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Selling Your Junk Car in Highland Ranch, Colorado

Selling Your Junk Car in Highland Ranch, Colorado

Are you looking to finally get rid of that junk car in Highland Ranch? When you have a car you no longer need it could become more stressful than you want it to be just having it sit there like an eyesore on your property day today. But deciding on what to do with it can be just as stressful.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Before the internet, the best way to get rid of a junk car was just to call the local scrap yard and schedule a time to head out there. The problem with that is you needed to cut into your spare time to do it. Also, even if they want to buy your car, you are losing profits because you have to pay to tow your vehicle there.


You could try a classified ad on Craigslist but those can be very hit-and-miss. A lot of people reply without being serious, and you'll get many offers lower than what you were hoping for. Not to mention how long it might take for someone to actually get back to you.


When you Google who pays cash for junk cars in Highlands Ranch you get over 5 million results that show up. Even the ones that are relevant look like cookie cutter images of each other, which makes it hard to figure out if any of these are trustworthy or worth your time.


Luckily, Cash Cars Buyer has been doing this for over 10 years. We've developed an easy and convenient system to get you cash for your junk car without cutting into your free time. That way you can get back to doing all the things you like to do in Highland Ranch. 

Making the Most of Life in Highland Ranch


How do you like to spend your time in Highland Ranch? We know that you're probably working hard during the week not just to pay the bills, but to get time off at the end of the day and on the weekends that you can enjoy doing whatever you like.


Highland Ranch is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It's not really huge by any means but it's close enough to Denver that you can enjoy big city life when you want to. It's also not so tiny that there’s nothing going on around town to keep you busy. It's got that perfect balance to keep things interesting


During the week we know that you're probably working hard over at RingCentral or maybe some place Lake Advanced Emissions Solutions. Wherever it is, we know you're doing what you need to do to take care of your responsibilities, pay your bills, and ensure that your family has the best life they can't have. What you don't want to do is waste any of your free time after work researching the best place to sell a junk car.


Your free time is a valuable commodity. Wouldn't you rather go grab some blackened shrimp tacos at the Old Blinking Light on a Friday night, rather than writing up a Craigslist ad for your junker?  


Don’t those delicious lobster tater tots at Smokin Fins sound better than scheduling an appointment to meet the local scrap dealer will they have some free time on a Saturday afternoon?


Look at it this way, you could be taking a few hours to search through all the Google results for who buys junk cars near you or you could be heading up to Highlands Point, or even getting a little fancy over at the Purgatory wine cellars with a wine tasting.


It's pretty clear that you need to go with an option that's going to respect the time off that you have. That's why Cash Cars Buyer offers you fast, efficient service. We're just like you, we work during the week and we want to enjoy our time off when we get it.


Our online tool is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever it's convenient for you. When you do use it, you can get an instant offer for up to $500 in cash for your junk car. Our competition is probably only going to offer you $200 to $400. So how do we come up with our offer? 

Get Your Instant Cash Offer

How do we know that the competition is only going to offer you $200 to $400 for your junk car? Because we've been in this business long enough to know how things work. If you want to know how we work, check out how it is we come up with the offer that we're going to make for your vehicle.


  • The most important thing you need to know before you sell a junk car to Cash Cars Buyer or anyone else for that matter is how much it's worth purely as scrap. Just like gold and other metals, scrap has a value that you can keep track of. Go to this website and you'll see what scrap is worth right now. When you know this, you know the bare minimum offer you should be accepting for your vehicle.


  • When you head to our main page to use our online tool, you'll see that we ask you about the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This is the same information that Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds.com, or any other business that deals in cars going to ask about.


  • The trim level of your vehicle is also important in determining the overall value. You've probably noticed that when you buy a car brand new the highest trim level can sometimes cost $10,000 more than the lowest trim level.


  • If you have a rare model of car then you can expect that it may be worth more money even when you sell it for scrap. Rare cars have rare parts, and the drivers of those rare vehicles will pay a premium to get their hands on them.


  • Popular vehicles, just like rare vehicles, have parts that are in higher demand. If your car is popular then other drivers may be paying a little bit more to get the parts, they need from it.


  • Your vehicle's condition is also very important in determining its overall value. If your car has been in a bad accident, or the transmission has seized up, then you won't get as good of an offer that you'll get if the car runs well still.


Now that you know what goes into the offer that we make for your junk car, you might be wondering how the title factors into everything. 

Missing Car Title? We Can Help!


Of course, you're supposed to keep your documents safe and secure, but that's not always going to happen in life. If your car title got lost when you move from your old house to your new house for instance, or maybe it was destroyed somehow, you're not completely out of options.


 The most common course of action for people who are missing a car title is to get it replaced. You can head to the Highlands Ranch DMV and fill out some paperwork for a new car title. He'll send you a new one in a couple of weeks and you'll be good to go.


 If waiting a few weeks for a car title isn't something you're ready to do, there is a second option as well. When you make a deal with Cash Cars Buyer, and many cases we can go ahead with his sale even if you no longer have the title. So long as you have your driver's license and a valid vehicle registration, we should be able to make a deal. That's just part of the Cash Cars Buyer difference. 


The Cash Cars Buyer Difference 


Obviously, we believe that we are going to offer you the best service in the best deal in the industry. Take a look at what we offer that sets us apart from the competition.


  1. When you deal with Cash Cars Buyer, you're not just making yourself a few extra dollars and may be getting rid of the clutter that's been in your driveway for a while now. You're also helping the environment. If you leave a junk car out too long it can start leaking things like transmission fluid or motor oil. We can safely dispose of those dangerous fluids and recycle well over 50% of your car.


  1. We have over 10 years of experience in this industry. In that time, we have established a long list of satisfied customers, not to mention a customer service approach that makes selling your junk car quick, easy, and convenient.


  1. We try to be as honest as we can in our business dealings because too many people have had bad experiences selling junk cars in the past. That's why we invite you to find out the value of scrap before you even get in touch with us. We want you to know that when we make you an offer it's more than fair.


  1. We know your free time is important to you, and we don't want to monopolize any more of it than we have to. That's why you can access our online tool anytime of day or night, whenever it's convenient for you.


  1. We're able to come to you in Highland Ranch once we make a deal and tow away your car free of charge if need be. You never need to worry about how you're going to get it off your property, and certainly not footing the bill for getting rid of it yourself.


  1. When you use our online tool to get your instant offer we can pay you cash in hand in just 24 hours. No waiting for a check to clear or an online payment to process when you deal with us.


As you can see, we offer you so much more than the competition. Head over to our main page and click on the get instant offer button to start the process of selling your junk car today.