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Do you own an old clunker sitting in your driveway collecting rust and dust? Did you try to sell it using classified websites and found the process frustrating? Did you think about selling your car as junk? Whatever your situation is, we are here to help you!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Car Buyer pays the most cash for junk cars in Maricopa, AZ. We guarantee to buy your car despite its type or condition, and we value all vehicles. We do not only pay the most cash for your car but also we offer FREE towing for all our customers despite their living location. 

We will take care of all the hassle, and you do not need to waste your precious time! With Cash Car Buyer, you don't need to worry about creating and monitoring ads on Craigslist or eBay Motor. You don't need to spend a lot of time replying to frustrating messages. You don't need to worry about strangers coming to your private property, checking your car.

Our process is super straightforward! All that you need is to let us know about your car's type and condition, accept our instant offer, get your car removed within one to three days, and finally, receive your cash payment right on the spot!

We pay cash for junk cars in Maricopa, along with FREE pickup!

  • We buy all cars, SUVs, trucks, and any unwanted vehicle in Maricopa AZ
  • We offer FREE towing for all customers despite their living location
  • We are one of the top-rated junk car buyers in Maricopa AZ
  • We offer cash payments right on the spot, up to $19,000!

Maricopa, Arizona


The City of Maricopa is located in Gila River Valley, Arizona, United States. The city has a total area of 42.9 square miles.

According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, Maricopa has a total population of 50,024. This total had increased significantly after the year 2005 when only 1,600 people were living in the city. People recommend living in Maricopa for families with children for the great school system and the beautiful town feeling.

Like most of Arizona's cities, Maricopa has very sweltering summers and very cold winters. Over the year, temperature ranges from 31 F to 111 F.

Maricopa is a city that grew rapidly from a small town to a large beautiful urban area. There are many places to visit in Maricopa including:

  • The Arizona Soaring
  • The Ak-Chin Him-Dak Eco-Museum
  • The Copper Sky Recreation Complex
  • The Wild Horse Pass Casino
  • The Dwarf Car Museum
  • The Koli Equestrian Center

We will buy your car despite its condition! We buy junk cars in Maricopa, AZ!


If you are wondering what type of cars we buy, the answer is we buy all cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, minivans, and simply any unwanted car. Being a junk car buyer, we expect cars involved in accidents, completely damaged vehicles in flood or fire, junk cars that do not work anymore, and wrecked, broken, rusted vehicles.

At Cash Car Buyer, every vehicle has value. This doesn't mean that we do not buy good cars. We also buy perfectly running pristine cars of any type.

Therefore, do not hesitate to call us because you're shy that your car is not in perfect condition. We guarantee that we buy anything you do not need.

Sell your junk car to us today. We will offer you the maximum cash for your junk car that reflects its true value in Maricopa, AZ. Our offers are based on an intensive review of the most recent purchases around the city. Thus, you don't need to look beyond Cash Car Buyer. 

That's not everything. Our company provides free towing for all our customers despite their living address around Maricopa, AZ. We don't have any hidden fees that will surprise you at the pickup time. Our offers represent the actual exact amount of cash you will receive at the pickup time. 

Finally, we do not change our offers. Our company has the greatest reputation among all competitors in Maricopa, AZ. We will never change our offer at the pickup time, as most other junk car removal companies do. We keep our word to gain the highest customer satisfaction. If you check our customer's reviews, you will find that we maintain five stars reviews with our great effort to accomplish this.

How does our process work in Maricopa, AZ!


At Cash Car Buyer, selling your junk car is an effortless process. All that you need to do is to provide us with your car's information, accept our offer, get your car removed, and receive your cash payment. Here is a more detailed breakdown of our process


  • Describe your car



To kick off the process, you need to give us a call and describe your car. We will need to know what is your car's make, model, and year. We will also need to know what is your car's condition. Whether your car has a title or not. Some of the questions we might ask you include:

    • Does your car start?
    • Is the car missing any important parts?
    • Does the transmission or the engine have major problems?
    • Was the car involved in an accident or a fire?


  • Accept our offer



Once you provide the car's information, you will receive an instant offer that reflects the true value of your car in Maricopa, AZ. Then, you have the option to accept it or reject it. If you decided to go with our offer, you would be connected with our local junk car removal representatives to schedule a pickup time and location.



  • Get your car removed and receive your cash payment



Our local junk car removal representative will arrive at the exact time and location you agreed on. He will pick up your car safely, and hand you your cash payment right on the spot.

It is important to make sure that you remove all your personal belongings from the car. You need to make sure that you removed the vehicle's plates because you will need them to cancel your registration at your local DMV office.  

How much cash can I get for my junk car in Maricopa, AZ?

Junk car's price varies by car's type, condition, and price of scrap metal. In general, expect to get paid between $100 and $19,000. Maricopa's average junk car's price is about $320.

Your car's type is one of the most important factors affecting your final offer. This is because junk car buyers care the most about the amount of metal in your car. That's why you will get a higher offer when selling a large SUV like Chevy Suburban as compared to selling a small car like Volkswagen.

The car's condition is the second major factor affecting the final junk car offer. You will receive a higher offer when selling a pristine car than selling a completely damaged car in a flood or a fire.

Lastly, the price of scrap metal can also affect your final offer. This is because junk car buyers make their most money by selling your junk car as scrap metal.

If you would like to see actual numbers and values by car's type, here is an example list of our most recent purchases around Maricopa, AZ:

  • 2011 Chevrolet impala. We purchased this car for $210
  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz 3500. We purchased this car for $586
  • 2008 Kia Rondo. We purchased this car for $100
  • 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid. We purchased this car for $450
  • 2007 Chevrolet Malibu. We purchased this car for $310
  • 2006 Hyundai Tucson. We purchased this car for $215
  • 2005 Nissan Quest. We purchased this car for $230

We buy junk cars without titles in Maricopa, AZ!

One of the most common questions we receive all the time is: “Who buys junk cars without a title?”

Your junk car's title is a supercritical document that can affect how much cash you will get for your car. in some situations, many junk car removal companies won't accept your car if it does not have a title. Luckily, at Cash Car Buyer, we can still help you!

In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

While we can help you with cars without titles, we recommend you get a title replacement from your local DMV office. 

If you are the legal owner of the car, you should not have any problem obtaining a new title. Just visit your local DMV at 50 South Beck Ave., Chandler, Arizona, 85226. They will request some paperwork to prove ownership, along with a small fee. 

I am sold, where should I start?

Glad that you are ready to sell your junk car. Don't overthink the process; just give us a call at (773) 791-4363 and get your instant offer. It is FREE!