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Cash For Junk Cars- No Car Title Needed in Jacksonville, FL!

Cash For Junk Cars- No Car Title Needed in Jacksonville, FL!

Are you ready to sell that junk car that’s blocking your front yard? Have you decided to sell grandma’s car since she no longer drives it?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Cars Buyer buys all kinds of cars including the ones that you no longer want! Whether they’re junk cars, or you’re looking to downsize, we'll offer you top dollar for the vehicles you no longer desire!

Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas now have a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company, ready to haul your car away for free! So, get ready for the best car-buying experience you’ve ever had, with Cash Cars Buyer!

Local Junk Car Buyers-Cash on The Spot!

Cash Cars Buyer is here in Jacksonville, ready to give residents cash on the spot for the vehicles that no longer run or are full of rust!

Now that you’ve decided to junk your car, you have gone to the Internet to search for junk car buyers near you. Many times, you're left to do the work of arranging towing and more.

That’s not the case with Cash Cars Buyer. Simply enter your car’s information using our online tool and we will arrange to come to you!

Our coverage areas include zip codes 32216, 32217, 32218, 32219, 32220, 32221, 32222, 32223, 32224, 32225, 32226, 32227, 32233 and many more! We have a nationwide network of experienced, friendly and knowledgeable car buyers who can answer the questions you have.

Maybe I can Get Quick Cash For my Car on Craigslist?

Maybe you can, but let’s look at online car selling from a large perspective. While online marketplaces such as Jacksonville, FL Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter are great for selling cars, your ad will certainly not be the only one out there.

The competition is fierce to be seen and to sell your junk car. A quick look at all of these sites, shows you that you have to step up your junk car selling game.

For example, pictures are an absolute MUST in the online junk car selling game. Secondly, your description of your junk car has to be “on point”! You have to tell potential buyers everything about your car!

Then, comes the waiting. You have to wait for a serious buyer to contact you and ask you to see your junk car.

Also, it is good to keep in mind that you will have folks who will want to negotiate the price of your junk car.

Scammers also lurk online too.  If it sounds like lots of work to sell a junk car online, then that’s because it is!

Cash Cars Buyer eliminates all of the work that goes into selling your junk car. We don’t need pictures of your car. We don’t even need several paragraphs about your car!

All we need is for you to visit our online tool and type in information about your car. The rest will be easy and convenient!

We Offer Cash for Cars- Less Stress Than Local Junkyard!

If you’ve been thinking of selling your car to a local Jacksonville, FL junkyard, then we offer you the following scenario.

Let’s say you call a junkyard to sell your junk car. You speak to the owner and after offering details about your car, you are given an offer that you like. So, you now arrange to have your car towed to the junkyard and you anticipate coming back with cash in your hands.

But, once you arrive to the junkyard, the owner sees your car and offers you a lot less than what was offered on the phone. Now, you’re upset because you have wasted time and money.

This tactic of switching offers on car sellers is called “bait and switch”. It’s as old as time and is also unfair.

Cash Cars Buyer does not engage in any “bait and switch” tactics, nor do we waste your time. We make selling your car easy, convenient, safe and secure.

So, contact us today and forget driving around town for a great offer on your junk car!

Sell Your Junk Car- Fast Cash!

Once you decide to sell your junk car here in the “Sunshine State”, check out what you need to fill out and give to the state of Florida:

First, be sure to remove the license plate from the junk car you’re selling. Next, you have to get the certificate that indicates the car title’s transfer. The person buying your car will need this.

Have you lost or damaged your car title? Then Florida can help.  Click here to fill out on application for a duplicate car title here in Florida.

According to the Florida High Patrol should you fail to complete form HSMV 82101, you could face some issues.  The HSMV 82101 document removes the seller's registration from the vehicle that’s being sold. So, if you don’t fill it out, you and/or your insurance company could be held liable if the vehicle is involved in a crash with the new car owner. Click here to learn more about selling a car in Florida.

Check out this car seller’s checklist below:

  • Get a VIN inspection.
  • Record odometer reading.
  • Fill out title transfer.
  • Take off license plate from junk car and surrender it if asked to.
  • Don’t forget to complete a Notice of Sale, which his form HSMV 82050!

Cash Cars Buyer knows that selling a car and getting all of the correct documentation can take a bit of time as well as a bit of your money. But once you have all of the papers you need and they are filled out, you can sell your car and get your cash fast!  Why? Because there are no hold-ups or issues!

Can I Sell My Junk Car Without the Title?

The short answer to that is, yes.

In the state of Florida, you are allowed to junk a vehicle without a title. But you must fill out a Derelict Motor Vehicle Certificate for junking the vehicle. If you are selling your junk car, you must fill out a Limited Power of Attorney.

