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We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

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Cash For Junk Cars Jamestown, ND – We Buy All Makes And Models! 

Cash For Junk Cars Jamestown, ND – We Buy All Makes And Models! 

Whether you’re heading to the National Buffalo Museum, the St. James Basilica, or for great food at the IDK Bar and Grill, you can head to it all in Jamestown, ND. And for that junk car in the driveway, you can contact Cash Cars Buyer! We purchase all makes and models, in the most quick, efficient and convenient way ever! Just enter your car’s information and view a FREE online quote, formulated from the information you entered! Once done, let’s get that old car out of your property, FAST! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Sell Your Car- We Make it Easy! 

Tell us about your car 

Take the time to tell us all about your vehicle. The more information you provide, the better your offer. You can click here to begin! 

Accept your offer 

When you have your instant offer, you can call us. One of our friendly junk car buying agents will ask you some questions about your car in an effort to provide you with the best guaranteed cash offer. Love what you just heard? It’s time to sell that old car, FAST! 

FREE pickup and FAST payout! 

When you approve your offer, we will waste no time, coming to your home or location to appraise your car and then picking it up! All are FREE for you too! 

We Are People Who Buy Junk Cars So Reclaim Your Life! 

Studies show that when we live and operate in clutter, our peace of mind- as well as our health are affected for the worse. In a post on the prevagen.com website it states: “Researchers have looked closely at the effects of clutter. They found that clearing away clutter at work and at home improved focus. It also increased productivity and made it easier for the brain to process information.” The site also adds: “Clutter has negative effects on your mental and physical health, too. It can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or even depressed. Studies have shown that cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are higher in people who have a cluttered home. Chronic clutter can leave your body constantly in a low-grade fight-or-flight mode, which is taxing on your body and mind.” 


Benefits of selling that car- Money on the spot? Yes indeed! 

When you junk a car, there are some amazing benefits! 

You clear your space  

When you get rid of that old clunker, you are clearing space off of your property. So, reclaim your yard, driveway and life- sell that car to us, NOW! 

Your car will be towed for free

Yes, when you sell your car to us, the towing is ON US!  You never have to pay for towing, ever! 

Get paid on the spot! 

Selling your car to us involves getting an offer, you accepting that offer, we looking your car over and you paid on the spot! Boom! 

Click here to obtain your FREE online quote right now! 

Places That Buy Junk Cars

Thinking of taking your car to some of the places that buy junk cars? Let’s examine a few of them. 


 A junkyard is indeed a place where you can sell your junk car. While most offer standard services, you want to be sure that the one you are considering, has a license. It wouldn’t hurt to see their ratings /reviews either. Be sure that you ask questions such as: “Is there free towing?” “What fees do I pay when I junk my car here?” Be sure that you know what your car is worth before contacting a junkyard too. And never be pressured into selling your junk vehicle to anyone at a junkyard! 

Auto Mechanics 

You may decide to sell your car privately to a mechanic who is interested in the car, for its parts. Auto mechanics have great experience with cars. So, come armed with knowledge about your car. 

Scrap Yards 

Like junkyards, a scrap yard will certainly buy your car. Just be sure that you never take the first offer and ask the questions that will put you at ease. 

Cash Cars Buyer! 

Not only do we buy all makes and models, but we offer fair market value for each car! You can obtain an instant quote your car in matter of minutes and once you approve your offers, we will come to you and buy your car- with payment on the spot!  Click here to begin now! 

How To Sell My Old Car Online

When you decide to sell your car online, roll up the sleeves, because you have work to do! 


The first item to take care of when you sell a car, is to post focused and sharp pictures. Make sure that your pics are sharp, focused and you have a decent amount of them. 

Fees Please! 

Lots of online marketplaces require fees. You may have to pay them beforehand or when you sell your car. Depending on the number of sites you list your car on, these fees can add up quickly. 


The other vital component of your car ad, is the description. Be sure that you tell the potential buyers all about your car, so that you are not left asking questions that your ad should be answering. 


Once your ad is complete, you have to give the ad time to aggregate and reach potential buyers. Between that and making the sale, you could be talking days for the sale of your car to be complete. It could also take months to sell your car too. 


We are reputable junk car buyers! 

Forget all of the hassle of selling your car on Craigslist, Autotrader or even Facebook. We here at Cash Cars Buyer know you want to get rid of that junk car fast, and we make it happen! Think or our business has having the junk car buyer, “built right in”! There is no need for you to wait or to look for a buyer. We are the junk car buyer you’ve been looking for! Just click here and obtain your instant offer in a matter of minutes! 

What's the Value of My Car With Blown Engine?

When you have a broken engine, this could be the result of various types of damage. Generally, a blown engine is caused by a malfunctioning or failure in the cooling system. It could also be caused by deficiencies in the lubrication of the car too.  Typically, repairing a car with a blown engine can be quite expensive. When it’s all said and done, you may end up spending thousands for the repair. 


Instead of the stress of coming up with the money to repair that engine, just sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer. Even a car with a blown engine, is entitled to a FREE online offer! You can still get fair market value for that car with the blown engine and put a stop to paying for fixes that don’t last! 


“Can I sell my car if I don’t have the title?” & FAQs 

How does selling my car to you work? 

First, enter your car’s specs for a FREE online quote. When done, call us so that we can ask you some additional questions about your car. We will formulate the best guaranteed cash offer. Once you approve it, we will make plans to come to your location to appraise your car and pay you on the spot! 

Can I sell my car to you if I don’t have the title? 

If you lost the title to your vehicle or your title is damaged, you can still sell your car. In many cases, not having the title is not an issue. We do ask that you have your car’s registration as well as your picture ID for the sale of your vehicle. Click here to get started! 

What fees do I have to pay, once I sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

When you sell your car to us, there are no fees that you have to pay! We are a “FEE-FREE” company! 

Are you reputable too? 

We are licensed, bonded and insured. 

Can I sell my car if it has frame, flood or accident damage? 

We are not looking for a perfect used clunker! We are looking to buy your car as is! 

You will buy my car with the blown engine or faulty transmission? 

We sure will! Just click here and tell us all about your junk car with the troublesome transmission or the blown engine! 

What’s the best way to sell a car online?
You can sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! You can obtain a FREE online quote in a matter of minutes! Instead of you doing the work in looking and waiting for a buyer, allow us to put our streamlined and “FEE-FREE” services to work for you! 

We Buy Non Running Vehicles! Sell Your Car to Us FAST! 

Need more reasons to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer? We have them! 

  • We pay on the spot for all kinds of junk cars, even those that don’t run or even start! 
  • Count on us to pay you FULL market value for your car. No games, price-haggling or hassles! 
  • Can’t find the title to your junk car? We buy cars with no title! In most cases not having your car title is not an issue. But we do ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID.   
  • We offer FREE junk car removal! You never have to pay to have your car towed away! 
  • Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! You may nothing to get rid of that old car! 
  • We are local to your Jamestown area & can arrive to your location in as little as 24 hours! 
  • You can get an instant offer on your car, 24/7, in the privacy of your own home or office! 
  • We are a licensed bonded and insured company. That means we are honest, trustworthy a company that will stay and stick by our offers! Trust us as we work to turn that car into cash, FAST!