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Cash for Junk Cars in Pittsburgh PA: Hassle-Free Pickup

Cash for Junk Cars in Pittsburgh PA: Hassle-Free Pickup

Is your web search for “cash for junk cars Pittsburgh” coming up short? We completely understand. Privately selling a scrap car or trying to find places that buy junk cars for top dollar can be nearly impossible. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Whether your vehicle isn’t running, is badly damaged from a collision, or is simply just a lemon, we’ll give you cash for your car no matter what – no questions asked! Cash Car Buyers will take any make, model, or year, running or not. 


We also offer top-notch customer service to Pittsburgh, PA residents too. Not only do we buy junk cars, but we’ll also provide you with an instant offer for your car. With over a decade of junk car buying experience under our belts, we’re truly experts in the industry.


Selling Junk Cars in Pittsburgh


Located on the western edge of Pennsylvania, the “Steel City” is one of the most innovative locations in the country. The area is home to more than 60 colleges and universities, including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. 


Additionally, Pittsburgh is an artistic hub. One of its crown jewels is the Andy Warhol Museum, which contains over 900 paintings and 77 sculptures by the acclaimed artist.


Not only is Pittsburgh a great city, but its residents are amazing too. Known for their hard work ethic, folks in Pittsburgh truly understand the value of a dollar. And that’s why Cash Cars Buyer wants to offer the local communities with the best deals in town. 


If you want to junk a car, call us right away! We pay top-dollar for non-running vehicles and are available around-the-clock to offer you reputable, reliable service.


Enjoy Numerous Benefits When You Sell Junk Cars to Us


When it comes to selling your car, you may be wondering which option is better for you. Should you trade it in to a local dealership, or sell it to a private party?


There are tons of perks when you choose to sell your damaged car to us. We pay up to $500 in cash for junk cars, offer same-day pick up, and will provide you with an instant quote for your old car.


You won’t need to worry about trying to advertise your rusted hunk of metal yourself or deal with the headache and hassle of meeting with complete strangers. At Cash Cars Buyer of Pittsburgh, there are never any hidden fees or agendas. Just stellar customer service and cold, hard cash for your car.


Simply enter your vehicle’s details, and enjoy an instant offer on your junk car. You can obtain this instant offer 24/7/365. Additionally, you can do this all from the comfort of your own home.


Will I Get a Fair Price for My Old Car?


We hear this question a lot. And the short answer is yes! We will pay great money for your old clunker. In fact, Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, insured, and bonded company that has been trusted by thousands of people nationwide.


This ensures that we’re not about schemes or empty promises. We’re an honest way to sell your junk car fast while getting the money you deserve. We are committed to treating our clients like people, not doormats.


Best of all, our team is local and come right to your home to pick up your car for free. This way, you’re not putting yourself at risk by driving an old car down the highway or losing money paying for a tow truck. 


At Cash Cars Buyer, we’re all about you. If you need cash fast, now is the perfect time to head on over to our website to see how much your junk car is worth. We guarantee you’ll have cash in hand within just one day.


Times are tough. But we make it simple and easy to sell your car right away. Get money for rent, groceries, or as a down payment for another vehicle instantly! Whether you live down the street or across the city, we’ll pick your junk car up for free.


How Do I Sell My Car in Pittsburgh?


Selling a junk car in PA is effortless! All you need to have in order to sell your car to us is:


  • Proper proof of identification: This includes your driver’s license, passport, or another state-issued photo ID.
  • The vehicle’s title: You need to fill out and submit the vehicle’s title (also known as its “pink slip”) to give to the buyer.
  • The mileage of the vehicle: This is also known as an “odometer disclosure” and must be given to the buyer.
  • Bill of sale: Another document required to sell your car in PA is a bill of sale. This includes the signatures of both parties and the amount you sold your vehicle for.


After all of the paperwork is completed, our team will do the rest. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy more money in your bank account!


If you don’t have a title, it may not be an issue. All you need is your driver’s license and a copy of your registration in order to sell us your unwanted car.

How Do I Sell My Non-Running Car Without a Title in PA?


Life happens. We get that. Sometimes we lose things or plans get messed up. If you don’t have a title for your junk car, we may still be able to buy it.


In order to sell your junk car without a title, you’ll need to:


  • Get your registration and a proper picture ID.
  • Obtain an instant offer for your junk car on our website.
  • When entering your information, indicate that you don’t have a title.
  • Choose to proceed with selling your car to us after you get an offer. 


And that’s basically it! In many cases, not having a title for your old car isn’t an issue. The bottom line is that we just need to prove that you’re the real owner. So go get your picture ID, registration, and call us at 844-663-7286 if you need help.


Simple Junk Car Selling Steps


Cash Cars Buyer makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. In just minutes, get a free estimate from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply answer a few quick questions and voila! You’ll get an instant offer. The process is completely transparent and there are no obligations required of you.
  2. After you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll schedule a date that works for you to come inspect and pick up your junk vehicle.
  3. After we ensure everything is in order, we’ll pay you cash for your junk car! There are no hidden fees or irritating call-backs. Just simple money in your wallet within 24 hours. It’s our 100% guarantee.


If you’re a Pittsburgh resident seeking to get rid of their old car, call us today.


Cash for Junk Cars Near Me


There are numerous drawbacks of trying to privately sell your junk car yourself. Not only do you have to do the preliminary legwork of cleaning your car thoroughly and spending money on advertising it, but you may also lose money along the way. This includes towing fees and advertising your car online.


Moreover, you’ll probably only receive between $200 and $400 for your junk car from a junkyard of salvage company. 


When you sell your junk car to us, we’ll give you the best value around! Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’ll buy any make and model in any condition for real cash.


If you’re seeking an honest and fair selling process for your old junk car, contact Cash Cars Buyer today. With over 10 years of experience, we’ll provide you with a great offer for your old or non-running vehicle.


Should I Fix My Junk Car Before Selling It?


Nope, not at all! Regardless of the condition your car is in, we’ll buy it from you. From cars with engine troubles to cars that are missing keys as a title, we buy every car in every condition.


All cars are worth something. This is because of the metal and other valuable materials that they contain. 


If you want to rid yourself of the ugly car taking up room in your garage, driveway, or yard, call the pros at Cash Cars Buyers now.


The Benefits of Selling Your Car to Cash Cars Buyers


There are many reasons to sell your junk car to us, but here is just a few:


  • We’ll give you cash on the spot!
  • We offer FREE junk car hauling.
  • We are local to Pittsburgh.
  • We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company.
  • Our customers are our number one priority.
  • We take any model or make in any type of condition.
  • We offer top-dollar for your unwanted car.


If you need quick cash and have a junk car, get your free instant quote right now. Let the professionals at Cash Cars Buyer buy your non-running car today. We look forward to doing business with you!