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Cash For Junk Cars, Hamilton, OH – Your FREE Instant Online Quote Awaits! 

Cash For Junk Cars, Hamilton, OH – Your FREE Instant Online Quote Awaits! 

As the second largest city in the Greater Cincinnati area, Hamilton Ohio is home to both banks of the Great Miami River. The city is also home to three designated National Historic Districts: Rossville, Dayton Lane and German Village. From zip codes 45015, 45014, 15013, 15012 and 15011, you’ll find great food, wonderful folks and attractions that offer tremendous fun. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You’ll also find the city’s premier junk car buying service, Cash Cars Buyer. We make selling an old, rusted, wrecked and damaged car quick and easy. You never will have the burden of calling to arrange for towing or the frustration of price-haggling. We offer personalized service right to your Hamilton door, while standing by the offer we make you, to buy your car! 

Get the Money You Need as You Junk a Car FAST! 

Whenever you decide to sell that old junk car, begin with the junk car buying experts at Cash Cars Buyer. We’ve been in business for over a decade and we love what we do! Cash Cars Buyer offers a stress-free, hassle-free and “FEE-FREE” way of getting rid of your junk car FAST! 

You don’t have to spend days, weeks or even months, calling around to local junkyards to sell your car. Just obtain your instant quote, and be well on your way for money for that old junk car quickly! 


Sell A Scrap Car- How it Works! 

Tell us about your junk car 

Gather your car’s information and then input it, for a precise and instant online quote. Be sure to leave nothing out. The more precise you are with your information, the more accurate your offer will be. Love what you just created? Awesome! Call us so that we can ask you a few questions and make you a guaranteed cash offer, FAST! 

Accept your offer 

When you call us, one of our friendly, experienced and accomplished junk car buying agents will ask you some questions, in an effort to formulate the best guaranteed cash offer. Love what our agent just told you? It’s time to sell your junk car, NOW! 

Get paid, fast! 

When you love your guaranteed offer and want to move forward, we will ask the best day and time to come to your Hamilton, OH location so that we can inspect your car. When we arrive, we will go to work fast, examine your ride and verify some information. Once all is well, we’ll put cash in your hands, FAST!

Buy My Junk Car!

We are Cash Cars Buyer, and we purchase junk cars just like yours each and every day, from all over the country. Whether your car is flooded, wrecked or damaged or is sitting on bricks, we will buy it! 

Additionally, we purchase cars with bad transmissions, ugly interiors, seized engines, tripped-up transmissions, broken timing chains ill-fated starters and more. Feel free to come to us, if you think that you have an issue that you just don’t think would qualify your car for a sale.  You can also come to us if you have any questions or issues regarding our methods and practices. 

As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we take great pride in being honest, trustworthy, straightforward and friendly, regardless of our junk car needs and circumstances. 


Not only do we offer fair market value on all makes and models, but we will even pick up your car for free, from its location! You just need to be there for our in-person appraisal and the wonderful payout! 


So, stop your search for the phrase: “who will buy my junk car?” and visit Cash Cars Buyer today! 


What’s My Junk Car Worth? 

Cash Cars Buyer is a top-rated car buyer with access to customers all over the country. We buy all types of cars, vans, SUVs and trucks- regardless of their condition! Our company began with the goal of making the junk car selling process a streamlined, easy and quick process. We know that there are so many negative thoughts associated with selling a junk car. 


But we work happily and even tirelessly at simplifying the car buying process. Forget the price-haggling you see in movies and on commercials. There is no yelling or someone smoking a cigar, laughing at your junk car, as you call to try to sell it. 

Whether your car is damaged, totaled, flooded, damaged or just a great used car you no longer wish to drive for reasons you can keep to yourself, you have a buyer! 

And we make knowing what your car is worth easy too. From the early morning hours of a new day, to a late-night computer search, you can obtain your instant offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you input all of the information about your junk car, you will know what its worth is in a matter of minutes. 

And when you agree to the offers that we make, on one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents will come to your home or location in matter of days- not weeks- to remove your car and pay you on the spot! 

Junk Yards That Buy Cars – What Do They Pay for a Junk Car? 

Have you been wondering: “How much do junkyards pay for cars?”

Generally, the payout for a junk car is between $100 and $400 for most places. Cash Cars Buyer offers fair market value, as well as “FEE-FREE” services that we know you’ll love. You will get a fair price for your old car as well as free towing services. You will be offered a stress-free as well a hassle-free payout upon pickup of your rusted, damaged or totaled vehicle.

The best way to get the most cash for cars, is knowing your vehicle. When you contact Cash Cars Buyer, you will be asked for several key items of information, including your car’s: 

  • Year, make and model 
  • Status of the title (do you have the title to your vehicle?) 
  • Location and amount of damage, if applicable to your car and more. 

Additionally, we know that selling your junk car, to a junkyard is something you have considered. So, what does a junkyard generally look at, when asked to buy a junk car? 

The year of your car 

How old is your car? For a junk car that’s over ten, 20 or even 30 years old, will it be worth significantly less than something that came off an assembly line just a few years ago? Your car’s age is one of the first questions your junk yard owner will ask. 


Condition, make and model of your junk car 

We all know that certain models of cars have a better resale value, than others. No one knows this better, than a junk yard dealer. So, prepare for your car to be examined. 

Your junk car’s weight 

If you own a particularly old, worn out, rusty and beat up junk car, then its value will be based almost entirely upon its weight. The value of your vehicle will be determined while the junk yard owner calculates the amount of scrap metal that your car contains, alongside the current price of scrap metal

“Do You Buy Junk Cars With no Title?” & FAQ 

I would like 500 for my junk car. Is this possible? 

Getting $500 for your junk car is not impossible, but regardless of where you take it for a sale, your car’s entire condition will be examined. So, knowing what your car is worth, is ideal, for a desired $500 payout. 

How do I sell my car online? 

The best way to sell a car online is not through Craigslist, Autotrader or even Facebook. Although great platforms, each require a seller to pay fees, spend time with the creation of a stand-out ad and more. The best place to sell a car online is through Cash Cars Buyer. We take away the price-haggling, fees and stress junk car or old car selling can bring. Just click here and obtain an instant offer on your vehicle in a matter of minutes! 

What kind of cars to you buy? 

  • Vehicles that are running or not running
  • Totaled, damaged or wrecked cars 
  • Vehicles with no title 
  • Cars that are just too expensive to repair
  • Vehicles that sit illegally parked and collect parking tickets
  • Cars with no keys
  • Vehicles with no tires
  • Non running vehicle and more!  

You mentioned that you buy cars with no title above. Tell me more. 

In most cases, not having the title to your car, is not an issue. We ask that you have both your car registration as well as a picture ID for the sale of your car. Your car with the missing or damaged title, is still entitled to receive an instant offer. Just be sure that you indicate that, once you obtain your FREE online quote. 

And what fees do I have to pay for, after I sell my car to you? 

We are a “FEE-FREE” junk car buying service. Paperwork fees? No Sir or Ma’am! Processing of your junk car sale? Not here! Towing? NEVER! You don’t have to pay us anything, to get rid of your junk car, FAST! 


After I sell my car to you, how long do I wait to get paid and for my car to be picked up? 

In most cases, we can pay customers the same day they call to enquire about our services and get an instant quote! Generally, it takes 24-72 hours to appraise your car, verify information and remove your junk car from your premises. 

Cash Cars Buyer is ready to remove that broken-down, dented, rusted and totaled car from your Hamilton, Ohio home or location, NOW!  Get your instant offer and allow us to show you why we are the best junk car buyers, in the business!