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Who Buys Cars For Fair Market Value in Johnston, Rhode Island? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars Fast! 

Who Buys Cars For Fair Market Value in Johnston, Rhode Island? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars Fast! 

Home of the site of the Clemence Irons House, as well as The Johnston Memorial Park, Johnston, RI offers good times to be had by all. You can also receive fair market value for your junk car from Cash Cars Buyer. Not only do we provide FREE online offers, but we also offer FREE junk car removal as well as a host of “FEE-FREE” services designed to help you sell your rusted ride quickly and conveniently. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

I Want To Sell My Car But How Much is it Worth? 

We get it. You have a junk car to sell, but the most important question of the hour is how much is that junk car worth? Thankfully, you can obtain a FREE online offer on your car, based on the information you provide. Additional benefits of you receiving that online offer include: 

  1. Receiving an offer in the comfort of your Johnston, RI home 
  2. Ability to see what your car is worth and formulate a game plan of action 
  3. Benefit of knowing what your car is worth in a matter of minutes! 

Click here to get started! 

Local Junk Car Buyers in Johnston, RI- Safe and Secure Transactions! 

When you have a totaled, wrecked or damaged car to sell, you want to sell it fast. You also want to sell it to a junk car buyer who has your best interest at heart. With Cash Cars Buyer, you’ll find both as well as more! Our online portals are safe and secure. Your personal information is never sold to anyone. You can also be assured of safe and secure transactions from beginning to end! 

COVID-19 Update: We here at Cash Cars and implement other measures that ensure the safety of our team members and valued junk car sellers. Let us know if there is anything additional you need, to make your junk car selling experience better! 

Sell Your Car In Johnston, Rhode Island!  

We make selling a junk car quick, convenient and profitable for you! 

Enter your car’s specs 

Take the time to enter your car’s information. You can click here & provide us with the most detailed information you have about your junk car. Afterward, you’ll have a FREE online offer that you can use to call us! 

Accept your offer and schedule a pickup 

After you receive your FREE online offer, you can call us and speak to one of our experienced junk car professionals. Our team member will ask you a few questions about your car, in an effort to formulate the best guaranteed offer possible. Once you approve that offer, we will ask you the best day and time to come and pickup your car and pay you on the spot! 

Get paid and get that car towed!

When you sell your car to us, your junk car will be towed away for free! No need to pay for any hauling of that old vehicle. We have you covered! 

Get Rid of Your Junk Car- Save Our Environment! 

Did you know that over 80% of a junk car can be recycled? It’s true. That old car has parts that can be repurposed into new items for others!  So, what parts on an old car can be recycled? 

Engine Oil 

When you put oil in your car, it never wears out. It only becomes dirty- hence the reason for oil changes. If you improperly dispose of your used oil you run the risk of contaminating our local soil and water supplies. But when you take your car oil to a certified collection center, the professionals will clean the used oil, so it can be reused and placed into another car.  With every car that we purchase, we ensure that oil is extracted or removed from the car, so that it can be cleaned and reused by recycling professionals! 


Old Car Glass 

That old car glass can have new life as concrete blocks, fiberglass insulation and even new glass bottles. 


Scrap Metal 

Your car is comprised of lots of metal. For example, your car’s door handles and rims are made of metal. Once we buy that car, the metal on that car is taken, melted down and reused for other items and products that help others. 



A huge part of your car is also comprised of plastics. Some of the parts of car your car crafted from plastics include the car’s lights, gas tank, lights, bumpers and dashboards. 


We here at Cash Cars Buyer believe in recycling and we believe that recycling helps to save our Earth. So, allow us to buy that car and let’s save our planet together! Click here for your FREE online offer! 


Johnston, RI No Title Junk Car Buyers- No Title? No Problem! 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer will buy your junk car anywhere in the Johnston, RI area. You can be assured of a cash offer and payment once we pick up your car. Even if you have no title for any reason, we can still buy that car! In most cases, your missing title is not an issue for us. Whether that title is stolen, lost, misplaced, or damaged- we take the stress out of selling a junk car that has no title! 


We’ll also take care of all of the paperwork for your junk car sale. You’ll get paid on the offer agreed upon, and you’ll get paid fast! If you have your picture ID and your car registration, then you may have a sale! Once you have those two items in your hand, you can click here to obtain your FREE online offer! 


The Best Way to Sell a Car Online

If you have an older car to sell, then, there’s a chance that you have thought about selling that car inside of an online marketplace. But did you know that there is lots of work that goes into selling that car online? From the pictures you have to post, to the description, you have to make your car ad stand out. Don’t forget the patience you need. Your ad will reach hundreds of people, but that doesn’t mean that those people are going to buy your car or even have an interest in your car. You may also find that you have folks who want to negotiate with you so hard, that you end up getting practically nothing for that car, if you give in to the pushy buyer. 

Stop the madness and sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer are helping you to thrive in this new millennium! Our company is the best way to sell a car online. Think of us as the company that has the “junk car buyer built right in”! Instead of posting pictures and crafting a description, just click here and tell us all about your car. Provide the most precise and accurate information about your car, so that you receive a detailed and complete FREE online offer

We make selling a junk car easy. Connect with us so that we can turn that clunker into cool cash, FAST!


Johnston, RI Junk Car Buyer Near Me

When you’re in Johnston searching for the best way to sell that rusted, damaged, wheel-less and broken-down car, chances are you’ve typed in, “junk car buyers near me”, with a few dozen options staring you in the face. So, do you just choose the junk car buyer nearest to you? Or do you choose the junk car buyer who offers quality and fast service as well as a fast money payout? Cash Cars Buyer offers an array of services that will make that junk car a “metal memory”! in an effort to provide “five-star service” to you, we have a network of junk car professionals, throughout the country, including Johnston, RI!  As a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buyer, we:  

  • Purchase cars fast 
  • Offer “FEE-FREE” services! 
  • Provide FREE junk car removal 
  • Offer personalized service right to your Johnston, RI location 
  • Can provide same-day service to some of our junk car sellers 
  • Present you with the most professional service that provides pickup of your car and payout within 72 hours
  • Provide junk car selling services, even with a missing title- ID and registration required. 

Now’s The Time To Sell Your Junk Car In Johnston, RI! 

If you’ve been searching for a sign that it’s time to part ways with that junk car, then consider this post the sign that you’ve been searching for.  You can get a FREE online offer, and begin a new life without the worry, stress and frustration of that totaled car on your lawn or in your garage. There is no junk car buyer in Johnston, Rhode Island that makes it easier or pays you fair market value. Our junk cars include vehicles with a multitude of conditions. Some of those conditions include: 

  1. Water damage 
  2. Non running vehicles 
  3. Rusted cars  
  4. Vehicles with no title 
  5. Cars with frame, flood and water damage 
  6. Unwanted and abandoned vehicles 

Johnston! You have called around to the rest, now it’s time to sell that junk car to the best. Click here to obtain your FREE offer and sell that junk car with Cash Cars Buyer, NOW!