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We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

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Cash For Junk Cars Florence, AL – Instant Offer, FREE Junk Car Removal Available NOW! 

Cash For Junk Cars Florence, AL – Instant Offer, FREE Junk Car Removal Available NOW! 

The money you keep pouring into your junk car has got you down and now you’re trying to get rid of it. Dealerships seem uninterested in your junk car and junkyards seem to be running in scams after scams. So, what can you do? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Cash Cars Buyer will purchase that junk car at no cost to you! You can even obtain an instant offer, before even selling your car- so you know what you’re working with! 


We offer a “FEE-FREE” way for our valued customers to sell a junk car. In many cases we can come the same day you call with an enquiry about selling your rusted ride! 


Sell Your Junk Car FAST! It's A Quick & Easy Process! 

Tell us about your junk car 

Type in all of the details about your vehicle and be sure to tell us everything. The more accurate you are about your car, the more precise your offer! Once you’ve typed all of your information in, you will receive an instant offer. Like what you see and ready to move on? Great! 

Accept your cash offer 

Once you have your instant offer, you can call and speak to one of our friendly agents. We’ll ask you some questions about your car and then make you a guaranteed cash offer on your vehicle. Love what you just heard? Great!

Schedule a time for pickup! 

Once we have your approval of that guaranteed cash offer you can tell us where the vehicle is located. We will be happy to set up a day and time, convenient to you, to come and appraise your car, remove your ride and pay you FAST! 

How We Help You Sell Your Car Fast

Cars are our business. Junk cars are our passion, because we know that they can create frustration and anxiety.  Therefore, we offer a judgement-free, hassle-free and FEE-FREE way for you to junk a car fast! 


We know how important life is and these days, it’s all about living simply, and creating happiness along the way. What better way to be happy, than to remove a damaged and rusted set of wheels and get paid for it? 

We also know that selling a car on your own can be time-consuming, costly and sometimes downright unsafe.


That’s why we guarantee our customers that we’ll provide them with a fair market value on their old clunker without hassles, price-haggling and stress! Click here to get an instant offer on your rusted whip right now! 

How to Sell My Old Car Online

So, you’re ready to enter into the world of online car sales? Think you want to post an ad to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or buy a car ad package from Autotrader? It takes work, money, dedication and time. Check out what needs to be done. 

You have to pinpoint where you want to sell 

When deciding to sell a car, you have to decide where you want to sell it. Are you into creating an ad that reaches a national audience? Or do you want to post an ad, and reach local buyers? 

Monies for fees 

Lots of online car marketplaces do charge you to post your ad. Some of these fees can really add up. For a person who is looking to MAKE money and not SPEND coins, this can really cut into your bottom line. 

Photos are important 

Regardless of where you’re selling you car you have to be sure that you take great photos and make them pics that are clear, sharp and focused. 


Since your car ad isn’t the only one out there, you have to be patient, wait for your car ad to aggregate and the filter out the non-serious buyers, from the serous ones. 

Forget all of that and just sell your car to us! 

As the best alternative to selling a car online, Cash Cars Buyer stands ready to help you sell your ride fast! How do we do this? 

  • You can get an instant offer on your car, in a matter of minutes! You can even obtain your instant offer 24/7! 
  • You never have to come out of pocket, for anything. Do we need money for paperwork, processing or towing? NOT AT ALL! We are “FEE-FREE”! 
  • We work hard to get you fair market value for your car. Forget padding on items to increase OUR bottom line; we work to get you paid, FAST! 

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

In this age of technological advancement, you can count on stellar services from Cash Cars Buyer. Forget having to tow your car to us; we come to you! In fact, our local coverage areas include zip codes: 35634, 35633, 35632, 35631 and 35630! You can spend time touring the Helen Keller birthplace or doing some power walking at the McFarland Park.  But you don’t have to spend time finding a junk car dealer near you! 

When selling a junk car, it takes time to find the best offer for your car from a junkyard or another junk car buyer. Such is true for all makes and models. Of course, you can go online and read a “laundry list” of places that advertise “We buy junk cars. You can even take the better part of your morning and call every junk yard within 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 miles of your home. 

Most places will pay you the going rate for scrap steel based on the weight of your car. But you have to be careful that you are not being scammed, as companies pad their services, in an effort to make a profit from you. Let Cash Cars Buyer save you time, as we work to help you sell your junk car fast, and get you fair market value for it! Click here to get an instant offer now! 

We Pay the Guaranteed Offer

Many times, other (not all) junk car buyers will make you an offer, then lower that offer, when it comes time to pay you. Unfortunately, this practice of “bait and switch” is as old as time.  Thankfully, you will never find that business practice with us. Instead, you will find that the offer we say, is the offer we guarantee!  


Do you buy cars with no title? FAQ 

Where can I sell my junk car? 

Tired of listening to what businesses CAN’T do for you? It’s time to have the Cash Cars Buyer experience and listen to what a company CAN do for YOU! We pay full market value with out price markups, hassles or price haggling! 

Who Buys Used Cars? 

“Who Buys Used Cars?” has been typed into your computer so many times, that your machine is even tired of you searching for the answer! Cash Cars Buyer will purchase that used car from you, at full market value, and at no cost to you! 

How much can I sell my car for?

Generally- on low end- we can pay $100. But for many of our valued customers, we can offer thousands of dollars for a car. Some of the factors that are considered when buying a car include: year, make and model of the vehicle, amount as well as location of damage, status of title and more. Obtain your instant offer now and know exactly what your car is worth!

Do you buy cars with not title? 

Can’t find you car title or did you damage it?  We buy cars with no title and we may buy yours. In many cases, not having the title is not a problem. We ask that you have your picture ID as well as your car registration, once you are ready to sell your car. 

When you say that you will buy a car in any condition, do you really mean that? 

We sure do! We buy cars: 

  • Running or not 
  • With no key 
  • That have lots of frame damage 
  • With water and flood damage
  • That have no keys and more! 

And the best part of all of this, is that you get to indicate all of this information, once you obtain your instant offer on your vehicle! 

How long will it take to sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

In most cases, we buy cars the same day you call to sell it! Generally, it takes us 24-72 hours to gather your information, perform the on-site appraisal and pay you. 

Why sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer?

    • You can get an instant offer on your car FAST!
    • Our services are completely FREE to you! You never pay us nothing to sell your rusted whip!
    • We offer personal service. We will come to your Florence, AL location, promptly! Our agents are friendly, and ready to get to work inspecting your car and paying you for it! 


  • We buy cars with no title! Just have your ID as well as car registration for the sale of your car 
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured. This means we play no games, run no pyramid schemes or scams. You will get a fair market value for your clunker and payment for it, without hassles! Get your instant offer now and contact Cash Cars Buyer today!