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Cash For Junk Cars Franklin, TN – Same Day Junk Car Removal Available! 

Cash For Junk Cars Franklin, TN – Same Day Junk Car Removal Available! 

Franklin, Tennessee is just south of Nashville. It stands as a central and key site of the American Civil War. The real battle however, is the one in your backyard. That junk car has taken over your property, and it’s time to get rid of it now. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We are Cash Cars Buyer, and we offer cash for cars. Whether your old car is sitting on bricks, has no keys or is just plain ugly, we will buy it! 

We offer fast, friendly and detailed service to zip codes: 32027, 37064, 34065, 37067, 37068 and 37069. With over a decade of junk car buying business, you can sell your car with confidence to the best in the junk car buying game! 

From our FREE towing to our experience, you can be assured that we will take care of the purchase of your junk car, from beginning to end. 

Begin the road to junk car freedom with an instant offer, and win the battle against the rusted old wreck on your property!

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?  

The Carter House, Winstead Hill and Fort Granger, a Unjoin fort built in 1862, are but a few of the attractions you can learn from and enjoy in beautiful Franklin. And when it comes to getting rid of that old clunker, we are yet another beautiful site to behold. Cash Cars Buyer is the junk car buyer near you offering you: 

  • An instant offer on your jolted jalopy 
  • FREE junk car removal from your location 
  • The opportunity to sell your junk car with no title and more 

We love what we do and it shows in the service we provide. 

Chances are, you have decided to take a day or two, to call all junkyards and scrap yards in your area. You’ve probably thought about posting an ad online. All of those methods of getting rid of a junk car near you may be viable, but we are the best. Forget the hassles, time and stress of calling others. We are the junk car buyers near you, ready to buy that junk car FAST! Get an instant quote now

Cash for Junk Cars Today Anywhere in Franklin, TN

Regardless of where you’re located, we’ll buy your junk car anywhere in Franklin, TN and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, we’re close and we may fair market value for junk cars. So, no need to feel as if you’re being scammed or swindled. 


Plus, we buy everything that includes:


  • Vehicles with no keys
  • Cars that are running or not
  • Damaged, wrecked or totaled vehicles
  • Vehicles with water damage
  • Cars with frame damage 
  • Vehicles collecting parking tickets
  • Cars, vans and trucks with no tires
  • Vehicles that are just plain ugly to look at! 
  • Cars, trucks and vans that are just too expensive to repair
  • Vehicles with No Title – we just have your ID and registration for the sale


Click here to get an instant offer on your junk car right now! 


We are Junk Car Buyers in Franklin, TN, Who Make it Easy!

If you’re looking to sell your junk car in Franklin, TN, you will not find a more streamlined business, or even seamless transactions, than the ones we provide. We are junk car buyers here in Franklin, TN, who make it quick, fast and easy to sell that car, FAST. 


We offer:

  • An instant offer on your car 
  • Cash Payouts – no checks or bank drafts 
  • Convenient appointment times – we even offer same-day appointments. 
  • All paperwork handling at no cost to you
  • The ability to sell your car even if you don’t have the car title
  • FREE towing of your vehicle and more! 

Experience the Cash Cars Buyer difference today! 


Sell Your Junk Car – Three Easy Steps! 

Enter your car’s information and get an instant offer 

Gather all of the information you can, then tell us all about your older or junk car. The more information you offer, the better your instant quote will be. Once you have your instant offer, it’s time to accept your offer! 

Call us for a guaranteed cash offer 

Once you have your instant offer and you love what you see, you can call to speak with one of our friendly representatives. He or she will ask you some additional questions about your junk car, in order to provide you with a guaranteed cash offer, fast!  Like what you hear? Great! 

Get paid! 

When you accept your guaranteed cash offer, we will ask what day and time are good for you, to perform an in-person appraisal. In most cases, we can arrive the same day you initially call us.  Generally, it takes us 24-72 hours for the in-person appraisal and cash payout. When we arrive to your Franklin, TN home or location, we will go to work fast! Once we look over your car and al is good to go, we will hand you the cash, FAST! 

Here's How to Junk My Car for 500 Cash

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is totaled, bears a salvage title or is damaged. Cash Cars Buyer will make you an instant offer on your car, followed by a guaranteed cash offer on your car. 

Our experienced, accomplished and trained agents buy cars with bad starters, seized engines, non-working transmissions, blown engines, dents, dings, frame damage, flood damage and more. 

We buy all makes and models too. In other words, we don’t discriminate when it comes to buying a junk car!  We’ll even buy your car if it fails to start or run. And when we buy your car, your service comes with FREE junk car removal! 

My $500 payout? 

Lots of customers are looking for that magical $500 for their junk car. Most of the time, we can make it happen. But, it’s important to remember that the final payout you receive, is based on the condition of your car. The following big factors are taken into consideration when offering you cash for your junk car:

  • Year, make and model 
  • Trim, options & features 
  • Location and extent of damage 
  • Locaiotn of the car and more 

Need an instant offer on your car and want to talk to us afterward? Great! Just click here! 

When it comes to honesty, integrity and a solid commitment to world-class service, you’ll find it embedded in our DNA! 

 The team at Cash Cars Buyer will get you the best possible offer for your vehicle with the least amount of hassle. That’s our guarantee to you! 

“I Can Junk My Car for Cash, Privately”

Sure, you can! That may prove to be a viable option, but there is lots to do, when you sell a car privately. 

First, you want to have a pricing strategy 

Let’s say that your car doesn’t sell for months. Are you coming down on the price and if so, by how much? 

Secondly, you have to make time to show your car 

How much time do you have on your hands? Every potential buyer who calls or emails you is going to want to see your car for sale. So, you have to set up a day and time to make it happen. 

Third, your safety is important! 

When selling a car privately, you have to remember that despite how nice he or she is, the potential buyer is STILL a complete stranger. You have to practice safety at all times. Are you meeting this buyer in a public place to show your car? What measures will you have in place for receiving payment for the car? 

Save the hassles and stress and call us today! 

Forget the private sale and call Cash Cars Buyer. We can make you an instant offer on that older car or heap of metal madness, in a matter of moments!

Where can I sell my junk car in Franklin, TN? & Other Frequently Asked Questions 

The title to my junk car is damaged. Can I still sell it to you? 

If you’re not able to get a duplicate car title for your Franklin, TN car, we may still be able to buy it. In most cases, not having the title is not a problem. Therefore, we ask that you have both your car registration as well as your ID, when you’re ready to sell your car to us. 

I don’t have the keys to my car. Will you still buy it? 

We sure will! We buy cars with no keys! 

How much can I sell my used car for to CashForCars.com? 

One you accept your offer, you can be assured that you’ll receive the highest offer possible, based on certain factors about your car. Some of those factors include year, make, model market value of your car, amount of damage, weight and the mileage of your vehicle. 

Once you make me an offer, do I have to take it and accept it immediately? 

Of course not! You are never under any obligation to take our offer! 

Who buys cars that don’t run?

Not a lot of places, but we do! We buy vehicles that don’t run! 

My grandpa’s van is older than time. Will you buy it? 

Even though your grandpa’s old van was probably used as an Uber for cavemen and cavewomen, we will still buy it. Forget how old it is or the fact that it doesn’t run. We will still buy it! We buy all makes and models! 

My car isn’t a junk car. I no longer drive. Do you buy older non running cars too? 

Have an older car that is still in good condition? We’ll buy it and give you a fair market value for it, FAST! Just click here to get an instant offer!