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Cash For Junk Cars East Providence, RI

East Providence used to be part of both Rehoboth and then Seekonk, Massachusetts. Then in 1862, East Providence became an independent city in Rhode Island. Additionally, the city has undergone some name changes- three to be exact.  The city has also been transferred between two states. Today, there are five prosperous neighborhoods in East Providence offering locals as well as tourists a wealth of activities as well as fun. From India Point Park, to the Italian Corner restaurant on Boyd Avenue, East Providence offers a bit of something for everyone. 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

Cash Cars Buyer offers East Providence residents the best junk car selling services around. We “serve up” five-star service that’s as layered and delicious like the Genoa Salami Grinder you’ll find at the Italian Corner! You can also obtain a FREE online offer, FREE junk car removal and a host of “FEE-FREE” services that make selling your totaled, wrecked, damaged and scrap car quick, easy and convenient! Regardless if you live in zip code 02860, 02906, 02914, 02915 or 02916, we can come to your location, evaluate your car and then pay you on the spot! 


Reputable East Providence Junk Car Buyers Keeping You Safe! 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer take the safety and security of each junk car seller very seriously. In fact, we ensure that all personal information you enter is protected at all times. Additionally, we never sell your data to any other company or third-party. You can be assured of safe and secure transactions from beginning to end. 

COVID-19 Update: Cash Cars Buyer is not only practice physical distancing, but other measures, to keep our team members and the public safe and healthy at all times. If you need special accommodations during the sale of your junk car, simply let us know! 

Who Buys Non Running Cars with No Title in East Providence? 

OK- so you just got back home from several junkyards and a dealership and none were interested buying your car. Or they simply did not offer the junk car services you needed. You logged onto your computer and discovered Cash Cars Buyer!  We’re so glad you’ve found us! In most cases, not having the title is not an issue for us. We buy non running cars whether a title accompanies them or not! For that title-less car, you can sell it as long as you can provide proof of ownership. So, if you have your picture ID as well as your car registration, then you have a sale! We may ask for additional paperwork and we may have some other questions- but we will provide the best possible outcome for you! Click here to obtain your FREE online quote NOW

How our East Providence, RI Cash For Junk Cars Process Works

Looking for a hassle-free, stress-free and haggle-free way to sell that junk car? Keep on reading; we’ve got you covered! 

Tell us about your car 

Just take a moment or two, to tell us all about your rusted ride. Once complete, you will have a FREE online quote that you created from the information you placed into our online portal. 

Accept your offer 

When you have your offer, you can call us and one of our friendly and accomplished junk car experts will ask you a few questions about your car. This will ensure that we provide the best guaranteed cash offer for you ever! Love your offer? Great give us the “OK” and we will ask the best day and time to come to your East Providence location to appraise and pick up your car! 

Get paid on the spot 

We will waste no time arriving to your East Providence home or office, to inspect your car, verify some information and then pay you on the spot!  

No need to call a tow truck! We have that covered! 

Once we pay you for your car, we will tow that heap of metal madness away! You never have to pay for any aspect of your junk car selling experience, including the towing! 


Ready to Sell Your Junk Car in East Providence on Your Own? 

Looking to sell that rusted, totaled and damaged car on your own? Sure, the lure of selling online may be there and you may think that you can obtain some quick cash. But with selling online, comes with great work and great patience. 

First, gather some great pictures of your car 

If you’re looking to sell your car online, then prepare to show it off with great and sharp pictures. Ten pictures is a great number to have for your online ad. 

Secondly, get that description ready 

Now, comes the time to write the description of your car that will garner a great sale. Be sure to remain honest, and detailed about your car. 

Thirdly, pay those fees, please! 

Ready to post your car ad online? Looking to post your car to several online marketplaces? Read that fine print and get that money together to pay those fees! They can quickly add up! 

Or, you can sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Forget the madness of selling on online marketplaces and just sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer. There’s no need for a description of your car or even money for fees. In fact, our services are “FEE-FREE”! Think of us as the “junk car buyer built right in, ready to buy your car, FAST!”! Click here to get your instant offer and begin the process of turning that old clunker into cash, FAST! 

How much is my car worth in East Providence, Rhode Island?

It’s important to note that the offer you receive from Cash Cars Buyer is a fair market value offer. Additionally, we pay based on the full condition of your car. 

  1. What’s the current price of scrap metal and how much does you car weigh? 
  2. What’s the year, make and model of your car? 
  3. Does the vehicle run and work correctly? Vehicles with decent and great-working parts are often worth more money. 
  4. Do you have the title to that junk car? Generally, cars with their titles can fetch more money. 
  5. Where is the car located? 

These questions and more, are just some of the questions we ask, as we evaluate your car. Get ready to obtain your FREE online offer and find out what your car is worth now! 

Sell Your Car and Save our Earth! 

Did you know that over 80% of a junk car can be recycled? Check out some of the car parts that can see new life as new items! 


Your tires may be old and seemingly worthless. But those tires can come back as tarp, fuel, artificial turf and even new tires once they are melted down. 

Auto Oil 

The oil in your car never gets old; it just gets dirty. That’s why you receive oil changes, only just to change the oil out. Once the oil is extracted or removed from your junk car, recycle agents clean it and then place it in newer cars. 

Auto Glass 

Sure, that auto glass may look broken up and tattered now. But once recycled, it can be repurposed into concrete blocks, fiberglass insulation and even glass bottles. 

Cash Cars Buyer works with local as well as regional recycling agents and we work to recycle the parts of a car that can be reused. So, sell that car and save our Mother Earth! Click here to get started! 

I’m Ready To Sell My Car For Cash! 

We hear you loud and clear and think that is a great decision! Now, get ready for the best junk car selling experience ever! As our cars age, they lose their luster and become more of a “metal money pit”. Many times, we find ourselves pouring weekly paychecks into keeping them running and in working order. So, what are some signs that your car is getting old and you may need to sell it? 

Poor fuel economy 

Older cars may need to be filled up with gas quite a bit. And if this is the case with your car, then it may be time to sell it. 

Multiple repairs on a single car part 

If you find that you spend lots of money on that transmission, then it’s time to look at getting another car and selling the one that is draining your bank account dry. 

Engine problems 

The cost of a rebuilt engine can run you thousands of dollars. In our article entitled: “How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild an Engine?”, we give you the approximate cost: “If you are looking to replace or rebuild the engine of an old vehicle, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2500 to $4000. If you don’t want to rebuild the engine yourself, you should be prepared to pay about $50 to $100 per hour for labor.” 

The key features on our car are missing 

Your car used to be your pride and joy. Now it’s missing key features such as side mirrors, air bags and other necessities that a car occupying today’s roads, needs. 

Junk Your Car in East Providence Today! 

Cash Cars Buyer wants to buy your car and we are “rolling out the red carpet” of junk car selling services for you! 

  • Missing your title?  We buy cars with no title! Just have your ID as well as your registration to prove ownership of the car. 
  • FREE junk car removal! Oh yes, you never have to pay for your rusted ride to be hauled away! 
  • Guaranteed offer! When we make you an offer, we’ll stand by it! no price haggling or hassles! 
  • Paid on the spot! No, we don’t put a “check in the mail”. Once you sell us your car, we pay you on the spot! 
  • Same Day Pickup available! For many of our valued junk car sellers, we can come the same day you receive and accept your offer! 

East Providence! No need to search for the best place to sell a junk car online! You’ve found it! We are Cash Cars Buyer and we purchase all makes and models FAST! Click here to receive your FREE online offer and let us turn that broken-down car into beautiful cash! 

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