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Cash For Junk Cars Durham, NC — Sell Your Junk Car for $500 or More!

Cash For Junk Cars Durham, NC

Nothing will drag down the curb appeal of your home quite like a junky old car sitting out in the driveway. Stop allowing the hunk of junk that you have in your driveway to ruin the appearance of your home by selling it to a company that specializes in paying cash for junk cars in Durham, NC. Even if it doesn’t run, all you have to do is say, “Who can I sell my car to?”, and we’ll pay you top dollar for it.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Cash Cars Buyer will buy junk cars for you if you don’t want to let one hang around anymore. We regularly pay $500 for junk cars in Durham, North Carolina and might even be able to pay you more than that depending on the condition of your car. We’ll make it easy for you to junk your car and get same day pickup for it.


If you’re sick and tired of seeing junk cars spread out on your property taking up space, do something about it today. We buy junk cars in Durham and would love to show you why we’re considered the leading licensed, bonded, and insured junk car buyers in the entire state.


Why Going With Local Junk Car Buyers Is the Right Move

Although Durham, NC was once one of the most important cities in the tobacco industry, it’s probably best known today for being one of the central locations in the Research Triangle area, which is an area that consists of a number of well-respected research facilities. It’s also home to Duke University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the South and, to a larger degree, the country. It’s one of the most beautiful cities to live in within the state of North Carolina.


For this reason, it’s important for those who live in Durham to avoid junking it up with old cars that have seen better days. Cash Cars Buyer can help you do this by agreeing to buy junk cars in Durham from you. If you’ve been thinking, “I want to sell my junk car,” we have no problem picking it up from you in exchange for cash.


At this time, we pay cash for junk cars in Durham, North Carolina from those who live in the following zip codes: 27517, 27560, 27701, 27704, 27707, 27709, 27712, 27717, and more. Simply use our online tool to set us up with some very basic information about your scrap car and we’ll make you an offer on the spot so that you can sell your non-running car in no time at all.


Is Trying to Sell a Junk Car on Craigslist Worth It?

It’s never been easier for someone to sell a junk car online. Marketplaces like Craigslist allow you to list junk cars and sell them on our own if you want. But this can be a huge hassle in most cases. From taking photos of your scrap car and listing it for sale to taking calls from interested buyers and showing your junk car to them, you’ll spend a ton of time selling a car on Craigslist, eBay, or any other online site.


Rather than taking that approach when you want to sell old cars for cash in Durham, North Carolina, why not sell it right to junk car buyers like Cash Cars Buyer? We won’t make you send us photos of your scrap car or jump through hoops to get an instant quote for it. We make it as simple as we can for people to get rid of a junk car and collect cash for it.


To find out why so many people have turned to us when searching for places that buy junk cars, test out our handy-dandy online tool to see how easy it truly is. Within just a few minutes, you can provide us with all the information we’ll need from you to make you an offer and pay cash for junk cars in Durham.


How to Get More Cash for Junk Cars Than Junkyards Will Pay You

Have you thought about maybe trying to sell a junk car to one of the junkyards located in your area? At first, this might seem like a great idea since most junkyards in Durham, NC will gladly buy junk cars from anyone looking to get rid of one. But it won’t take you long to see why it’s not your best option.


Many junkyards will make you one offer for your scrap car on the phone and then switch up their offer once you bring them your car, which is known as a “bait and switch.” They’ll also make you find a way to get your junk car to them by not offering junk car removal to you.


At Cash Cars Buyer, we’ll never put you through these things when you want to sell a junk car. As the most reputable junk car buyers in Durham, we never engage in “bait and switch” techniques. We’ll make you the strongest offer that we can for your scrap car—we pay $500 or more for junk cars in Durham—and arrange to provide you with free junk car removal as well. You won’t get that kind of treatment from junkyards.


Which Documents Will You Need to Scrap a Car in North Carolina?

