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Cash For Junk Cars Knoxville, TN – Sell A Junk Car With No Title! 

Cash For Junk Cars Knoxville, TN – Sell A Junk Car With No Title! 

Attention, Knoxville, TN residents! If you have a junk car or truck regardless of age or condition, we’re here to help make life happy for you and remove that junk car, and pay you in the process!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


As Knoxville, premier junk car buying company, Cash Cars Buyer is here to purchase your junk car and happy to help you make your life more pristine by taking it off your hands.


Whether your vehicle runs or not, you have a buyer for it! We offer personalized service, FREE towing and host of other bonuses that will make you ecstatic about life again! 


Additionally, we will never take advantage of you by charging you outrageous fees and filling you up with empty promises and headaches. 


We have over a decade of junk car buying experience and we’re ready to put it to work for YOU! 


Car Insurance Rates Climb- Get Rid of That Junk Car Fast! 

Ouch! Did you feel that pinch in your pocket? That’s the sound of more money being taken from you, to pay for car insurance! According to a news report a few years ago, Knoxville residents were paying the highest car insurance rates among all Tennessee residents!  “According to a new report by ‘The Zebra,’ Knoxville residents are paying some of the highest rates in the state, a stat not going unnoticed by some area drivers,” stated WATE.com


The site continued on with the following: “A closer look at the insurance costs in Tennessee, provided by ‘The Zebra,’ show that Knoxville ranks second only to Memphis and ahead of Nashville when it comes to the average cost of auto insurance premiums at $1,316 annually.” 


Who has time to pay high insurance rates? The time to sell that vehicle is now and we are the company that will buy it! Whether it’s high insurance rates or maintenance, keeping a car while following all laws can be expensive. And to top it off, drivers are doing less driving and finding ways to cut back on all kinds of vehicle travel these days. 


The time to get an instant offer on your vehicle is now and here is the place to do so! Sell car and let us pour money into your pocket, instead of removing it! Because paying high car insurance rates is as good a reason as any, to sell a used and junk car! 


We Are Junk Car Buyers in Knoxville

Having a car these days, is not the necessity it once was. From just about everything being done online these days, to high car insurance rates, for many, it doesn’t make sense to have a car. And when it comes to looking for a junk car buyer, offering you great service and quick cash, the choices can be slim. Even if you find a junk car buyer in Knoxville, you have to make sure that you are not getting scammed, rushed or hurried into selling your junk car. 

Our coverage area includes the following zip codes: 37901, 37902, 37921, 37923, 37934 and surrounding as well as the rest of Knoxville, TN! 


We are the wonderful alternative to the conventional junk car buying company. First of all, you can get an instant offer on that rusted ride in a matter of seconds. 

Secondly, we will never hold you to the offer you get. You can accept or leave it, if you wish. And a third reason we are a stellar junk car buying company, is that we never charge you anything to sell your car. 

The idea here is to make money, not give it away, right? We get that and we can help! Get your instant offer on that broken-down mechanical debacle, NOW! 

“But I lost the title to my car!” 

We know that you have probably heard “we only buy cars with titles”, lots of times. Well, that is not the case with Cash Cars Buyer. In most cases, not having the title to your car is not a problem. We buy cars with no title. We do ask that you have both your car registration as well as ID for the sale of your junk car. Need further assistance? Get your instant offer and then call us so we can get you paid, FAST! 

“What about the 500 I want for my junk car?”

Looking for $500 for that junk car? We may be able to help make it happen. But first, you have to understand that there are certain factors that go into the final offer you receive for your junk car. Some of those factors include the: 

  • year, make and model of your car 
  • the damage on the car and where it is located 
  • whether or not you have the car title (car title status) 
  • your car’s weight and more. 

So, get that instant offer on your car now and know exactly what you’re working with. Like what you see? Great! Call us so that we can ask you some additional questions about your car! Then, we will make you an instant offer on your vehicle! 

“OK I want to sell my car! Tell me how it works!” 

Gladly! Keep reading! 

Enter your car’s information.

Gather each and every detail about your car and tell us about it!  And don’t leave a thing out! The more information you offer, the better your offer will be! 

Accept that instant offer.  Let us make you a guaranteed offer.

Like that instant offer you just got? Great! Call us so that we can make you an instant offer on your junk car. We will ask you some questions to provide you a solid offer that you can rejoice over! 

Get paid! 

OK, you have your guaranteed cash offer and now we have an address for you to come out and inspect your car in person. Once we arrive, you will receive a warm “hello” and we will go to work to appraise your car. All is good to go, so now it’s time to paid… CASH that is! 

FREE Junk Car Removal? 

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you can expect not to pay for any towing or hauling away of your junk car. We don’t do business like that! Once you sell your car to us, we will tow it away for free! 

In fact, your entire car selling process is free! 

We love the word “free” just as much as the next person does. To prove it to you, we implement lots of “free” services into your junk car selling experience!  There’s FREE paperwork handling, FREE towing, FREE processing and more! Don’t believe us? Get that instant offer, then call us so we can make a believer out of you! 

The Best Place to Sell My Damaged Vehicle

Let’s face it: ugly cars get no love these days. Whether it’s a hard stare on the street as you drive by, or a person turning up his or her nose when they see one in a parking lot, damaged cars are just not wanted anywhere. 

Cash Cars Buyer loves ugly cars and we buy them! We are the best place to sell a junk car fast and easily. You will never have to take time out of your day to haggle or hassle with us about the price. You can get an instant offer on your junk car here, whether it’s morning, noon or night! 

Just come on over to our website, enter a few basic details into our easy online pricing tool. We’ll give you an instant quote on your vehicle before you can utter “I have a damaged car and need money today”! 

“How soon will you pick up my car?” 

Have you been “Googling”, “Pickup my car” hoping for same day service? Well “Google” no more! In lots of instances, we offer same day pick-up of junk cars! And when we don’t you will be rid of that heap of rusted and metal headache in a matter of 48-72 hours! We value your time and you as a customer! Get that instant offer you have been wanting now and call us for the cash you need, for that clunker, FAST! 

Selling a Junk Car Privately 

We get it. The thought of selling your car privately, has crossed your mind. You have been thinking of posting an ad to Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist. And you have even been down to the local hardware store to buy “for sale” signs. But there is lots of work to sell a junk car on your own. Need some bullet points about this”? No problem, we got ‘em! 

  • You have to get the word out about your car being for sale. Whether you are selling online, or passing word though friends and family, you have to let enough people know you are selling a car. 
  • Sift though the scammers and the serious buyers. Lots of people will ask you about your junk car and some will only want to scam you. And then you will meet those folks who are “on the fence” when it comes to buying a junk car. 
  • If patience is a skill, then you have to turn into the “skill master”! Lots of times, private junk car sellers find that it takes weeks and even months to sell a car. 

Sell your car to us instead! We buy junk cars! 

Forget the scams, money for “for sale” signs and the headache of having to answer text messages from someone who may or may not be serious about buying your car. We make selling a junk and scrap car quick, easy and fast! 

So, for the money you need today, call Cash Cars Buyer now and plan on a great tomorrow! We service all of Knoxville with fast, friendly and efficient junk car buying assistance!