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Get a Great Offer for Your Junk Car in Central, Louisiana

Get a Great Offer for Your Junk Car in Central, Louisiana

Are you looking to sell your junk car in Central, Louisiana? You may have been researching the best ways to sell a car and becoming more and more frustrated trying to figure out which ones are going to be reliable and which ones aren't.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Selling your junk car to a scrap yard or salvage dealer has been an option for a long time, much longer than the internet has been around, but it's not without its problems. You'll have to schedule a time to go meet with these people, often during your workday or on the weekend. Once you get there, if they want your junk car then you're going to have to pay to have it towed to them which will cut into the money that you make.


A classified ad like Craigslist might also work, but it's possible you're going to have to wait days and even weeks before you get a reply. Once you do get a reply, whoever gets in touch is probably going to offer you far less than you're asking.


Google is always an option but when you search for who buys junk cars near me, you'll get millions of results, a number so impossibly large that you could never search through them all.


Cash Cars Buyer eliminates all the hassle and stress that you get from these other methods. We've been in this business for over 10 years so we can offer you not just the best deal but the best service as well. We are fast and efficient which allows you to get back to enjoying your life and Central, Louisiana.


Living Your Life in Central, Louisiana 


There are a lot of great things about life in Central, Louisiana. It's one of the most beautiful cities in the state, but it's not so big that you can get stressed out by the hectic pace.  you can find a lot of great places to eat a lot of fun things to do and there are great places to work that'll help you raise a family.


The thing about life anywhere, and especially in Central, Louisiana, is that when you're done working for the day you just want to head home and relax, right?  You spent your whole week working over at Alpha Air or the Ochsner Health Center or wherever it is that you do your nine to five. When the workday is done, or the weekend rolls around, you've earned your time off and you want to use it however you see fit.


Would you rather be spending a Saturday afternoon driving it to a scrap dealer or do you want to just try the filet lunch special at Stab’s Steak and Seafood? Or how about some of that excellent crawfish at Carlton’s?  The choice is pretty clear.


At Cash Cars Buyer we respect your free time. Just like you, when we go home after work, we want to spend time with our friends and family. So we know that when you're done your work day given the option you probably have a lot more fun taking the dog for a walk through Jackson Community Park  or even spending a few hours on your Sunday fishing on the Amite River.  both of those would be better options than trying to write the perfect Craigslist ad for your junk car.


That's why Cash Cars Buyer makes this process as quick, and efficient as we possibly can. We want you to get back to enjoying your life with more money in your pocket after selling us your junk car. Most of our competition is only going to offer you $200 to $400 for your junk car, but we can offer up to $500 cash and in many cases even more. How do we do it?


Our Instant Cash Offer


There's more that goes into our cash offer than a lot of people realize. Take a look at all the things we consider before making you an offer on your junk car.


  • Before contacting us about selling your junk car we recommend you go to a website like this one and find out what the value of scrap is. Just like gold and copper scrap has a value you can track from day to day.  Once you know the value of scrap, you'll know what your car is worth in a bare minimum. 


  • Just like when you go looking for a car at Kelley Blue Book or edmunds.com, the first thing we're going to ask you when you use our online tool is for the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This is the basic information that anyone who deals in cars is going to need to establish a value.


  • True model of your vehicle is also important to determine in Italian. As you know I trim level can be worth thousands of dollars more than a lover chin level. And even if your car is being sold as a junker, a high trim level will be worth more money to you.


  • The condition of your vehicle is important as well when it comes to the offer we’ll make. If your car has been in a bad accident, or if I let systems like the engine or the transmission are not functioning, you can expect a lower offer. However, if it's still in good running order and the body is in good condition you can get more money for it.


  • If you have a rare vehicle you can expect to get a little more money than you would for a common vehicle. Some rare cars can be worth quite a lot of money. For instance, in 2018 a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold at auction for nearly $3 million. We don't think your car is quite that rare, but any rare car could be worth more money. 


  • Even if your car isn't rare, as long as it's a popular model it could be worth more money because the parts will still be in high demand.


 As you can see there's a lot to consider before we go ahead and make you a deal. Once we are ready to make you a deal you may be wondering how your car's title figures into everything.


No Title? No Problem!


Your car's title is the government issued, legal document that proves ownership. In most cases it's impossible to sell a car without one. So, what happens if you no longer have yours?


Whether you lost your title in the house somewhere, or it was destroyed in something like a flood or fire, your options are limited when it comes to selling your car.


The easiest thing for you to do is head to the nearest DMV. Some of them will be able to help you fill out the paperwork to get a replacement car title, and it should show up in the mail in just a couple of weeks. If you don't want to wait that long however, Cash Cars Buyer has a better option.


In most cases Cash Cars Buyer is able to go ahead with a deal even when you no longer have your title. So long as you have your driver's license and a valid vehicle registration, we should still be able to make a deal. It's just one of the many ways Cash Cars Buyer stands out from the competition.


The Cash Cars Buyer Difference


The competition just can't offer the same level of service that we do at Cash Cars Buyer. Check out all the ways that we are the best of the business. 


  1. We have over 10 years of experience buying junk cars. Our customer service is beyond reproach and we have a long list of satisfied customers who can testify to how great doing the deal with us truly is.


  1. Honesty and integrity are important to us. That's why we want you to find out the value of scrap before you even get in touch with us. That way you're going to know that the offer we make you is more than fair.


  1. Because we are local to the Central area you never have to worry about how you're going to get your junk car to us. Once we make a deal, we can come to you and tow it away free of charge.


  1. Our online tool is available for you to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because we understand the value of your free time you never have to work with our schedule, we only work with yours.


  1. When you use our online tool to get your instant offer we can get you up to $500 cash or more in under 24 hours. No waiting for an online payment to process and no waiting for a check to clear.


  1. Dealing with us isn't just good for your bank account, it's good for the environment as well. Not everyone knows that motor oil and transmission fluid and other substances in your car can be dangerous if they leak out into the ground. We can safely dispose of those dangerous substances and also recycle well over 50% of your car.


As you can see, Cash Cars Buyer is going to offer you the best service in every way possible. All you need to do is go to our main page and click on the get instant offer button to start the process today.