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We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

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Cash For Junk Cars Concord, CA – Quick Instant Offer Available NOW! 

Cash For Junk Cars Concord, CA – Quick Instant Offer Available NOW! 

Cash Cars Buyer pays fair market value for all vehicles. Large trucks, small sedans, broken vans, rusted hatchbacks and even broken minivans have a place with Cash Cars Buyer! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

You can get an instant offer in a matter of seconds and sell your junk car FAST!  Additionally, there is never a fee for removal, and” five-star service” is what you’ll receive! 

We also work with auto recycling professionals who will take your car and help save our environment, buy repurposing your car’s parts! Get an instant quote now and be well on your way to FAST payment for that broken-down clunker on your property! 

We Buy Junk Cars- It’s A Quick & Easy Process! 

Provide us with your junk car’s details 

Take the time to provide us with the details of your junk car. The more information you offer, the more precise your offer will be! Once done, you will receive an instant offer on your car that you can move forward with! 

Call us and accept your offer 

After you accept your offer, you can call us and we will ask you some additional questions about your car. Afterward, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer, FAST. Love what you hear? Wonderful!  

Schedule a time for appraisal 

Once you have your guaranteed offer that you love, we will ask you the perfect day and time to come to your home and inspect your car. We’ll arrive promptly of course! 

Get paid! 

Once we arrive to your location, we will get to work fast, inspecting your car. When all checks out, we will hand you payment, FAST!

FREE Junk Car Removal – We Buy Cars with no Title! 

Lots of our customers smile when we tell them that once we buy their car, it comes with FREE junk car removal! You will never have to dip into your pocket to pay to have your car towed away! 

Does a lost title keep you from selling your junk car? Cash Cars Buyer purchases cars with no title and we may buy yours! In lots of instances, not having a title is not an issue. We do ask that you have your car registration as well as picture ID once you’re ready to sell your junk car. Get ready to obtain an instant offer on your vehicle right now! Just click here

Buy junk cars – Sell NOW! 

There’s no need to lose time and money while your car sits in your driveway. Cash Cars Buyer will handle all aspects of your junk car sale, while providing stellar customer service. 

With over a decade of junk car buying experience, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to sell your junk car in the first place! 

Along with our excellent service, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain an instant quote on your car, 24/7! Don’t forget that we include free towing with your offer and will finish the process in as little as 24-72 hours!

Whether your car is wrecked, totaled, running, wrecked, damaged, or just used, we will still buy it, and we will pay you up front for it. 

In most cases, we offer same-day service!

Ready to get that instant quote and know what you’re working with? Fantastic! Just click here and know what your car is worth right away! 

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

Perhaps you’ve been putting off selling your junk car because you cannot find anyone near you. Cash Cars Buyer offers the residents of Concord “FREE Front Door Service”! In other words, you never have to bring your car to us; we come to you! Our zip codes of service include: 94518, 94519,94520, 94521, 94522, 94529 and 94565! 

So, forget a “Google Search” of finding someone near you; you have Cash Cars Buyer, ready to come to your door, FAST! 

Sell Old Cars – Sell Your Salvage Title Car!

You may have lots of questions surrounding the sale of salvage title cars and owning them. Is it illegal to sell a salvage title car? Am I able to drive a car with a salvage title? 


According to The California Department of Motor Vehicles, a vehicle is considered salvage once it has been destroyed, damaged or wrecked to the extent that the insurance company considers it wasteful to repair. 


For lots of insurance companies, this means that if the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the car, the vehicle is not repaired; therefore, the car owner is entitled to a payout. This payout to the owner is usually the pre-accident value of the vehicle.


Registration can be difficult to get 

One major hurdle in owning a salvage title car, is obtaining a car registration. After purchasing a salvage car, the owner will not legally be able to register the vehicle with the DMV until it passes a series of certifications and inspections. 

If the car is not able to pass the inspections it has to, it cannot be registered, until the needed repairs are made. 

Save time and stress! Sell Your Car Today! 

Cash Cars Buyer is here to save you time and aggravation. We will buy that car with the salvage title, and buy it fast! You just supply us with the vehicle’s information, and then you allow us to make you an offer that you can’t refuse! Click here to get started NOW! 

“Can I Sell My Junk Car for $500?” 

Nowadays selling your junk car starts with knowing what your car is worth. You can get a “ball park figure” of the value of your car, with one visit to the Kelley Blue Book or the Edmunds website. 

Afterward, you can conduct a basic search for the best vehicle buyer near you who buys wrecked and junk cars. 

During your search, you will find many businesses offering cash for junk cars. But lots of them will offer you a scrap price.  This may cut into your bottom line you may or may not get that $500 you hoped for. 

We buy all types of damaged cars and offer fair market value with FREE towing and payment in 24 to 72 business hours.  Obtain an instant offer on your junk car now and know immediately what your car is worth! 

Cash for Cars – Sell Your Car Online 

Selling a car online is a huge business. From classic cars, to luxury cars, if you have a car in mind you want, chances are, it’s online! 

The same can be true for your junk car. There may be a buyer out there, ready to buy your junk car.  And if your goal is to sell online, then you have work that needs to be done! 

Pictures of your junk car are a must 

If you’re selling a car online, then the first thing you have to do, is to take focused and sharp pictures of your car. 


The next item on your “to do” list is to write a detailed description of your car, ensuring you tell perspective buyers all information about your vehicle. 


Be sure that you have the patience to wait for the buyer of your car. These days, car buyers have a lot of ground to cover, when shopping for a car online. 

Eliminate the stress- sell your junk car TODAY! 

You can save the hassle and stress and sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! As Concord’s premier junk car buying company, you can be assured that we will offer fair market value. 

You can keep the pictures of your car for something else. All we need is information for your car, so that a precise instant offer for it can be formulated just for you! 

“Do You Buy Cars with Blown Engines”? FAQ

I lost the title to my car. Will you still purchase it FAST? 

In most cases, not having the title, is not an issue. We ask that our customers have a car registration as well as the picture ID for the sale of your scraped car. 

Do you buy cars with blown engines? 

We buy all kinds of cars, with all kinds of mechanical issues, which includes blown engines. 

What fees do you charge after I sell my car to you?  

Once you sell your car to us, there are never any fees you have to pay! We take care of paperwork, processing and of course, towing! 

How soon can I get paid after I sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

In some cases, we can pick up your car the same day that you call us! Generally it takes up to 72 hours to process your junk car sale. 

How much can I sell my junk car for?

You’ll get the highest offer possible, based on factors that overall condition, market demand, year, make, model. 

Do I have to accept your offer right away? 

Of course not! You’re never under any no-obligation to accept our offer!

Do I have to bring my car to you? 

Not at all! You never have to bring your car to us! We come to you and will come to you FAST! Just click here to get an instant offer and be well on your way to cash for your car!