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Where to Sell My Junk Car in Nicholasville, KY

Where to Sell My Junk Car in Nicholasville, KY

Is there anything worse than having an old car that barely runs break down on you while you are driving it? It isn’t worth getting it fixed and you may not be able to get much for a trade-in, so it just sits there in your garage or in your driveway. It is a useless eyesore at best and an embarrassing problem to have on your property.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Who buys junk cars?


Cash Cars Buyers will be happy to take the car off your hands. We will tow it away for free and pay you in cash. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. We recognize that you have a choice when selling your junk car and we feel sure that once you think about each one, you will find that we are the best option. 


Sell Your Car Online

When you Googled, “places that buy non-running cars,” you probably came up with a list of websites on which to sell your car. These sites will allow you to list your car for what seems like a reasonable fee. The reason these sites charge by the month is that it may take months to sell your car.


If you advertise on one of these sites, you will compete with hundreds of other people. The only people who will be interested in a junk car are independent mechanics. We can give you more money than other junkyards and an amateur mechanic is likely not to want your whole car, but just one or two of its parts.


When you finally do get an interested party, you will have to arrange for a time to show the car. You may have to show it several times before selling it and the buyer may not want to pay for towing. They may offer you less money than you originally wanted because they know you are anxious to get the old car off your hands.


Selling a car online can also be dangerous. Many murderers and robbers have found their victims on billboards such as Craigslist and Backpage. If you sell your car this way have someone with you or meet them at a neutral location.


Donate Your Car

There are several different charitable organizations that will tow your junk car away, sell it to a junkyard, and keep the profits. They will provide you with a receipt for your taxes. Although it is a good idea to give to charity, donating a car to a not-for-profit may not be the best way to support them.


Charitable organizations are often understaffed and those who do work there are often underpaid or volunteers. It may take them quite a while to remove your car and even longer to get you the receipt. You will also have to wait until tax time to get your write off.


If you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyers, we will give you your money right away. Once you have your cash in hand, you can give as much as you want to the charity of your choice. They will still give you a receipt for your taxes.


Use Your Car as a Trade-In

If you are interested in getting a new car, the dealership is likely to offer you a trade-in allowance for an old automobile. If you use your junk car for this trade-in, they are unlikely to give you much of a discount. They will rely on you to be too lazy to do your research and find out how much your car is worth.


A car salesperson may also give you a good amount for your trade-in. Just make sure to read the itemized price of your new car before accepting their offer. They are likely to tack the amount of the trade-in right back onto the cost of the new car.


Before you go into a dealership, make sure to call us to find out what your car is really worth. Do not tell them that you have a car to trade in until you get your final price. This will force them to tell you what their real offer is for your old vehicle.


A Word About the Pink Slip

If you do not have the title to your car you will not be able to sell it, donate it or trade it in. You will have to go to the DMV to get a new one. They will charge you a fee and make you wait for it to arrive in the mail.


Cash Cars Buyers may not need the title. In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.


Once you get your money, you can use it to take a staycation in the fabulous town of Nicholasville. You will find much to see and do in this historic place. 


Things to do in Nicholasville

Established in 1837, the town continues to grow today. You will find museums natural areas and festivals to take advantage of in the area. 


Lake Mingo Park

This beautiful park features several walking trails where you can get some exercise and see birds that are indigenous to The Bluegrass State. There is a lake that is a serene place to relax and have a picnic. 


The park also features a basketball court and a nine-hole disc golf course where you can put together a family game. If your kids have skateboards there is a skate park here.


Movie Tavern

150 Langley Dr, Nicholasville, KY 40356


This is a great place to see a film, a drink and a meal all at once. The theater features both new and classic flicks. The theater also offers live entertainment such as opera, musicals, and even ballet.


There is a food court here where you can get a thin crust pizza, pub food, or eat in a 50s themed diner. You can eat your food in the restaurant or in the theater itself. It is one of Nicholasville’s most popular spots.

The Kentucky Wine and Vine Fest

1397 Shun Pike in Nicholasville, KY

This annual celebration features some of the best vino in the state of Kentucky. Although it may be famous for its bourbon, the state’s farmers also grow some fine grapes. 


Enjoy a red and white flight while you munch on a snack from a local eatery or two. The event takes place in August and there are always local musicians here to entertain the crowds.


Things to do With Your Garage

When you get your car towed away, you will have a free space in your home that is just full of possibilities. You can use it as a place for work, a space for hobbies, or an extra room that can make you money.


Make an Art, Music or Dance Studio 

If you have a hobby that is challenging to practice in your house, the garage can be a place to enjoy that hobby without disturbing anyone else. You can paint, sculpt, or play music to your heart’s content in a garage studio. 


If you like to paint, you can put down a drop cloth and set up an easel in your garage, No one will be bothered by the mess. If you want to learn an instrument, you can soundproof the garage with some mattress pads and practice until you are good enough to play in front of people.


If you need some room to practice your pirouettes or the foxtrot, you can clear everything out of the garage and dance there. If you prefer a type of exercise that requires less coordination, you can buy a treadmill and some free weights and build a home gym.


Turn the Garage Into a Bedroom

The garage makes for an ideal place to put an extra bedroom. If you could use some extra money every month you can rent that bedroom out to a roommate. Rooms with private entrances can fetch a good price.


 If you can add a kitchen and a bathroom, you can rent the space out as a mother-in-law apartment. You do not have to deal with a lease, you can always go through a service like Airbnb.


Selling Your Junk Car to Us 

When you decide to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyers, you will just fill out a simple form and wait for our call. Just go to our website and fill out your contact information and some information about the vehicle. We will need the make, model, year, and VIN number of your car.


We will call you back right away with an offer. If you accept the offer we will come to your home, perform a quick inspection, pay you in cash, and tow the car away. It is really just that easy.