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Sell Damaged Car Now! Get Cash For Junk Cars, Coventry, RI! 

Sell Damaged Car Now! Get Cash For Junk Cars, Coventry, RI! 

Located in Kent County in Rhode Island, the town of Coventry is known for the Nathanael Greene Homestead Museum, Read School House and the Paine House. Locals as well as tourists can also enjoy sites such as Carbuncle Pond. There’s also great food located inside of the Depetrillos Pizza and Bakery. You can also junk a car that causes pain and strain. We are Cash Cars Buyer, making selling a rusted, dented and broken-down car, quick, fast and convenient for you! From FREE instant online offers providing a precise quote, to FREE junk car removal, we offer it all and more! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Local Coventry Junk Car Buyers Putting Safety First! 

Not only are we the premier junk car buying service for Coventry, RI, but we also offer safe and secure environment for all junk car sellers. Whether your car has no wheels, or no keys we’ll buy it! Our online portals for you to input your information- are safe and secure and we will never share your personal information ever! Our services span across zip codes 02827 as well as 02816. You never have to leave the safety of your location to come to us. We bring our junk car selling services right to your door 

COVID-19 Update: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are practicing physical distancing. We are also keeping our team members as well as junk car sellers, healthy with sanitary measures. Should you need additional accommodations, don’t hesitate to let us know! We want your junk car selling experience to be the safest that it can be! Begin the process of obtaining your offer by entering your junk car’s information here

Selling A Junk Car Without a Title- Is it Possible?  

You have a junk car to sell, but you’ve lost the title. Wait! Did you know that you can still sell that old, beat-up and broken car to us without the title? Yes, we buy junk cars without the title and we just may buy yours! In most, cases, your missing title is not a problem for us. We ask that you have your ID as well as your car registration for the sale of your car. Once you have both items in hand, click here and enter your car’s information! 

Why Should I Junk My Car in Coventry? 

When you junk a car, you are providing an opportunity for more to take shape! Additional benefits of selling that junk car include: 

Freeing up space on your property 

When you sell that old car, you are taking away the source of your frustration and stress. You are also allowing open space and an opportunity for peace to return to your life! 

Getting rid of the expense of fixes and repairs 

Those fixes and repairs on that junk car only last for weeks…. Perhaps months. Do you really need to keep getting an aging car fixed or repaired that refuses to be operable for you? 

Getting paid on the spot! 

Once you sell that junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, we will pay you on the spot! No need for a “check in the mail”. You’ll get paid right when you sell your car and we handle the towing! 

So, get ready to sell that old car to the best junk car buyers in the business- Cash Cars Buyer! Your FREE online offer awaits now! 

500 for Junk Car- Is it Possible Nowadays? 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer pay fair market value for each car we buy. Additionally, we may give you more than the $500 you desire for that dented piece of metal. When we purchase a car, we look at the full merit of the vehicle. Some of the criteria we inspect during our junk car buying process includes:  

  1. The weight of your vehicle as well as the current price of scrap metal
  2. Year, make and model of the car. 
  3. The status of your title- is your title missing? 
  4. Any damage on the car and where that damage is located. 
  5. Where the car is physically located and more. 

Thankfully, you can obtain a FREE online offer on your vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Click here now! 

Sell Damaged Car Now- We Are the Best Place To Sell A Car Online! 

When you have a junk car to sell, there are two objectives that stare at you like a hawk. The first is to get the most money you can and the second is to sell it as fast as you can. So, when you decide to sell a car online using conventional online selling methods, it’s important to avoid the common pitfalls that many online car sellers make. What are they?

Failure to post pictures of the car 

When you have a car to sell, you have to post focused as well as sharp photos of your car. A good number of photos to have is ten. 

Crafting little to no description about the car 

Another important component to selling a car online is writing a description about the car. You have to tell perspective buyers all about the car. Most junk car or used car sellers will bypass the description hoping that photos of the car will be sufficient. This is never a good idea. 

Having no paperwork completed 

Looking to sell a car online? Well, you must make sure that you have the proper documentation to sell the car. We wrote a guide to selling a car in Rhode Island and offer the following: “In Rhode Island, you’ll need to fill out a title transfer if you are selling a car of model year 2001 or newer.  For vehicles with a registration in 2000 or earlier are not titled in Rhode Island. Additionally, you will as well as the buyer will need to sign the back of the car title in your designated areas.”. You can click here to read more from our article entitled, “How To Sell A Car In Rhode Island – Completing DMV Paperwork Correctly”. 


Or just sell that old car to Cars Buyer! 

Instead of going though the stress, hassle and work of selling that car on your own, you can sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! We offer an array of “FEE-FREE” services for you! You’ll also have that junk car removed from your property for FREE! Click here to begin the process, NOW! 

How Much Is My Car Worth In Coventry, Rhode Island?

As a junk car seller, it’s important to note that the offer you receive from Cash Cars Buyer is a fair market value offer. When we make an offer on your car, we take the time to look at the complete condition of your car. We also look at 

  • What’s the current price of scrap metal and what is the weight of your car? 
  • What’s the year, make and model of your car? 
  • Does your junk vehicle run and work correctly? Vehicles with great-working parts are often worth a bit more money than cars that have non-working parts. 
  • Do you have the title to that junk car? Generally, cars with their titles can fetch more cash. 
  • Where is the car located? 

These questions and more, are some of the questions we ask, when we evaluate a car. You can take the guesswork out of knowing what your car is worth and obtain a FREE online offer and find out what your car is worth now! 

When Should I Sell My Junk Car for Fast Cash? 

Typically, the average car is drivable for a bit under 12 years. So, your decision to scrap your car is dependent on your needs as well as your budget. Are you no longer driving any car? Do you desire a new car or a better car and need money for the purchase? 


As new cars depreciate just as they’re driven off the lot, a junk car can have a precise cash value to it, based on its condition and its parts. The better those car parts, the more the car is worth. So, once your junk car becomes a nuisance, or becomes more expensive to repair than its worth, it’s time to sell it. Allow Cash Cars Buyer to turn that old jalopy into joyous cash FAST! Just click here to get started! 


What Fees Do I Pay Once I Junk My Car” & FAQs 

Do you buy cars with frame as well as water damage?  

Yes! You can obtain a FREE online offer on that broken down and flooded car here

Do you purchase cars with mechanical problems? 

We sure do! We buy cars with: 1. Seized engines, 2. Faulty alternators, 3. Bad brakes, 4. Dead batteries and more! Get an offer on that problematic car right here, right now

What Fees Do I Pay Once I Junk My Car? 

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you pay nothing! Our “FEE-FREE” services are a favorite among our valued junk car sellers. No paperwork, processing or towing! We handle it all, from beginning to end! 

Are transactions safe and secure? 

They sure are. Your personal information is never sold to the “highest bidder” and we practice safety measures during all global health crises. 

Are you licensed? 

Cash Cars Buyer is licensed, bonded and insured! 

Coventry! You’ve looked up and called the rest, now it’s time for the best. Get that junk car sold FAST and get paid on the spot! We are Cash Cars Buyer, helping you turn that awful car into awesome cash! Get your FREE online offer NOW!