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Cash For Junk Cars Montgomery, AL – FREE Junk Car Removal and NO Fees! 

Cash For Junk Cars Montgomery, AL – FREE Junk Car Removal and NO Fees! 

You have a junk car problem and need a solution. Spending days looking for a junk car buyer near you, or who has services that are free and easy for you has been stressful. You come up short. Until now. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

For that junk car problem, you have, Cash Cars Buyer is your only solution. We offer a quick, fast and convenient way for you to junk your car.  Our local service areas include: 36135, 36123, 36109 and surrounding communities in Montgomery. From Cottage Hill and Windwood, to Green Acres and Forest Park, we will come to your Montgomery, AL location to appraise your car and pay you cash, FAST. 

You can obtain your instant offer. And when you do, you can be on the road to getting rid of that rusted clunker fast.

How to sell a Car in Alabama

Thinking of selling your car privately? Here in Alabama, your vehicle title is of the utmost importance for every car owner. This document shows ownership of the vehicle. Once you decide to transfer ownership of your car, you must then sign the title over to the other person or the new buyer. Click here for additional tasks that car owners need to take care of, to sell a car successfully. 


“I damaged my vehicle title” 

In most cases, not having the car title, is not a problem. You can take comfort in the fact that we buy cars without the title.


So, if you find that you damaged your car title, or you lost it, you can have both your car registration as well as ID for the sale of your car. You can also call us for any additional questions you have. 


How to Sell My Old and Junk Car Online

Selling a car online is one of the fastest ways to sell a car. Whether you have a high-quality older car, or a wrecked, totaled and trash car to sell, you can find a buyer for it. 

For scrap cars, you may attempt to sell your vehicle on classified sites like Craigslist or create an ad for Facebook Marketplace. But most people shopping on Craigslist generally are looking for a car that is drivable, not a “fixer-upper” or a clunker.

You will also find that junk car buyers online aren’t as concerned with your car’s condition. They may want your car for a variety of reasons. They may decide to buy the vehicle, repair it and then resell it.  And to make money, they will offer you a very low price for your car. 

Another unfortunate fact is that, many scrap car buyers you come across are notorious for being dishonest. Choosing the right buyer will make all the difference. That’s why Cash Cars Buyer is honest, straightforward and trustworthy. Consider us the transparent and upright junk car buyers for you. We will work our stellar methods and processes to get you money for your clunker FAST. Ready to get started? Just enter your car’s details here and get an instant offer on your junk car NOW. 

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

When trying to find the best offer for your car from a junkyard or junk car buyer, it will take some time. And you have to ask the right questions, to get the service you want. For a junkyard, you may find that they are close, but will add lots of fees to your bottom line. 


From the sale of your junk car, you will find that you made very little money. 

Lots of places will pay you the going rate for scrap steel based on your car’s weight. And because they are looking for a profit, you may be getting the short end of the stick. 


Cash Cars Buyer is here to not only offer you stellar car buying services, but we are the trusted junk car buyers near you. Allow us to make you an offer, and then come to your Montgomery, AL location to inspect your car and then pay you cash. 


Cash for Scrap Cars – How Does it Work? 

Enter your car’s specs 

Enter all of the details of your vehicle. Be sure to include the year, make and model. And the more precise your information, the better your offer will be.  Like what you see? Great. Call us. 

When you call, we will ask you some questions 

Once you have that instant offer, we invite you to call us so that we can ask you some questions about your car. When we complete our conversation, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer on your car. 

Accept your offer and get paid 

Once you have your guaranteed cash offer and you like it, we will ask what is a good day and time for you to have your car inspected. 

We will arrive to your location, ready to go to work. We will examine your car, take on any last-minute questions and then pay you on the spot. 

Get Paid Cash for Your Scrap Car Within Days 

When we say that we waste no time in junking your car, we mean it. You can sell us your car and get paid cash in a matter of days. In some cases, we offer same day pick up and pay. 

At Cash Cars Buyer, we offer a unique salvage value calculator that instantly determines the value of your wrecked car beforehand. Additionally, this pricing tool is free and you’re never under any obligations whatsoever to accept your offer. We will take care of the selling process, which includes value determination appraisal and pickup. 

Selling a car for parts- which ones are great “money makers”?  

Thinking of selling your car for parts and looking for a great payout? Check out some of the most profitable parts of a car. 

AC Unit 

If you have an air conditioning unit in good working condition, you can get a great amount of money for it. Additionally, a good and quality air conditioning system can make you some great bucks if you sell the more valuable parts separately. For example, you can sell your compressor as it has high value. You may also find great money in the AC’s condenser may also be of value. Potential buyers for your AC include repair shops, private auto mechanics, recycling agents and more. 

Seats and Doors 

Even though your car is a junk car, you may still have great seats and doors. Those can fetch a pretty penny. You will be able to name your price for them. Lots of private buyers are in the market for seats and doors. 

Starter and Alternator 

A great pair of parts that can go for big bucks if they are in working order are the starter and alternator of your car. Their value lies in the copper wiring inside their steel compartments. 

Catalytic converter

Your car’s catalytic converter uses very expensive metals like palladium, platinum and rhodium. Some of the potential buyers for a catalytic converter include auto dealers, muffler shops, private mechanics and recycling agents.  


Tires and Wheels 

The tires and wheels on your old ride can certainly be sold separately to make you a few extra dollars. These parts are also very easy to remove from your car. Depending on their condition and their demand, you could see hundreds of dollars for these parts. 


Audio System 

If your car audio system is still in good condition, you can get some cash for it. An aftermarket system that can be installed into a variety of vehicles and will have more mass appeal during its sale. Potential customers include auto parts managers, Craigslist buyers and auto recycling agents. 

Sell your junk car fast – FAQ 

Will you buy my car with missing tires and rims? 

We sure will. 

Do you have to have a car title to sell your car title to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

In most cases, not having the title is not an issue. We do buy cars with no title. So, we ask that you have both your car registration as well as ID for the sale of your car. 

What do you charge for towing? 

You never have to pay anything to have your car towed, once we buy it. 

And are there any fees for paperwork, processing and research? 

Never. You never have to pay us anything, ever. 

How soon can you come and get my car and I get paid? 

Once you accept your offer, we can schedule a time and day to come to your home, right there on the phone. In some cases, we offer same-day pick up and payouts. Generally, it takes up to 72 hours for us to come to your home, inspect your car and pay you cash. 

What’s the best way to selling a car online? 

We offer the most stress-free and hassle-free way to sell your car online. While others are posting pics, writing descriptions and leaving phone numbers at the bottom of ads to sell a car, we don’t. Just click here to obtain your instant offer and connect with us so we can pay you cash for your clunker, fast! 

Just click here to get your instant offer and then begin the road to getting rid of that clunker, FAST.