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Cash For Junk Cars, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Cash For Junk Cars, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Cash Cars Buyer is here as the premiere junk car buyers in Fort Wayne, IN, ready to offer top dollar for junk cars!

Named for General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, the city offers something for everyone. But with a glance in your backyard, one can quickly see that there’s no beauty to be had for anyone. Why? Well your yard is now a cemetery where old and non-running cars have gone to perish. Cash Cars Buyer is here to change that. Read on!

If you have a clunker collecting dust in your driveway, or a beat-up vacant van, then it’s time to contact Cash Cars Buyer and collect cash now!

Selling Your Fort Wayne, IN Car

Before you sell that mountain of useless metal, Indiana has some guidelines. First, for the sale of a car, Fort Wayne, IN car owners must have a Bill of Sale. This is the document that tells and guarantees ownership of the car. Next, you must have a Disclosure of Condition of the Car. Here in the Hoosier State, honesty is the best policy. This holds true for you and your car too.  You have to tell the buyer the good, bad and the ugly about your vehicle. Third and most important document is the title. You have to have an Indiana car title in order to sell your car. Click here out more from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles here.


Can I Still Sell My Fort Wayne, IN Car If I Lost the Original Title?

Yes, but it’s a process. First, you need to head to the  Fort Wayne, IN BMV and get a duplicate car title. Once you have that duplicate title, the word “DUPLICATE” will be stamped on its front. If you find your original car title, it’s cool, but it’s no good. In Indiana, you can’t have a duplicate car title and the original as two valid car titles. Now that you’ve paid for and gotten your duplicate car title, this is your “tried and true” car title, moving forward.


Cash Cars Buyer wants to make the process of selling us your car the most wonderful experience ever. We know it costs a fee to get a duplicate Indiana car title but it will be well worth it. Think of that car title as insurance and protection for you! When you have the title, you will have quick cash in hands with no problems!


Is My Car A Junk Car?

Although it may be tempting to kick that non-running car, it may not be junk. So, what is a junk car? A junk car is an automobile that cost more to repair than the owner can afford or the vehicle’s value. For that your old clunker out in the yard, it may cost more to get that thing on the road than its worth.


I Want to Sell My Junk Car Online

That’s an option, but there is much to consider. There’s lots of work that goes into selling a car online. First, you’ll have to take great pics of your car and upload each one onto each online marketplace you want to sell.  And your pics should be great looking works of art too!  Snap some of the front of the car, the back, right and then left. Whew! Tired yet? Secondly, you have to write a description about your car. People ask lots of questions. And, hearing the same ones over and over again, can get tiresome. Once you write your description, you have to post all of this on the sites. From Facebook, Fort Wayne IN Craigslist and more, you are putting some hours of work!  Last but certainly not least, here’s something to think about:  scammers. Unfortunately, many folks make it their life’s mission to swindle others out of their money.

What If I Junk my Car at the Local Junkyard?

Well, that’s an option too. But many junk cars purchased by junkyards also mean that sellers can often get swindled. It is very common for a junkyard to quote one price over the phone, but tell a seller a completely different price in person. You will have several prices juggling up in the air, once you pay for the car to be towed to the yard. Yikes. This old and common unfair practice of “bait and switch” is unfair and unethical. And don’t forget that you will be out of hundreds of dollars to sell a car that doesn’t run.


OK, Tell Me More About Cash Cars Buyer

Absolutely! Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, bonded, insured, honest and dependable car buying company. We offer our customers cash for cars, with no hassles, strings, or dishonest practices.


Not only do we buy junk cars from residents of Fort Wayne, IN, but we’ll buy a car even if it won’t start! We also buy cars of all makes and models. If your car was manufactured between 2000 and 2018, it makes no difference to us. We will buy it. We also guarantee the best price for your car. Contact one of our Fort Wayne, IN agents today and get rolling in a new set of wheels!


What’s Next?

Now comes the time to enter your car’s information using our online tool. Next, we’ll ask you a few questions. Nothing “trick or hard”! Then, you will have a free estimate on your car in less than a minute!  For a transparent value of your car, we look at a car’s merit. Then, an offer will be made to you.


Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll load up and make our way to your Fort Wayne, IN home. Check out all of the zip codes we service: 46801 46802 46803 46804 46805 46806 46807 46808 46809 46814 46815 46816 46818 46819 46825 46835 46845 46850 46851 46852 46853 46854 46855 46856 46857 46858 46859 46860 46861 46862 46863 46864 46865 46866 46867 46868 46869 46885 46895 46896 46897 46898 46899. And just so that you know, yes, we have GPS as well as knowledgeable Fort Wayne, IN agents!


Contact Your Fort Wayne, IN Junk Car Buyers Now!

Aren’t you glad you know more about us?  Now, just pick up your phone, dial our number and it will ring a happy ring!  Form our happiness to hearing from you, you’ll be happy to have cash in your hands! So, contact Cash Cars Buyer today and lets… we have to write it… “wheel and deal”!