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Who Buys Junk Cars in East Greenwich, RI FAST? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars NOW! 

Who Buys Junk Cars in East Greenwich, RI FAST? We Do! Get Cash For Junk Cars NOW! 

East Greenwich is a town know for its waterfront, stellar schools for children, and great shopping. So, for that junk car taking up space in your driveway, you only take away from the beauty of the surroundings. This is where Cash Cars Buyer comes in. As the premier junk car selling business, we provide FREE online offers as well as a “FEE-FREE” way for you to sell your unwanted car FAST! Our junk car services are as savory and appetizing as a homemade pizza from Slice & Company. And our local coverage areas include all of zip code 02818. You never have to bring your car to us. We come directly to you! So, obtain your FREE offer, and begin the process of selling your clunker fast! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


East Greenwich Junk Car Buyers Who Buy Non Running Cars FAST 

Got a non running vehicle on your hands? You have a buyer! We here at Cash Cars Buyer, specialize in less-than-perfect junk cars and we pay fair market value for them. You can even use our easy, fast and efficient method of selling that car fast! 

Enter your car’s information 

Take the time to enter your car’s information for a FREE online quote. The more information you enter, the more precise your offer will be. 

Accept your offer and arrange for pickup, FAST 

Once you have your FREE online offer, call us so that we can ask you a few questions. Our experienced junk car agent will then formulate the best guaranteed cash offer for you FAST! Once you approve of this offer, we will ask you the best day and time to come to your home and pay you on the spot! 

Get paid and get that car towed 

Cash Cars Buyer is all about ease and simplicity. So, we will never waste any time coming to your home to inspect your car, handle the paperwork and then pay you on the spot! 

Cash For Junk Cars Anywhere in East Greenwich 

Cash Cars Buyer will purchase your junk car anywhere in East Greenwich and surrounding areas. We pay fair market value and we pay right when we buy your car. You can also count on a fair offer and pickup of: 


  • Vehicles that are running or not 
  • Accident-damaged, wrecked or totaled vehicles
  • Vehicles that have no vehicle title 
  • Vehicles with flood as well as water damage
  • Vehicles too expensive to repair or fix
  • Vehicles with no keys, bumpers or fenders 
  • Vehicles with no rims, wheels or tires
  • Vehicles collecting parking tickets and citations from local government 
  • Vehicles that are just plain ugly to look at and more! 
  • Have a question about your car and need a fair offer fast? Click here


Get Paid Cash For Your Junk Car Anywhere In East Greenwich, NOW

Who are we? We are junk car buyers in East Greenwich that make selling a junk car easy! When you’re looking to sell your junk car, you won’t find a more experienced, accomplished and dedicated business than Cash Cars Buyer!  You also won’t find a more efficient and seamless set of transactions than the ones we provide. We are the junk car buyers in East Greenwich taking the frustration, stress and pain out of selling a car. You can count on:  



  • FAST money payouts- we pay on the spot! 
  • Convenient appointment times for you- same day in most cases! 
  • A team that handles all of the paperwork and processing of your order! 
  • An opportunity to sell your car, even if you don’t have the title 
  • FREE junk car removal 
  • Junk car buyers who believe and practice recycling and other eco-friendly methods of getting rid of car 


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Sell Your Scrap Car in East Greenwich, RI- No Title Needed! 

So, you’re ready to sell that junk car, but you lost the title. How will you sell that car then? We here at Cash Cars Buyer purchase cars with no title and we just may buy yours! In most cases, your lost title is not an issue for us. We just ask that you have your ID as well as your registration for the sale of your car. When you locate that duo, just click here to obtain your FREE offer, FAST!  

How Much is Your Junk Car Worth in the East Greenwich Area?

We know that each junk car owner wants to know what the value of his or her junk car. Cash Cars Buyer takes the guesswork out of knowing with our FREE offer! You can receive it day or night and you are never obligated to follow through with us, for the sale- but we know you will love what you see! 

500 For Junk Cars 

Many of our valued junk car owners desire $500 for a cash payout. We work hard to make this happen and we will work hard for you! It’s important to know that the amount you receive is reflective of the total condition of your car.  It is also good to know that no matter where you sell your car, that buyer will have criteria that he or she looks at, before buying your car. Some of the factors we evaluate before buying a car include: 

  1. Year, make and model, 
  2. The current price of scrap metal and the weight of your vehicle 
  3. Level and amount of damage- and where that damage is located on your vehicle 
  4. Status of the title 
  5. Physical location of your car and more. 

Ready to obtain a FREE quote on your car? Click here to get started! 

We Buy Scrap Cars for Cash

When your car is involved in an accident and you have it on your hands, disposing it can be a frustrating as well as a stressful challenge. And now that you have a junk car, you need to get rid of it fast. We understand and offer fast cash for that junk car- no hassles or games. 


Get Paid Cash for Your Scrap Car Within 72 Hours!

Now is the time to begin the process of selling that junk car FAST. It all begins here with the FREE online quote that you will receive. Next, we will spearhead the sale of your car with complete “FEE-FREE” services. We will make you an offer, wait for you to accept it and schedule a day for pickup and payout! 

We don’t take days or weeks to come to your East Greenwich location to evaluate your car. We can get to you in a 24-72-hour period. For many of our valued junk car sellers, we can arrive the same day that you receive and accept your offer. And our ability to offer you a FREE online quote is the “cherry on the top” that you can expect! 


Should You Sell Your Car for Scrap?

Maybe you’re thinking twice about selling your car for scrap. The traditional methods can cause more anger and frustration than “local laws allow”. Using those conventional methods of disposing of a totaled, wrecked or damaged car are far less beneficial and more difficult. Why?   

  1. You’ll have difficulty finding a buyer. The majority of folks don’t want a scrap car. Most people want a whole car that still has life. 
  2. Other businesses may overlook the full condition of your car. Places like scrap yards or junkyards may not view and fairly evaluate the features that your car has- thus cheating you out of money you could earn for your car. 
  3. Searching for buyers and posting ads online can be expensive, time-consuming and tedious. 

Forget the stress of scraping your car and just sell it to us! 

When you think of Cash Cars Buyer, think of the junk car company with the “buyer built right in”! No need to repair your car before you sell it. Forget posting an ad in a newspaper or online- to attract folks-who may or may not show up to view your car. Sell that car the fast, efficient and convenient way- sell it to Cash Cars Buyer! Your FREE online offer awaits! 

Junk A Car in East Greenwich, RI- Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the process like for selling my car?

First, tell us about your car and then use your FREE online quote to call us. 2. After speaking with our experienced, friendly agent, you’ll receive a guaranteed FREE offer. Love what you hear from us? Great! It’s time to pack up that junk car and get paid. 3. We will arrive to your East Greenwich location between 24-72 hours, ready to inspect your car. When all is good to go, you’ll get paid on the spot! 

What fees to I have to pay? 

Nothing! You pay absolutely nothing to sell your car to us! Our entire services are “FEE-FREE” to you! 

And you’ll buy my car even though I damaged the title? 

We sure will! A missing, lost or damaged title is not an issue for us. Just have your ID as well as your registration for the sale of your car. Click here to get started! 

East Greenwich! It’s time to sell that car FAST! Cash Cars Buyer is the best of the best- offering you a no-hassle, no-stress method of getting rid of that car and getting paid FAST! Click here to get started and turn that horrendous car into a happy cash payout, FAST!