olathe was first founded by Dr. John Barton in 1857when he rode to the center of Johnson County and decided to create a town. It was officially incorporated that same year, and was named the county seat just 2 years later in 1859.

In the next century, the town remained resilient to changes, growing in the 1950s after the construction of the Interstate Highway system and I-35 to Kansas City. This resulted in a huge residential growth since Olathe was now included in the Kansas City metro area. 

In the 21st century now, Olathe was the 24th-fastest growing city in the nation in 2008, and was ranked in the top 12 of the best places to live in the US according to Money magazine.

When things are serious and you are working during the week, that is you taking care of your responsibilities and being a professional for yourself, your job, and your family. You work hard to make money, to take care of your kids, and to do what you need to do to survive. But when the workday is over you want to enjoy your time off in the evening to spend with your family and friends, and your weekends should be used for relaxing and having fun in Olathe.

What you don’t want to be doing with the little spare time you have is searching through endless Google results looking for the perfect junk car buyer. Similarly, when the weekend finally rolls around, do you want to spend all day driving from scrap dealer to junk car dealer? Or, would you rather have fun with the family in the historic section of the city? Or take your dog for a walk in the nice Kansas weather?

The choice is pretty clear and apparent. That’s why Cash Cars Buyer is going to be your best option for selling your junk car – in the entire state of Kansas. We’re not looking to waste any of your time, which is why we work so hard.

When you use our online junk car accessor tool, it is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever is most convenient with your schedule. We work with your time, not the other way around. We’ll also be able to pay you cash within 24 hours. How do we come up with the best deal, you ask? Take a look at our process!

Our Junk Car Value Process In Olathe, KS

Cash Cars Buyer is going to offer you so much more than the competition for your junk car or non running vehicle. While they only offer $200 to $400 on average, we will be able to offer up to $500 depending on the condition and the description and make of your car. In many cases, this offer can actually be much more. This is how we come to the final offer we will make for your car.

  • The value of scrap is a great place to start in determining what your car is going to be worth when you sell it as a junker – either to us, a dealership, or a junkyard. Head to this website and you’ll see what scrap is worth currently. Just like other metals that you can buy, scrap has a value that you can check from day-to-day.
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle is what any business that deals with cars will ask you about your vehicle – it is the most basic info that dealerships and junk car buyers absolutely need to know before they can give you any sort of price. 
    • This is the same basic information that you must input into our online junk car tool once you start the process of selling your junk car with us. There is no easier or simpler way to get a basic idea of a car’s value than knowing this information.
  • The trim level of your vehicle is also a very important thing for us to know. The higher trim levels are worth much more in terms of value for your junk car than the lower trim levels – even with the same model. Just because you are selling your car as a junker, if it is a higher trim level, that will mean a better offer for you in the end.
  • The condition of your vehicle is crucial for determining the offer that we’re going to make on your junk car. As you might imagine, a vehicle that has been in a bad accident and no longer runs properly will not be worth as much as one that is in good condition, still operational, and only contains superficial damage.
  • Rare vehicles usually have a higher value than some more common ones. Because rare vehicles are always in such high demand, their parts could earn you a better offer than more common vehicles.


These are the basic specs and info we take into consideration when coming up with a deal for your own vehicle. Once we’re ready to go ahead with the sale, you may be wondering about how your car’s title will factor into everything.

Missing A Title? No Worries!


No title? No problem. In most cases, we can junk your car without a title if you have your driver’s license and registration. It’s that easy!

After you decide to use us, just give us a call – we offer FREE junk car removal in 66051, 66061, 66062, and 66063!