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Do you own a broken down, non-running junk or ruined vehicle? Is that clunker you’ve been waiting to fix up for years still in the driveway? It’s time to let Cash Cars Buyer help you get rid of that junk car once and for all. You can get quick cash today by selling that car to Cash Cars Buyers!  We buy junk cars for cash here in Jersey City, NJ, consistently offering stellar service as well as top rates!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

cash for junk cars in Jersey City NJ

Selling Your Junk Car in Jersey City, NJ

A Jersey City resident who buys or sells a vehicle must transfer the certificate of title or the “pink slip” to the new owner. You can get title from the New Jersey Secretary of State that is from your local New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Once you have it, you now have legal proof of ownership of the vehicle. Once this is complete, you can transfer the title. Whether the car is inherited, gifted, new, or sold, you must have the car title.

Residents  in Jersey City, NJ can apply for a car title and even receive a car title for an out-of-state car. With each circumstance, comes having the correct paperwork. So be sure to visit your Jersey City, NJ MVC, for the documents you need.

Cash For Junk Cars Jersey City, NJ- 24 Hour Junk Cars!
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I Lost My Jersey City, NJ Car Title

If you lost your car title or it’s damaged or stolen, the New Jersey MVC will issue a duplicate car title. In many cases, you can ask for a duplicate NJ either by mail or in person.  All you’ll need is your current car’s registration and proof of insurance. Then you’ll need to fill out the “Application for Duplicate Certificate of Ownership” form and pay the $60 fee. If there is no proof of ownership available, your local Jersey City, NJ MVC office, will help you out.

Cash Cars Buyers wants to make every customer's car buying experience a wonderful one. Therefore, we hope that once you are ready to sell that clunker, you have all of the paperwork needed, including the car title. We know that obtaining the correct documentation takes time, money and effort, but it is well worth it. Your car title as a piece of protection for you! With it, you can get fast cash for your clunker!

Quick Service – Get Paid Up to $15,000 Today!

Cash Cars Buyers will pay up to $15,000 for that junk car just taking up space in your driveway! We offer top dollar for all vehicles. You will always have an estimate as to the value of your car. Whether your vehicle is running or not, you could have thousands of dollars in your hands today! Our local Jersey City, NJ agents, have the dedication and experience to provide you with quick cash now!

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What If I Want to Sell My Junk Car Online?

You can, but you must work. First, you'll have to take pictures of your clunker. Folks love pictures!  Then, you'll have to write a description of your vehicle. Finally, you will have to post to all major online marketplaces. One thing to think about when selling online is a scammer. Some people make it a mission in life to swindle others out of money.

Sell Your Car Fast in Jersey City, NJ!

Why go through the hassle of selling your car online, when Cash Cars Buyers can offer you quick cash today?  Let us help you get the fast cash you need and want! Selling your junk car online may take weeks and even months. You have to sit and wait for someone to read your ad.

Here in Jersey City, NJ, our local agents will come to you and offer top, quick and beautiful cash for your car on the sport!

What About Cash for Cars at Junkyards? I Can Junk my Car There

You may want to sell your car at a junkyard, but junkyard owners may not “keep it real” with you. Many junk cars purchased by junkyards mean that sellers might get taken to the cleaners. Read on.When selling to a junkyard, it’s common for a junkyard to quote one price during a phone conversation, then have a completely different price offered once you and your car are at the junkyard.  This classic “bait and switch” is unfair and unethical. Then there is the factor of you paying to have your vehicle towed to different junkyards to make some money.

All Makes, All Models, Any Condition! Running or Not! Quick Cash Today!

Your car doesn't have to be running for you to get the cash you want and deserve. If your car is damaged beyond repair, that's alright with us! We will still give you top dollar for a car that hasn't run in months or even years!

We Buy Junk Cars Fast!

Cash Cars Buyers operates with honesty and integrity. Forget the “bait and switch” tactics. There is never a charge you to tow your vehicle anywhere. We offer cash for junk cars  fast. We buy junk cars right here in your area. Our Jersey City, NJ areas of service include:

07097 , 07302 , 07303 , 07304 , 07305 , 07310 , 07311 , 07395 , 07306 , 07307 , 07308  and 07399.

Who Can I Sell My Car To? Us! We Offer Cash For Cars in Janesville, WI!

OK, I Want to Sell My Junk Car to Cash Cars Buyers

Great! Start by typing your car’s information using our online tool. Once you contact us, we will ask a few questions that will only take a few moments.  Next, we will prepare an estimate for your car in under a minute.

Once you agree to this initial estimate, we will schedule a time for an in-home examination of your car. When done and you re happy, we will offer you cash on the spot for your vehicle — excellent, cold hard cash.  Service fees? Not here! Processing fees? No way! Towing fees? Absolutely not!  Remember, we will never charge you to haul your vehicle away!  No gimmicks, or issues. Just cash!


Contact Your Jersey, NJ Junk Car Buyers for Quick Cash Now!

Cash Cars Buyers is a licensed, bonded, insured, and reputable company ready to put cash in your hands today! Connect with us and get the money you need now!

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