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Sell Your Junk Car in Fairmont, West Virginia 

Sell Your Junk Car in Fairmont, West Virginia 

There is nothing more unsightly than a non-working car in the driveway of a home. In addition to being an eyesore, such a vehicle only takes up space that could be used for a car you are actually driving. You may tell yourself that you will fix the car up eventually, but you should ask yourself if you really have the time and patience to do it. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Selling your non-running car will not only get you some extra cash, but it will make your property look better. If your old clunker is currently stored in your garage, selling it will free up space which can be used for a multitude of things. 


Cash Cars Buyers will give you cash for your junk car and tow it away for free. You can use the extra space to improve your living situation and the extra money to enjoy the beautiful town of Fairmont.


What to do With Your Garage 

Once we have towed away your old car, you will be left with an empty garage. You can use the space to protect your new car from the elements or you can use the space to make a little extra money.

Rent Out Your Garage

People pay a lot of money for tiny storage lockers. Renting out your garage for storage is a great way to get a little extra cash without having to lift a finger. People are always looking for a place for all of their stuff and a garage is a lot bigger than a storage facility. 


Turn it into an Extra Room

If one of your kids is clamoring for their own space, or if you just need a man cave or she shed to get away from it all, the garage can be the perfect place for an extra room. If you have a messy hobby or even one that takes up a lot of room, a garage can be a great place to work.


If you are feeling particularly energetic, you can add a bathroom and turn your garage into an efficiency apartment. A small rental can nettle you several hundred extra dollars a month. If you don’t want to commit to a full-time tenant, you can rent out the room to travelers through a site like Airbnb.


With all that extra money in your pocket, you will be able to truly enjoy the historic town of Fairmont, West Virginia. There are so many fun and fascinating things to see and do here. 


Things to do in Fairmont 

This small Appellation community as the hometown to such famous people as author John Knowles, olympian Mary Lou Renton, and piano player Johnnie Johnson.


Prickett's Fort State Park

This beautiful park is the perfect place for Civil War buffs. It contains a reconstructed refuge fort. After commandeering Shawnee Indian nation’s land, European settlers built the fort to protect them against the Native Americans who attempted to hunt there. 


There are a couple of small museums in the park and you can get a tour lead by a guide who is costumed in war era garb. People often have weddings and events at the state park. 


Johnnie Johnson Jazz and Blues Festival

Palatine Park Fairmont, WV 26554

This annual festival celebrates the work of one of Fairmont’s most talented residence. Born in the 1920s the Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Johnnie Johnson was a military veteran and world-class pianist.  


Every July, Fairmont hosts a festival in his honor which includes both national and local acts. You can taste food and drinks from many local restaurants and buy arts and crafts from local businesses at this event.


Local Dining and Antiquing 

People often travel far and wide without ever exploring their home towns. Many of the businesses in town are housed in perfectly restored buildings. Be sure to stop by 

Arts and Antiques/Fairmont Mercantile located at 205 Adams St to find a Civil War Era trinket. 


The Grape Leaf, located in the same shopping center, serves some delicious Mediterranean food. The Rambling Root located at 101 Fairmont Ave offers an eclectic food menu and a large selection of local brews.


When you decide to sell your old car you will find several places that buy junk cars. We feel confident that once you examine these options, you will see that Cash Cars Buyers is the best choice.


Selling Your Car Online

Given the number of websites on which a person can sell used cars, you would think that online sales are the best way to unload used vehicles. In fact, such websites are one of the most ineffectual ways to unload your car. 


If you list your car on one of these sites, they will charge you a fee. You may have to pay for anywhere from one to six months of advertising. Once you list your car, you will be in competition with many other people. Most sites do not limit the number of listings that they display.


It may be months before anyone even sees your listing on one of these sites. If you do get an interested buyer, you will have to take time out of your day to show the car. You may have to show the car to multiple people before you actually sell it. 


Listing anything you are selling can be dangerous. Criminals will often find their victims online. If you do decide to sell your car online, you may want to meet buyers at a neutral location. 


If you sell your car to us, we will make you an offer and pick your car up within 24 hours.


Taking Insurance Money

If your car was destroyed in an accident, you may be able to get money from automobile insurance. West Virginia is a tort state when it comes to car insurance. This means that the person who caused the accident is responsible for its associated bills.


If your car was wrecked due to the negligence of another party, their insurance company should pay you for that vehicle. They will base the amount of money you get of the value of the car immediately before the accident. There is not a set legal protocol for determining the value of the car; they will decide how much the car was worth.


Insurance companies have entire legal departments devoted to keeping their money in house. They are likely to offer you less money than your car is worth. You can either take the amount of money they offer you or hire a personal injury attorney to negotiate with them. 


Cash Cars Buyers won’t try to cheat you out of money. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle.


Trade-in Your Car

If you are in the market for a new car, the dealership is likely to offer you a certain trade-in amount for your old vehicle. Before you go into the dealership, you should contact us to see how much we can pay you for the automobile.


Car dealerships are quite wily when it comes to negotiations. They will try offering much less than your car is worth because they think that you will want to avoid the hassle of selling your car elsewhere.


In other cases, a dealership may offer you what seems like a very good price for your car. If they do this, make sure to read the offer on your new car line by line. They may well tack the amount of money they have given you for the trade-in back onto the price of the new car.


When you initially talk to the salesperson, do not let them know that you have a car to trade in, wait until you have a final price. When you tell them about the trade-in, let them know what we have offered you.  


What if I don’t have the title?

If you don’t have the title to your car you will not be able to sell it online, collect insurance money, or trade it in. You will have to go to the DMV to replace it and that will take time and cost money. When you sell to us we may not need a title. In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.


Sell Your Car to Us

Cash Cars Buyers has a fabulously easy method of junk car removal. Simply go to our website, fill out a form, and wait for us to call you with an offer.


Our online form is simple to fill out. We will ask you for your name, email address, and phone number. We will need the make, model, year, and VIN number of your car. After we receive your form, we will call you back with an offer. 


If you accept our offer we will make an appointment to come to get your old ride. Our employee will arrive on time, perform a brief inspection, pay you in cash, and tow the car away. Nothing could be more hassle-free!