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It is the time now to decide and get rid of your beloved junk car to collect cash, not dust. Your car is just sitting in your driveway, losing its value while you could get some cash out of it. Cash Car Buyer can help you get the true value of your junk car in cash and right on the spot!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

At Cash Car Buyer, we pay the most cash for junk cars in Dundalk, MD! Give us a call at (773) 791-4363! We will provide you with an instant offer within seconds. We buy all kinds of cars, and we offer FREE towing wherever you live around Dundalk, Maryland. 

Why Cash Car Buyer?

  • We pay the top dollars for junk cars in Dundalk, MD, up to $19,000!
  • We offer the safest and easiest junk car removal service, anywhere around Dundalk, MD
  • We provide cash payments right on the spot!
  • We buy any vehicle, SUV, truck, van, and any unwanted car, despite its condition!

Dundalk, Maryland


Dundalk community is located in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. It has a total area of 17.37 square miles.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, about 63,597 people live in the Dundalk community. 

When it comes to Dundalk's weather, summers are humid and warm, while winters are very cold and wet. The year-round temperature ranges from 17 F to 95 F.

Dundalk has a group of large employers that is the daily work for most of the community's residents. Some of the biggest names in the community are the Social Security Administration, the T Rowe Price, the Community College of Baltimore, and the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. 

Dundalk has a lot of places that people enjoy. Some of the best places you can visit around Dundalk are the Bengies Drive-In Theatre, the Fells Point, the Saint Anthony Italian Festival, the North Point State Park, the Urban Pirates, and the Urban Axes Baltimore.

All cars have a value, and we buy them all!


We know how much you love your old junk car since it has a value in your heart. The same car does also has a cash value that you can use as a down payment for a new car. You could also enjoy spending this cash on a trip around Dundalk, MD.

To get the true cash that reflects your vehicle's value, you need to contact the right people. If you tried to sell your car using classified ads, you might not get the cash your vehicle deserves. Moreover, you might go through a lot of hassle and never find a true buyer.

At Cash Car buyer, we are a professional company that buys junk cars every day around Dundalk and other cities in the country. We know how much exactly each vehicle is worth. Our company has one of the top reputations around the community. Therefore, we provide the fairest offers and never change it at the pickup time.

How does our process work? How to sell your junk car for cash in Dundalk, MD?


We are a customer-focused company. Our two main objectives are: 

  • To get our customers the maximum cash for their junk cars
  • To provide the fastest, simplest, fairest, and easiest junk removal service

Therefore, we came up with a junk car buying process that achieves both of our objectives. Here is all that you need to do:


  • Describe your junk car



Give us a call and provide details about your junk car. We would need to know your car's make, model, and year.

It is important to let us know about your vehicle's condition. Does it have a title? Does it work? Are there any major issues with the transmission or the engine? Is the car missing any parts?

Once you provide this information, our team will get you an instant offer within seconds. 


  • Review and accept the offer



At this point, you can review and decide whether to accept our offer of not.

Knowing that we provide the fairest offers that reflect the true value of your vehicle, you do not need to look beyond Cash Car Buyer.

Our team reviews a huge database of sales around the community of Dundalk, Maryland. This search happens within seconds since we use the most advanced technology that helps us do so. 


  • Get your car removed and receive your cash



When you accept our offer, a local junk car removal specialist will come to pick up your junk car at a time and location you both agree on.

You do not need to cancel any important appointment as we are 24-hour junk car removal specialists. We have a very flexible schedule that matches your requests. 

We offer same-day pickups if you are interested!

When they come to pick up your car, they will do a quick inspection to confirm that your car matches the information we have in our system. 

Once everything is confirmed, that's it! You can now get your cash payment right on the spot!

Why should I choose the Cash Car Buyer?

As one of the top-rated junk car buyers, we stand out among our competitors in Dundalk, MD, for many reasons:


  • Our offers do not take time


Unlike other junk car buyers, you do not need to wait for a call back to get an offer for your vehicle. All our offers are instant and within seconds. Right after you provide your information to our team, they will use the advanced technology and get your offer to you immediately. 


  • We offer FREE towing


We do not have any hidden fees. Our towing is free of charge despite your living location. We will come and pick up your junk car anywhere you live around Dundalk, MD. 

Cash Car Buyer is a 24-hour junk car removal company. We have evening, weekend, and same-day pickups. 


  • We have the greatest reputation


Many junk car buyers would change their offer at the pickup time. At Cash Car Buyer, our offers are guaranteed! We will not change our minds at the pickup time. That's why we are one of the first choices for our customers around Dundalk, Maryland.


  • We offer one of the safest junk car removal services around the community


One of the main things you need to pay attention to when selling your junk car is who you are selling it. 

Many people find it scary to have strangers coming to their private property to check their car and never come back to buy it. 

At Cash Car Buyer, all our local junk car removals are background checked, and they will meet you anywhere you want. Therefore, you know who you are dealing with. It is safer to sell your junk car to a professional company rather than stranger individuals. 

We buy junk cars without a title in Dundalk, Maryland!

Most junk car buyers do not buy cars without a title. At Cash Car Buyer, we can still help you. 

In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

While we do buy cars without a title, we recommend that you try and get a title replacement to increase your quote amount.

You can get a title replacement from your local DMV that is located at 5900 Erdman Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, 21205. Give them a call at 410-768-7000 and ask about what paperwork is needed, how much is the required fee, and how long it will take to get the new title. 

If, for any reason, you were not able to obtain the title replacement, we can still help you as long as you have the necessary paperwork.

How much cash can I get for my junk car in Dundalk, Maryland!

On average, most junk cars go for around $350 in Dundalk, MD. However, this price differs significantly by many factors. 

Overall, most vehicles are bought for $100 to $19,000 depending on many factors like:

  • The car's make, model, and year
  • The car's condition
  • And the price of scrap metal

To give you an overview of how much you could get paid for your junk car, here is a list of our most recent purchases around the city of Dundalk, MD:

  • 2003 Toyota Camry. We purchased this car for $630
  • 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. We purchased this car for $100
  • 2003 Honda Accord. We purchased this car for $570
  • 2004 Kia Sedona. We purchased this car for $100
  • 2012 Volkswagen Passat. We purchased this car for $910

I am sold, where should I start?

Glad to hear that you are ready to sell your junk car. Don't overthink the process! Simply kick off the process by giving us a call at (773) 791-4363!