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You’ve lived with that non-running car long enough here in Lafayette, IN. The time has come to let it go. Thankfully, we’re in the junk car buying business! We’re Cash Cars Buyers and we buy cars of any make and model right here in Lafayette, IN!  We would love to get you the cash you need for that junk car.  Whether you live in the 47901, 47902, 47903, 47904, 47905 or 47909 zip codes, we will offer you top dollar for your jalopy! We offer cash for junk cars!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

cash for junk cars in Lafayette IN

I Want to Sell My Lafayette, IN Car

Before you begin the sale of your car here in Lafayette, IN, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has some rules and regulations you must follow. First, you must provide a bill of sale. This document shows ownership of the car. Next, you will have to submit a Condition of Disclosure of the Car document. Indiana laws require submitting this written application that discloses the condition of the car. Being honest and ethical about your car will help with any and all junk car sales. Finally, you will have to have the car’s original title. The car’s title is the most important out of the three.

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No Car title? No problem! We buy cars with no car title! Picture Credit: YouTube

I Can’t Find the Title to My Car!

If you are unable to find your car’s title, you can go to the BMV and request a duplicate car title. Once you have the duplicate title, you’ll see the word “DUPLICATE” on its face. Having a duplicate car title also makes the original title null and void. It’s important to remember that an Indiana car owner can’t have both the original car title in one hand, and the duplicate in another.

We here at Cash Cars Buyer want the process of selling your junk car to be an easy, quick and convenient one. We work within the laws Indiana implements, while working with you as the car owner. Having your Indiana car title as well as all other documents protects you as the owner.

Is My Lafayette, IN Car A Junk Car?

Maybe that harsh Lafayette, IN winter with that lake effect snow, did a number on your car. Now, it won’t start. You may have a junk car. Or, maybe you have some body damage because hit you Your car could be a junk car. So, what makes a car a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that cost more to fix, than the owner can pay. A junk car is also a car that more to repair, than its worth.

cash for junk cars in Lafayette IN

I Can Sell My Junk Car on Lafayette, IN Craigslist

You always have the option of selling your car online, but it requires lots of work. First, you have to take some pretty glorious pics. Next, you’ll have to write a killer description. Your words will have to be answers to the questions potential buyers have. Then, you not only have to post your ad to the Lafayette, IN Craigslist site, but you’ll have to post it to other sites. A word of caution here: scammers are everywhere and the online marketplace is no exception. Your “scam-dar” always has to be working. Some folks make it a full-time job swindling others. So, be careful. We here at Cash Cars Buyer take away the work needed to sell your car online! Our process is quick, easy and convenient.

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What are Some Good Reasons to Junk My Car Besides the Cash?

Besides the cash you’ll get from junking your car, there are some other benefits.

  1. You’ll create more space on your property. Once your junk car is removed, you will have a chance to enjoy your yard or driveway. Who wants his/her view of the backyard to be of a junk car?
  2. You’ll save money. The city of Lafayette and West Lafayette have no love for abandoned cars. So, once your abandoned car is reported, it will be traced back to you. This could cost you lots of money in fines, citations and court costs.
  3. It will be towed for free. Cash Cars Buyer will not only purchase your car, but remove it at no cost to you!
  4. You will be helping our environment. Junk cars can emit toxic chemicals. Those toxic chemicals can seep into the ground. Now, with those chemicals in the ground, there is a risk the Lafayette, IN water supply could be threatened.
  5. You’ll help with local recycling efforts. Did you know that just about 80%-90% of a car is recyclable? Your junk car could be recycled into vital items and tools that help others.
  6. Finally, of course you will have cash. This may be the best reason of all. When we buy your car from you, you’ll get cash you need to pay bills, or buy a better set of wheels. Cash is always nice, right?
Cash For Junk Cars Lafayette, IN- Scrap Your Car TODAY!
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What Makes Cash Cars Buyer the Best Junk Car Buyers Here in Lafayette, IN?

Excellent question and the answer is our quick, honest and convenient process. Begin by entering your car’s information using our online tool. Next, we will ask you some questions. Then, you will have an estimate in less than a minute. Cash Cars Buyer looks at a car’s real merit and offers car owners a transparent value for their vehicle. We will buy any car in any condition with you having nothing to lose, ever!

After you’ve accepted our offer, we will schedule an appointment to come to your Lafayette, IN home. We’ll then perform a quick at-home inspection. Once everything is good, we will give you the cash for your car!

With Cash Cars Buyer, we know you have options when it comes to dealing with companies that buy junk cars. That’s why we are experienced, knowledgeable and understanding. Our friendly local Lafayette, IN agents know what it takes to get you top dollar for your car. We’ll work hard to get your business and car!

Contact Lafayette, IN Cash Cars Buyer Now!

So, when you think “cash for cars”, think Cash Cars Buyer! We’re licensed, insured, bonded and ready to hand you cash for your car! Contact us today to learn more!

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