When you decide to sell a junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, we’ll take care of almost everything once you give us some basic info on your car. But to ensure you’re able to collect cash for junk cars in Durham, North Carolina quickly, we would advise you to gather the documentation that you’ll need to sell your scrap car to us.


The documents that you’re going to want to have when you go to sell a car in North Carolina include a New Title Application (MVR-1), an Odometer Disclosure (MVR-180), a Lien Release, and a Damage Disclosure (MVR-181).


By obtaining these documents and having them all filled out ahead of time, you’ll allow us to do our jobs and buy junk cars from you fast. It won’t be long at all before you can sell your junk car for $500 or more to us.


Can I Sell My Car in North Carolina Without a Title for It?

One of the reasons why some Durham, NC residents shy away from selling a junk car is because they don’t have a title for it. They don’t think that they’re going to be able to Google “junk my car near me” and find a buyer willing to take their car off their hands without a title.


But it is possible to sell your junk car without the original title for it. All you need to do is find a way to get a replacement title after deciding to junk a car. Non title car removal is possible as long as you obtain a duplicate title for it.


To get a replacement title, you’ll need to begin by filling out an Application for Duplicate Title (MVR-4). You’ll also need to pay $20 and wait about two weeks to get your replacement title. Once that’s done, Cash Cars Buyer will happily give you cash for junk cars in Durham despite the fact that you don’t have an original title.


How Much Will Junk Car Buyers Give Me When I Sell My Car?

Another thing that sometimes prevents those in Durham, North Carolina from getting rid of a junk car is that they don’t think it’s worth anything. But you might be surprised to see how much your car is worth when you sell it to people that buy junk cars.


It’s impossible for us to tell you exactly what we would pay you for your car without knowing anything about it. But after you’ve utilized our online scrap car tool and sent us the make and model of your junk car and more, we’ll tell you what it’s worth and make you an instant offer for it.


We pay cash for junk cars in Durham, NC and know that you’ll find the quotes we give to be more than fair and accurate. We’ve been buying junk cars for years now and know how to make a good deal with our customers.


Is It Possible to Sell Junk Cars for $500 in Durham, NC?

At this point, you know that Cash Cars Buyer will give you something for your car when you decide, “I’m going to sell my junk car,” and then ask, “Who buys junk cars?” But what you may not realize is just how much we’re usually willing to pay people for cars, including those looking to sell damaged cars or non-running cars.


It’s not uncommon at all for Cash Cars Buyer to pay $500 for junk cars in Durham, NC, depending on the condition of the cars. If you have a certain type of car, that alone could entitle you to $500, even if your scrap car doesn’t start and seems like it should be worthless. By punching some basic info about your car into our scrap car value calculator, you’ll be able to see what we would pay you for it so that you can choose whether or not to accept our offer.


We Can Set You Up With Cash for Junk Cars and Same Day Pick Up!

Many junk car buyers will pay cash for junk cars in Durham, North Carolina. But not all of them will supply you with free junk car removal. It’s one of the best parts of working with an established company like Cash Cars Buyer.


We understand what a headache it can be to sell a non-running car and then have it delivered to a buyer. It could eat into your profits, which is why we buy junk cars from those in Durham and provide them with free junk car removal to boot. You won’t have to spend any time thinking about how you’re going to get a scrap car from point A to point B with us.


Give Us a Call and Say, “I’m Ready to Sell My Junk Car”

Is it finally time to say, “I’m going to sell my junk car and turn it into cash?” Cash Cars Buyer can assist you when you’re ready to sell a scrap car. We’ll make it easy to “get an offer” on our website so that you can see what your car is worth and make a final decision when it comes to selling it.


From the second you start working with us, you’ll see what sets us apart from other junk car buyers. In addition to paying cash for junk cars in Durham, NC, we also offer free junk car removal to our customers and excellent customer service to go along with it. Of all the companies you’ll find when you Google “places that buy junk cars for top dollar near me,” you’ll quickly realize what makes us the best. Call us today to get started.

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