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Selling Your Junk Car in Mauldin, South Carolina

Selling Your Junk Car in Mauldin, South Carolina

Do you have a junk car taking up space on your property in Mauldin, South Carolina? Have you been having trouble figuring out what the best way to sell it for the most money is? You definitely have a lot of options from trying a private sale on Craigslist, to maybe giving CarMax a look, to the many scrap dealers and salvage yards he probably found when you Googled us.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


At Cash Cars Buyer you can get an instant offer for up to $500 in cash using our online tool whenever is most convenient for you. There's no need to schedule an appointment to come see us, you don't need to worry about hidden fees or paying to have your car towed to our property. 


Those are just a few of the benefits of choosing us when you want to sell your junk car. We've been at this business for over 10 years now so we think we're able to offer you some of the best customer service that you're going to find, not to mention the best offer for your junk car that you're going to get.


If you want to know what sets us apart from the competition, and why we feel that we are truly the best in the business when it comes to buying junk cars, just take a look at what we have to offer. 

Get an Instant, Stress-Free Offer in Mauldin


How do you like to spend your free time in Mauldin? During the week you're probably putting in the hours at a place like Caristrap International or Mount Vernon Mills. When you get time off you really don't want to be stressing yourself out with scheduling appointments at salvage yards, or even trying to research the best place to sell your junk car.


In your down time we know you'd rather head over to Frankie's of Greenville or spend an afternoon at Lake Jocassee. Maybe you want to grab some ribs at Mutts BBQ or one of those big burritos at Tequilana. Heck, even if you just want to stay home with a sandwich and some Netflix, it’s better than wasting time and money paying to have your car towed to a scrap yard, right?


That's why we do our best to work with your schedule. When you sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, you can get an instant offer using our online tool. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you don't need to schedule time off work to come see us or waste your weekend when you could be doing something better. 


We can offer you up to $500 or more for your junk car. You'll get cash in hand within 24 hours. You’re probably not going to get a deal like that from our competition. Let's show you why.


Get up to a $500 Instant Cash Offer


Most scrap yards and salvage dealers are probably going to offer you somewhere between $200 and $400 for your junk car. We know this because we've been in the business for over 10 years and have a pretty good idea of how everyone operates. That’s how we know we are going to give you the best deal. Want to know how we come up with the number that we offer you? Let's break it down.


  • Before accepting an offer from anyone, the first thing we recommend you check out up-to-date scrap values on this website. This will let you know at the bare minimum what your junk car is worth. If someone offers you less than this, you're being lowballed.

  • With our online tool, you can let us know the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This is the most important information in determining the car's value. That's why Kelley Blue Book uses information like this to estimate a car's value. It’s the best way to get a ballpark figure.

  • Once the make and model of the car has been established, we can look at your trim level. As you know, trim levels go from the most basic models all the way up to the highest trim levels which are full of a lot of valuable features and options. If you have a high trim level vehicle with a lot of functioning features, that's going to increase its value over all as a junker.

  • The condition that your car is in will also affect your value. If the car is still drivable or has functioning parts, it's going to have more value. If you were in a bad accident, and there's a lot of damage then you may not be able to get as much.

  • There are some cases when a very rare car will be of greater value. It's hard to find parts for rare cars, so if your rare vehicle still has usable parts that can be salvaged, that's going to be worth more to someone who drives the same vehicle and we'll put more money in your pocket.

  • Don't worry if you're not driving a rare car though. Sometimes just having a very popular model can work in your favour. The more people who drive the same model means that the parts could still be in high demand.

  • Lastly, your car's title is an integral part to selling a vehicle in most cases. The title is the legal document that proves ownership, and without it a sale is usually impossible. But that's not always the case.


No Title? No Problem!


Usually, for most sales to go through, the title needs to change hands. Car sales are often not legal without this document because it is what legally proves your ownership of the vehicle. That said, sometimes life gets in the way of things and it's possible you no longer have the title to your car.


We've all had that experience of losing important documents, or maybe they were even destroyed when the basement flooded or something like that. Whatever the reason, if you don't have your title any longer you have a couple of options here.


If you need to get a new title for your vehicle, you'll probably have to head over to the DMV in Greenville, and fill out some paperwork. They'll send you a duplicate title and it'll likely show up in a few weeks in the mail.


Fortunately, when you're selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we don't always need the title for this deal to go through. In many cases, if you have a driver's license and the vehicle's registration, we can still make this happen. It's all part of how we want to make this as stress-free and convenient for you as possible. That's just one of the many benefits. Take a look. 


The Benefits of Using Our Online Tool to Get an Instant Offer


How did you find us on the internet? Most people find us when they Google something like “who pays top dollar for junk cars near Mauldin, South Carolina.” At the same time, you probably found thousands of other results that all look very similar. So, what makes us stand out from the crowd? It's the way we do business.


  1. We invite you to check out the value of scrap before you accept an offer from us or anyone. That way you'll know at a bare minimum exactly what your car is worth. We want this deal to be good for you and for us, so that's why we always offer fair prices.

  2. Our online tool is easy and convenient to use from the privacy of your own home. That means we're working with your schedule, and no one even has to know you're selling your car, or what kind of offer we made you.

  3. You may not have thought of this but selling your junk car to us is actually very good for the environment. Well over 50% of a car is able to be recycled, and we're able to dispose of all those dangerous fluids like used motor oil and transmission fluid that are in your car. It's cash in your pocket and helps save the planet.

  4. Because we're local to the Mauldin area, you never need to worry about going out of your way to come see us. We're able to come to your home and pick up your junk car once we've made a deal. That means there's no towing fees to get it off your property, because we'll do it for free.

  5. When you use our online tool to get your instant offer for up to $500 in cash we are able to pay you within 24 hours. And that's cash in hand, no waiting for checks to clear, no waiting for online payments to process. 


We're all about making this transaction as easy and convenient for you as possible. Our 10 years experience in this business so show us that there's no need to make this an ordeal, or something that's going to be stressful for you.


Whether you live in 29607, 29662, or 29681 we can come to you anywhere in Malden to tow your car away for your free of charge, and get you cash in hand within 24 hours. This is why we're confident that we're better than the competition when it comes to selling junk cars, and we're going to give you the best deal that you're going to find anywhere.