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Cash For Junk Cars Clinton, IA

Clinton is a city and the county seat of Clinton County, Iowa. The population is almost 27,000 people, and it is the principal city of the Clinton Micropolitan Statistical Area. With a community college, school district, and public library, the hard-working people of Clinton are striving to make a great future for their children – and they deserve to get the most cash for junk cars Clinton, Iowa.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


With institutions like Ashford University, Bickford Arboretum, and Clinton Area Showboat Theatre, this city is no stranger to culture. They strive to make their smaller-city as beautiful as possible, giving every citizen a chance to engage and thrive in the population. We want to help them even more by giving them the best deal possible.


Not only do we want to help the people of Clinton economically, but we want to build a great relationship with them for future transactions. Our agents at Cash Cars Buyer in Clinton, I want to build individual and unique relationships with our customers, to ensure that they are being treated correctly, fairly, and earning the best deal for their junk car.


We are Cash Cars Buyer and our local Clinton agents are excited, hard-working, and ready to get you the most money for your scrap car or a non-running vehicle. This is something the people of Clinton have earned! 


It doesn’t matter if you are in the areas of 52730, 52732, 52733, 52734, or 52736, it is irrelevant to our people. We will make the journey to wherever you live in these zip codes, whether you are in a small house at the end of the street or a big mansion at the beginning of the road. We want to help you make an informed and educated decision on the best place or location that will give you a great price for your junk cars – quickly!


Continue scrolling to see why we are Clinton’s best option for buying a junk car – our specialties include FREE towing and junk car removal, non-running vehicles, and scrap cars!


Finding The Right Site To Sell Your Junk Car For Cash In Clinton, IA


You might now be wondering the best way to sell your car for cash. There are a few different modes and options you can choose – each with some benefits and negatives. Let’s go over why you might choose to sell your car online, and the sites you could use to get cash for your junk car.


First, you might decide to sell your car online because you don’t want to deal with people. Simple enough! Even though the people of Clinton are kind and hard-working, maybe you just work better online. It’s easier to communicate, and all of your car information is in one place, so it makes it easier.


Second, you just have to get good photos and an accurate description of your scrap car. If your car is a non-running vehicle, be sure to say that. Not being honest and transparent on your description will cause buyers to not trust you, spread the word about you, and prevent other people from doing business with you in the future.


Ensure that your photos are accurate as well. Get realistic photos of your junk car from all angles – the rear, sides, front, and interior all matter. Make sure the pictures are good quality and not blurry.


Third, you might like the idea of keeping all of your seller information in one place. If you are dealing with multiple potential buyers, this lets you easily organize it if you use the correct site. Let’s go over the sites you might use to sell your junk car online for cash in Clinton, IA.




Before you decide if you really want to go through the process of selling your scrap car online, you need to figure out what sites you want to use. This depends on the specific make and model of your car. You can check out Clinton’s Craigslist. Here, click on the ‘vehicles’ section to see if there are any other cars being sold.


In this category, you will find other cars that are up for sale, car parts that are being sold, and individuals looking for specific parts or vehicles. See what other vehicles are listed to get an idea of whether the market is currently looking for junk cars or scrap cars in the Clinton area. 


If you decide to use Craigslist, unfortunately, you need a clean title in your name. The title of ownership is what provides that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. Clean title means that the car is clear of any liens, or money owed to another lender.


If you do owe money on your car, then you are not legally the owner – and you cannot sell it. Even on Craigslist. 


In addition to the title, you need a Bill of Sale. A Bill of Sale is a good way to protect yourself in case something happens with the sale of the vehicle. This shows the sale date, selling price, year, make, and model of your junk car that you are selling. 




If the Craigslist page isn’t giving you the hits that you dreamed of, then you can check out the local Clinton Facebook marketplace. The good thing about the marketplace is that it is directly related to your location – so you can set it to Clinton, and only buyers in Clinton will be able to see your post.


This ensures that if a sale is potentially made or someone wants to see your junk car in person, they can just come over pretty easily, instead of making a long trek to see a vehicle. If the marketplace doesn’t seem too promising, you can check out local Clinton Facebook groups that directly pertain to cars, car parts, and everything automotive. 


eBay Motors?


eBay Motors is a trustworthy site that might be a little more reliable than Craigslist and Facebook. Here, you can see the buyer and seller’s rating, so you can determine if you want to do business with them or not when selling your junk car.


You still have to upload quality photos, put an accurate description, and monitor your post. You can decide whether you want to do an auction-style bid or a fixed-price bid.


The auction bid is when people can bid certain prices, and the highest bidder will win your junk car. The fixed price bid is when you set a price, or asking price, for your junk car. If someone pays that, then they get to walk away with the prize of owning your car! 


What If I Don’t Have The Title To Sell To Another Person?


Uh-oh. If you don’t have the title of your vehicle, then you have two options on how to proceed. One method is more tedious than the other, and can affect how you want to sell your junk car.


The first option is to go to the local Clinton DMV or the Iowa Department of Transportation. You need to fill out an application for the replacement of the title. The new title will have ‘duplicate’ printed on the top, to show both the seller and the buyer that this is a  copy of the original. 


If you don’t want to go through the process of obtaining a duplicate title, then you will need to find a local junk car dealer that can buy your scrap car without the title. Fortunately for you, we can do that! 


In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration. Just make sure you don’t lose your driver’s license, now!


Who Pays $500 Or More Near Me?


Again, we are the best option if you are shooting to get a certain price for your scrap or junk car. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle.


If your car is rare, you have expensive parts, or it is in slightly-good condition, you can even earn more than $500 for your scrap car! We do more than just weigh it on an industrial scale to determine the value of your car.


You can go online and fill out our online tool, and we will give you a quote with our estimated price of your vehicle. This is dependent on the make, model, year, and other damage factors. After we have talked on the phone, you can book an appointment for us to come and evaluate your car.


After we evaluate your car, we can give you cash in hand – always within 24 hours of the sale! While you are counting your cash, we can take that junk car off of your hands so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


Our free junk car removal service is just the cherry on top of excellent customer service. Don’t worry about calling a tow truck and paying for a towing service – we can take your car away, for free! 


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