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Cash For Junk Cars, Decatur, AL – Same Day Pick Up Available! 

Cash For Junk Cars, Decatur, AL – Same Day Pick Up Available! 

The days of you looking at that junk car in disgust are over. It’s time to get rid of that rusted heap of metal now! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We are Cash Cars Buyer and we make selling a junk car quick, fast and easy! From FREE junk car removal, to local and personalized service, you can count on us to provide you with the best junk car selling experience you’ve ever had! 

As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we never engage in hassles, price haggles or low-balling. Instead, the offer we say, is the offer you’ll receive! 

To begin the road toward “junk car selling bliss”, just tell us all about your car and receive an instant offer in a matter of seconds!  

We Buy Junk Cars – Local Service Straight to Your Door! 

Ready to sell that clunker in the privacy and comfort of your own home or location? Our team offers friendly and fast service! And in many instances, we can come the same day you call us for a quote

Our local service to your Decatur, AL location includes zip codes: 35699, 35673, 35671, 35609, 35603, 35602 and 35601. Forget bringing your car to us; we come straight to you!  Our agents are: 

  • Experienced with junk car buying 
  • Knowledgeable about current junk car and scrap car trends 
  • Kind and patient enough to answer any and all questions about selling your junk car 
  • Quick, fast and efficient. We are not about wasting your time or ours! 

We value you as a customer and will never judge you, based on your circumstances or your car. Get ready to receive an offer on your old damaged clunker RIGHT NOW

Who Buys Damaged Cars Near Me?

Selling your car to a junkyard is a task. So, if you’re looking for the best place to sell a junk car, your search is over! 


Cash Cars Buyer takes all of the irritating back-and-forth haggling and hassles out of selling a junk car. Furthermore, we don’t spend time padding a bill for you to pay. We love providing stellar customer service. That’s one of the many reasons we rise every morning!  


Wouldn’t you rather enjoy great food and takeout from Whisk'D Café on Grant Street, than worrying about who will buy your damaged car? We thought so. Leave the junk car woes to the junk car buying experts, Cash Cars Buyer! Our services are so “lip smackin’” good, that you’ll want to tell a friend! 

In as little as 24-72 hours, you could get as much as $500 or even more, for that rusted clunker sitting in your backyard! 


We also offer FREE towing and no stressful negotiations over the price of your car price. It takes a few minutes to get your free private online offer


So, before you accept an offer you know is too low for your damaged or wrecked truck or car, reach out to the junk car buying masters of Cash Cars Buyer! We buy junk cars and are ready to buy yours right now!  Get an instant quote and let’s see what we can do for you!


“I Want to Scrap My Car!” – How it Works 

Enter the details of your car and get an instant offer! 

Be sure to tell us all about your car, so that the best instant quote can be formulated for you, FAST! Also, keep in mind, that the more you tell us about your car, the more precise your offer will be!  Once you’re done, you’ll have an instant offer on your vehicle, that you can use to call and talk to one of our friendly agents with! 

Accept your offer 

When you have your instant offer, you can talk to one of our representatives, She or he will ask you some additional questions about your car, ensuring you get the best guaranteed cash offer ever! Like what you hear? Great! It’s time to get your paid! 

Receive your cash, FAST! 

When you tell us, “yes, I love my guaranteed cash offer!”, we will ask you what time and day are good for you, to come, appraise your car and pay you cash! When we arrive, we will greet you of course, then get to work, inspecting your car. Once everything checks out, we will pay you what we said we will pay you! 

“I can sell My Car on Facebook Marketplace” 

Sure, you can! In fact, your ad will be in the company of lots of others! So, let’s roll up those sleeves, and prepare to sell your junk car! Check out all that needs to be done! 

Gather Pictures of Your Car

Be sure that you have great pics of your vehicle. And be sure to have at least ten to 15 of them. Your pictures will tell the story of your vehicle.  


Every car ad these days, has to have both pictures AND a description. So, get busy writing! As a car seller, you have to include any and everything about your car. If anything is missing, you can be assured that a potential buyer will message you about it! 

Contact Information 

When you are selling a car online, you can’t forget the contact information. So, be sure to include it in your ad. 

Don’t Forget your Thick Skin and Patience! 

Most people on Facebook are brutal and honest. So, prepare for the comments and questions you will get about your car. Both come with the online territory! If you put it out there, people will have something to ask and say! 

Bypass the Stress- Sell your Car FAST! 

Ready to sell your car the quick and efficient way? Then click here for an instant quote, then call us for a guaranteed offer! 

Cash Cars Buyer is not here to comment on the condition of your car. Furthermore, we’re not here to ask for pictures, or a lengthy description of your vehicle either! 

We’re here to gather information about your car you supply, make you an offer and buy your junk car FAST! 

We Buy Non Running Vehicles! – FAQ

I don’t have the title to my car. Will you still buy it? 

Lost or damaged the title to your vehicle? In most cases, not having a title, is not an issue. We ask that you have both your car registration as well as your picture ID. Even with that missing or damaged title, you are still eligible to get an instant offer on your car. Just click here to receive it! 

Do you buy non running vehicles? 

We sure do? Forget pouring money into a car that refuses to run. Sell your car to us, as-is! We will buy it! 

What fees to I have to pay, after I sell my car to you? 

None! There are no fees for paperwork, processing or towing! All of our services to you are “FEE-FREE”! 

Although your name is “Cash Cars Buyer”, will I really get cash on the spot? 

Absolutely! We don’t pay in check or bank drafts. We pay you cash! 

How soon will I get paid? 

After you accept your guaranteed offer, we will make a date to come to your home and inspect your car. When all is good, we will process your order, have you sign your forms, explain anything you need an explanation of, and then pay you cash! 

In many instances, we offer same day pickup and pay! Generally, it takes us up to 72 hours to process your sale and come to your location. Rest assured, we will keep you posted as to each and every move we make, regarding the sale of your car! 

Tell me more about that instant offer! 

You can click here to get it! For the best instant offer, we will ask you: 

  • Your car’s year, make and model 
  • Trim, features and any specifics to your car 
  • The location and amount of damage your car has 
  • The status of your title
  • Locaiotn of your car (zip code) 

Will you really buy my car if I don’t have the title?
We know that life happens to the best of us. We do buy car with no title. In most of our cases, not having the title, is not an issue. Therefore, we ask that you have your car registration as well as a picture ID ready to go, for the sale of your junk car. 

How long will it take to sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

Most of our clients sell their car and get paid the same day they contact us. For others, it takes up to 72 hours. 

Do you work with recycling centers when you buy a junk car? 

We sure do! We love our Earth just as much as the next person. We love protecting it too! Over 80% of a junk car can be recycled. From tires, to oil and even broken glass, we work with local recycling agents, to recycle a junk car’s parts! 

Is Cash Cars Buyer licensed, bonded and insured?  

We sure are! So, you can forget the hassles, price haggling, low-balling and scams! We don’t engage in any of that! We can make you an instant offer on your junk car, followed by a guaranteed cash offer. You’ll get an in-person appraisal and paid FAST! 

Decatur, AL! Sell Your junk car FAST! Get paid cash FAST! Your instant offer awaits! Contact Cash Cars Buyer now!