Cash Cars Buyer knows sometimes our valued customers cannot find the car title or even get a duplicate car title.  If this is your case, then we would ask that you please have a clear and valid picture ID as well as a current car registration to sell your car to us.

We value all of our car selling customers and want everyone to have the best car buying experience ever. So, call us if you have questions about your particular case.

What is the Value of my Junk Car?

Cash Cars Buyer is not only in the business of buying cars, but making it easy for junk car sellers to sell their car.

Our online junk car assessor tool takes away the guesswork, as to how much money you’ll receive with the sale of your junk car.

You will get the most detailed offer after you enter your car’s year, make and model. Then you can move on to sharing if there is any damage to the car and other pertinent information.

The more information you share about your car, the better your offer! So, let’s get busy with getting you the best value for your junk car now!

Sell Your Junk Car Today & Get Cash Within Days!

Sometimes, we need cash quickly for a variety of reasons. So, when it comes to selling your junk car, you may choose to sell it privately.

So, you go to the local hardware store to get some “for sale” signs. You then write your phone number on them and then wait for a serious junk car buyer to see your car parked on your front yard.

You get a few folks who ask about your car, but nothing too serious.

So, you selling your car privately, has turned into a year-long endeavor.

Cash Cars Buyer understands the urgency of needing cash. That’s why we will never waste your time. Selling your car to us will not take months, weeks or even a year. We’re serious car buyers and our process is simple.

Once you enter your car’s information, we get to work on getting cash to you fast!

I Can Sell My Junk Car for Parts, Right?

Let’s keep it real. We live in a day and age, in which recycling is huge. The push to save our Earth is all over the place. From radio ads to TV news programs, we see recycling as a big part of our lives.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to know that over 80% of a junk car can be recycled. Just read below at some of the items and elements of car that can be given “new life”!

  1. Engine oil- Did you know that old motor oil from your junk car can be cleaned and reused?
  2. Old tires- Just because a tire is old on your junk car, doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. Old tires can be reconditioned into asphalt for the highways, artificial turf, fuel tarps and even new tires!
  3. Scrap metal- Your car’s old metal pieces can be melted down into tools and other items that help others in the community.
  4. Old engines & transmissions- In the hands of a stellar mechanic, an old transmission and engine can be rebuilt!
  5. Car plastics- The plastic parts from your junk car can be repurposed into newer elements and tools for everyday use!

Cash for Junk Cars in Jacksonville, FLCan I get $500 for my Junk Car?

Getting $500 cash for your junk car isn’t something that is unreasonable, but there are lots of things to consider. When buying junk car, it is important to look at a car’s year, make and model.  Also, junk car buyers even look at the trim on a junk car. That plays a role in the price you will get for it.

With our junk car value computer, you will get the best price and an accurate value for your car. Many times, when you try to junk your car with the intention of getting $500 cash, you get haggled down for a lesser amount.

Our guaranteed pricing tool ensures you receive the same amount of money from the start. You don’t have to drive around town to try to figure out who will give you what, for your car!  Have questions? Just call us! We’re here to help!

We Offer FREE Junk Car Removal- No Fees for You, Ever!

One of the secrets to our success as Jacksonville’s premier car buyers, is the fact that no matter where your junk car is located, we will tow it for free! You don’t have to pay a dime for your car to be hauled away! In fact, your whole entire car buying process is free! We strive not only to make selling your junk car the easiest, simplest ever, but free for you!

Sell Your Junk Car- Get an Instant Quote!

The Cash Cars Buyer website is the friendliest website there is. We explain our process and share with you what makes us the best car buyers in the business. One of the tabs that customers love, is the “get an offer” tab.  Just click on it and you will be able to enter your car’s information!

Once you have filled it out, you will have an instant quote for your car. Another point to remember, is that you are not obligated to accept this offer at any time. But if you ever need to ask us a question, just reach out to us at 844-663-7286!

Why Choose Cash Cars Buyer?

  • You'll get cash on the spot!
  • We offer free towing of your junk car!
  • Our agents are nationwide and here, including here in Jacksonville, FL!
  • Our company has been buying junk cars for over a decade! We love what we do!
  • Our professionals are licensed, bonded and insured. This means that we are the “real deal”!
  • Forget taking care of the paperwork and documents, because we’ll do that for you! Guaranteed!
  • Once you enter your car’s information with our online too, we will make you an unbeatable offer!

Now that you know who to sell your junk car to, it’s time to get rolling! Let us buy your junk car today, and give you the cash you need and deserve for a better tomorrow!