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Cash For Junk Cars, Escondido, CA – Sell Your Junk Car FAST! No Hidden Fees! 

Cash For Junk Cars, Escondido, CA

When you think about the junk car sitting in your backyard, you become frustrated about the fact that you have found not one buyer for it. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You may also think about the countless times you have tried to call junkyards near you, to junk your car. All you’re met with is high fees and low cash payouts. 

But there is a company who will charge you nothing to junk your car, while offering you cash on the spot! 

We are Cash Cars Buyer, providing the ultimate car selling experience, to junk car sellers! Whether your car is as old as time, or has lots of damage, you have a buyer! As your local Escondido, CA junk car buyers, you can count on fast, efficient as well as friendly service! We also charge no fees to you either! Continue reading and find out why we are the best choice for selling your old clunker! 

Times are Changing – Sell Your Junk Car Fast and Easily! 

Let’s face it. We live in some uncertain times. From a global pandemic, to lots of other factors, the world is shaping up to be a place where we all have to become equipped to handle whatever is tossed our way. 

With those changing times, the city of Escondido is seeing a decrease in driving. According to reports, the residents of Escondido are entitled to refunds for various insurance policies. 

The Times-Advocate website reports: “Amidst the truly nasty ill wind that is the coronavirus outbreak is the news that many motorists will be getting a refund from their car insurance company because they are sheltering-in-place and not driving as much. Less driving means fewer claims.” The website further adds: “And it’s not just car insurance. Other types of insurance will also be issuing refunds due to reduced numbers of claims.” 

Make no mistake about it. Driving just isn’t what it once was. And given lots of work and activities done from home, the need for driving is quickly dissolving. So, what better time to get rid of that old car, than now? As many folks are just not hitting the roads as much as they used to, this could be a great time to make money off of that rusted whip in your backyard. 

We Buy Junk Cars- Call Us! 

The world is a changing landscape and we want to help! We buy junk cars – all makes and models! Begin the road to getting paid by entering your car’s details here, so that you can get an instant offer! Like what you see after you have entered all of your car’s specs? 

Great! Now, call us so that we can ask you a few questions about your clunker, for a guaranteed cash offer. Love that offer too? Let’s make a date to come out and appraise your car and get you paid fast! The world is changing and driving just isn’t what it was. Let’s get you paid for that old car or jalopy taking up space! We are Cash Cars Buyer, your premier destination for junking a car fast in Escondido, CA! 

Selling a car Privately – “Who Can I Sell My Car To?” 

Many residents opt for a private car sale and hope to rake in some serious cash, FAST. But sometimes its’s not always the case. From posting an ad online, to taking pictures and then waiting for a buyer, the process can be long. 

Selling a car privately takes great skill, time and patience. And many of us just don’t have all three! 

These days, the online car selling competition is stiff. Additionally, lots of scammers are out for your money and you as a seller have to do lots to sell your vehicle. 

Cash Cars Buyer knows all of this. That’s why we eliminate the headache, stress and frustration that come with selling your car privately. 

You don’t need to wait for a buyer, or take photos of your car to post. We just ask that you provide us with as many details about your car as you can. Once you finish, you will have an instant offer that we know you’ll love! 

Forget the hassles and stress of selling your car privately. Sell that old car to Cash Cars Buyer NOW! 

500 Dollars for Junk Cars in Escondido, CA

You desire $500 for your junk car. While that’s not an unreasonable goal to have, there are things to consider. Lots of factors go into the final offer you receive for your junk car. Some of the criteria that goes into the final offer for your car include: 

  • Year, make and model 
  • Amount of damage on the car and where that damage is located 
  • The trim and options on your car
  • The weight of your vehicle 
  • Title status (do you have the title to your car?), and more. 

Now, wanting $500 for your junk car is not unreasonable, but knowing its worth is important.  

We make it easy for you to get a value for your car! 

Just click here and in a matter of minutes, you will have an instant offer on your junk car. Lots of our customers are pleasantly surprised to find that their junk car is worth more than the $500 they hoped for. Regardless of the amount you receive for your clunker, you can feel confident that you are getting the best offer possible. Ready to obtain that instant offer? Great! Click here NOW! 

Local service to your Escondido Location! 

Once you’re ready to sell your old car, you can count on us for quick, professional and personalized service right to your door. You NEVER have to bring your car to us to sell; our friendly agents will come to you! Click here now to get an instant offer on that old vehicle today!  


And it won’t take weeks or months to sell that clunker either!  In most cases, we offer same day pickup! Generally, it takes us up to 72 hours to process the sale of your car and tow it away for free! 


Your Zip Code is Where We Will Be! 

Our Escondido, CA coverage areas include zip codes:  92046, 92033, 92030, 92029, 92027, 92026

and 92025!  So, instead of finding a junk car buyer near you, why not head to Grape Day Park, for a day of fun and sun! Forget the worries and hassles of finding a buyer for your junk car. We are Cash Cars Buyer and we are ready to buy your junk car, NOW


How to Sell My Old Car Online

Just about anything can be sold online these days and a car is certainly no exception.  You can sell a car online as well as buy one. From Facebook Marketplace, to Craigslist, selling a vehicle is easy and quick. But it can be costly, time-consuming and even stressful. 

Although selling a vehicle online is exploding in popularity, you have to be patient in waiting for the right buyer. This could take days, weeks and even months. So, what do you do if you don’t sell your car as fast as you would like? What is the backup plan you will implement?  

When you sell your car, what kind of safety measures will you implement to get paid? 

If you’re looking to sell your car for scrap, you may opt for a site such as Craigslist. And for many junk car buyers, their questions may seem to never end. Additionally, you never know if you have a serious buyer on your hands, or someone who is looking to scam you. From safety factors to more, selling a car online may or may not be the best route for you. 

But selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer is! Junk a car FAST! 

We make junking your car fast, quick and easy! Here’s how easy it is: 

Enter your car’s specs and get an instant offer 

Tell us all information you have about your car, so that you can get the best instant offer possible. From the damage on the car, to your title status, tell us everything! Once complete, you’ll have an instant offer on your junk vehicle that you can use to move forward with the process of getting paid FAST! 

Accept your offer 

After you have you instant offer, you can call one of our friendly agents and get a guaranteed cash offer on your ride. We’ll ask you some questions and then you will have a guaranteed cash offer in no time! Love what we are offering? Great! Let’s make plans to come to your location, for an in-person appraisal! 

Get paid! 

When we arrive to your home, we will waste no time getting to work, inspecting your car. When all is “on the up and up”, you’ll get paid fast! 

Get Local Junk Car Service with A Smile! 

Whether your car is rusted, sitting on bricks, or just plain ugly and won’t run, we will buy it.  Tell us about your car and watch as you’re paid for that clunker fast! 

And if not having the title is a problem, we may be the solution! 

In most cases, not having the title, is not a problem. We ask that you have your car registration as well as a picture ID for the sale of your car. Also, if you have any other supporting documentation, add that to your mix too! 

We offer: 

  • FREE towing 
  • An instant offer on your car 
  • QUICK and no-hassle cash payouts 
  • A “FEE-FREE” process for selling your car
  • Personalized and private service to your front door and more! 

Need to know more about us? Call us! We’re Cash Cars Buyer and we buy junk cars for CASH, FAST! 

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