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Cash For Junk Cars, Enterprise, AL – FREE Junk Car Removal! Junk Car Buyers In Your Area Now! 

Cash For Junk Cars, Enterprise, AL – FREE Junk Car Removal! Junk Car Buyers In Your Area Now! 

From the Two By Two Petting Zoo, to the ever- popular and famous Boll Weevil Monument, Enterprise Alabama has the attractions that will captivate and inspire you. Filled with welcoming residents as well as those pesky boll weevils, Enterprise continues to thrive to this day. But not only have those boll weevils found their way into the crops, but so have some junk cars. We may not be able to do much about the boll weevils in the area, but we are Cash Cars Buyer, the “junk car exterminators”. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We take a junk car, remove it for FREE from your property and pay you money when it’s all said and done! No, we don’t know much about pesky beetles, but we do know about fast, efficient and free junk car removal as well as quick payouts! Our coverage of Enterprise, AL spans far and wide. We cover zip codes: 36331 as well as 36330. 

Begin your journey to a junk car-free property by obtaining your FREE online quote now

Who Can I Sell My Car to, Because I’m Driving Less? 

These days, lots of folks are doing more from home. From working, to schooling and setting up online businesses, there is less of a need to travel by car. 

This proves true for the state of Alabama. In an article posted to the governor.alabama.gov website, Governor Kay Ivey announced a car insurance refund for thousands of Alabama residents: “Governor Kay Ivey announced [on April 24th of 2020] that automobile insurers are returning premium totaling to date more than $100 million, to more than two million Alabama policyholders during the ongoing crisis brought on by COVID-19. Because most drivers are following the governor’s stay-at-home order, there are fewer miles being traveled resulting in fewer accidents. As a result, many auto insurers are now sharing their savings with consumers.” 

The website further states: “Governor Ivey said. ‘I want to thank automobile insurance companies for stepping up to the plate during this difficult time and supporting their policyholders. Here in Alabama, the economic impact is greater than $100 million in payments returned to the pockets of consumers at a time when it is badly needed.’” 

A global crisis may have discouraged less driving, but fewer car travelers continues to create less and less driving, as time progresses

Are you one of the many Alabama residents who has adopted a lifestyle conducive to more stay-at-home activities and work? Do you find that you no longer need a car to get around? Cash Cars Buyer is here to purchase that unwanted car, and pay you fair market value for it! Get a FREE online quote for your car right now and call us so that we can arrange pickup and payment for you, FAST! 

Selling My Car Online in Alabama 

In Alabama, just as in every other state in the union, lots can be done, with the click of a computer mouse. From following a tutorial for a facial, to watching a video on how to create a delicious meal, and even taking a history course, we live in a world of online work and activities. So, when it comes to selling a car, the same is true. Whether you’re in the market to buy a car or sell one, both can be done, online. 

So, as a junk car or a used car owner, how do you conquer the online car selling landscape and make the sale? Here are few things to keep in mind: 

Know where you’re going to sell your car 

Whether you choose to sell your car on Craigslist, Autotrader, or Facebook Marketplace, you have to have a set number of places you are going to sell your car. And if you are listing the same car on multiple sites, you have to make sure that once you sell, all car ads are removed. You don’t want to sell a vehicle that has already been sold. 

Fees are important 

Many online car marketplaces, charge fees for using their site. Autotrader has multiple packages that car sellers can buy. Craigslist charges a $5.00 fee and your car ad will only be up there, for a set amount of time.  Fees must either be paid up front, or once you sell. 

Picture a Description… that tells the whole story

Ready to sell? Great! Now is time for the photos as well as the description about your vehicle. Both tell the story of your car and if both are not in the ad, you can wave goodbye to any possibility of a sale. Pics should be focused and sharp. And your description has to be detailed. 

The best place to sell a car online… Cash Cars Buyer! 

Yes, you read the headline correctly! Allow us to “toot our own horn” here a bit. We are Cash Cars Buyer with the objective of providing an alternative to conventional online car selling. You don’t need a collage of photos, or some crafty and expertly-written description to sell your car to us! All you need, is to take a moment of time, to enter your car’s information. Once you do, an instant offer will be formulated for you, for that old, damaged, totaled or wrecked car. 

Who Buys Cars with No Title? 

Selling a car in Alabama requires that car owners have a title. You can even obtain a duplicate car title if you have a lost or a damaged one. 

You can also find comfort in the fact that we do indeed buy cars with no title. In most cases, not having the title will not prevent you from making the sale. We work on a case-by-case basis and offer the best possible outcome to each customer. So, for those valued junk car sellers who don’t have the title, we ask that they supply both their car registration as well as picture ID for the sale of the car. You can even find out what your car is worth, without the title by clicking here

Experience the Cash Cars Buyer Difference 

The junk car buying experts at Cash Cars Buyer, have been buying cars for over a decade. We have earned the respect of hundreds of customers, with our honest, straightforward and trustworthy approach to buying a junk car. 


As a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buying company, we specialize in buying the severely damaged, wrecked and totaled vehicles, other junk car buyers say no to, in an instant. 


And any question you have about the junk car buying process, you don’t have to hesitate to ask or feel ashamed. We want to make selling you junk car as quick, convenient and fast as it can possibly be. So, get an instant offer on your vehicle right now and call us so that we can prepare a day and time to come to your location, appraise your car and pay you right there on the spot! 


“What If I Want 500 for My Junk Car?”  & Other FAQ 

Do you buy cars with no title? I cannot find mine. 

We do buy cars with no title. In many cases, not having the title is not an issue. We do ask that you have both your car registration as well as picture ID ready for the sale of your junk vehicle. 


What if I want 500 for my junk car? 

These days, getting $500 for a junk car is still possible. But you have to realize that the final offer that you receive for your junk car, depends on its condition. So, if you have a non running car and it’s missing all doors, you have to take that into consideration as you seek that magical $500 amount for your car. We here at Cash Cars Buyer, look at various factors when deciding to make an offer on a car. Some of those factors include your car’s: year, make, model, the amount and location of damage, trim, options, features, and locaiotn. Need to know what your junk car is worth right now? Just click here


When I junk my car with Cash Cars Buyer, how fast will I get paid? 

In lots of instances, our customers can get paid the same day they look to sell their rusted ride! Although we offer same-day pickup and payout, it usually takes up to 72 hours for removal and payout. 


What fees do I have to pay, once I sell my car to you? 

We are “FEE-FREE”! This means, that you NEVER have to pay for any paperwork, processing or towing fee! Our junk car services are FREE! 


Is selling my car secure? 

It sure is! We come to your Enterprise, AL location or home. And once we arrive, all transactions are safe and secure. You never have to feel uneasy or apprehensive. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company. Just ask us and we’ll prove it to you! 


When you say that you will buy any car, do you really mean it? 

Yes, we do! From Aunt Gertrude’s old van, you kids used to ride in to church, to Uncle Jay’s old hatchback he used to take the family fishing in, we will buy them! We also buy cars with:  frame, flood, water and accident damage too! Car sitting on bricks? We’ll buy it. Vehicle has no keys to start it? no problem! We will buy it! 


Enterprise, Alabama, it’s time to let go of the rest, because you’ve found the best. Cash Cars Buyer is the “junk car exterminator” you’ve been searching for! Get your instant quote right now and then let’s turn that totaled clunker into cash, FAST!