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Cash for Junk Cars Cape Girardeau, MO – We Buy ALL Junk Cars!

Cash for Junk Cars Cape Girardeau, MO – We Buy ALL Junk Cars!

You are finally biting the bullet and looking to sell your junk car to the best local junkyard in your area – but how do you find one? You have looked online to see who offers you the most money for non running vehicles, who does not require towing, who will not go back on their initial offer, and who has reputable and local agents who know the area. Problem is, you are having trouble finding a place that checks all of these boxes. Fortunately for you, Cash Cars Buyer is the answer to all of your problems – we offer the most cash for junk cars right here in Cape Girardeau, MO!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Selling your junk car after waiting for many years can be stressful. You know that you have skipped out on a lot of routine maintenance, and maybe you are embarrassed to try and bring your car to a junkyard out of fear you'll get nothing in return or you will just end up paying more for towing than you actually will in return from cash from the junkyard.


Further, you might not want to spend all of your free time that you are not working or at school looking online at various websites to try and sell your vehicle. Websites like Craigslist, eBay Motors, Autotrader, or the local Facebook Marketplace in Cape Girardeau, can be extremely time consuming and have many potential buyers that will just waste your time.


These websites require you to take many photos of all different angles of your vehicle, recapturing the front, rear, sides, and the interior, ensuring to capture any damage or condition of your ear so that you can answer the buyers’ potential questions.


In addition, you need to write lengthy descriptions that answer any potential buyer’s questions about the car, such as the make, model, years, trim, condition, damage, and any replacements or repairs that are done on the vehicle or need to be done. If you don't answer these questions, the buyers will not trust you when doing business with you.


So with all of this in mind, it seems like a stressful process to sell your junk car, right? Wrong! Cash Cars Buyer can give you the easiest, hassle-free, fee-free, and professional service in the entire state of Missouri – and especially in Cape Girardeau!


Where is Cape Girardeau, MO?


Cape Girardeau is a city in Cape Girardeau County in the state of Missouri, located around 115 miles southeast of St. Louis, the largest metro area and the second-largest city in the state, and 175 miles north of Memphis, the largest city on the Mississippi River and the second most populated in Tennessee. 


As of the 2019 United States Census Bureau estimate, the city’s population is almost 41,000 people, making it within the top 20 most populated cities in Southeast Missouri. 


Named after Jean Baptiste de Girardot, who established a temporary trading post, he was a French soldier who was stationed at Kaskaskia in the early 18th century. The settlement is said to date from the late 18th century when the Spanish government gave a French-Canadian the right to establish a trading post, giving him trading privileges and a large tract of land surrounding his post. 


By the early 1800s, the town of Cape Girardeau was incorporated prior to Missouri statehood, and was reincorporated as a city in 1843, with the advent of the steamboat in 1835 stimulating the development of Cape Girardeau as the biggest port on the Mississippi River. 


For years travelers had to use ferries to cross the Mississippi River from Cape Girardeau, until a bridge was completed between Missouri and Illinois in 1928, spurring trade and the relations between the states. 


The top employers in this city are Southeast Health, St. Francis MEdical Center, Procter & Gamble, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau Public Schools, Drury Hotels, and Robinson Construction. Due to the hard working people and the dedicated residents who want to make the city of Cape Girardeau the best possible, we want to do our small part in giving each and every one of these locals the best deal when earning cash for junk cars in Cape Girardeau, MO.


Junk My car near me. What is my junk car worth?


 When we examine the value of a junk car or non running vehicle that we are in the process of buying from you, we have to look at several factors in order to give you the best deal possible. These factors include:


  • The year, make, and model. Some models of cars are rare and harder to find than others, making them more expensive on the market and the parts all the more valuable.
  •  The weight of the junk vehicle also affects what your junk car is worth. A heavier car with more metal will get you a higher offer at a place like a scrap yard, where they only deal with weight.
  •  The trim, extra options, and added features to your vehicle. The trim basically means the package of features or characteristics that you chose for your vehicle. The basic trim will get you the least amount of money, while the highest or most luxurious trim will get you the highest offer possible for your vehicle.
  •  The current price of scrap metal can affect the price of your car. If scrap metal on the market is currently high, then you will end up getting more for your car. We recommend looking into the scrap metal prices online before you think about taking your car to a place like a local junk yard or scrap yard in your area.
  •  The location of your car. With us, this does not really matter.  We can offer free junk car removal to anywhere in the local area, whether you are the last house on the street or the last apartment complex on the road. We offer free junk car removal in the areas in Cape Girardeau of 63701, 63702, 63703, and 63780. If you are just outside of these areas in Kelso, Dutchtown, or Scott City, still give us a call so we can get you the best deal possible!


Can you get $500 cash for junk cars these days in Cape Girardeau?


When it comes to selling an old junk car or non running vehicle, most car dealers won't always take into account the full value of your vehicle. They will oftentimes want to just get the best deal for themselves and their employees, and they will not price your car according to the factors we already mentioned, like the make, model, year, trim, damage, and any valuable parts of your car. This leaves you with the prospect of having to find another buyer through posting an online advertisement using a site like Craigslist, talking to neighbors, or a private sale.


 These methods all have one thing in common –  they will all require you to spend a lot of money, to make a little bit of money in return. Furthermore, it may actually take you a lot longer than you would initially think to sell your car using these methods. It can take you days, weeks, or months to sell your card using an online platform, since people will waste your time and you will have to show your car to numerous people. Lastly, you will price your car as high as you think you might get a bid, only to be disappointed by people consistently offering you lower prices for your vehicle.


 Sometimes, not knowing what your car is actually worth can provide a huge hindrance to selling your car online or in person. With us at Cash Cars Buyer,  we listen to the request and the needs of our junk car sellers, while offering full market value for your junk car based on our professional junk car accessor tool.


 We also specialize in buying junk cars for cash, and paying cash in hand always within 24 hours. Our offers range from just a couple hundred dollars on the low end to tens of thousands of dollars on some Vehicles. You may find that you make more than the desired amount –  we pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle.


 No matter what we offer, you will find that we are always honest, straightforward, reputable, and trustworthy when it comes to presenting you with an offer on your junk car, no matter what condition. We buy all makes and models and we are definitely interested in buying yours! You can get an instant offer on your ride right now and know what you're working with!


 The only thing you need to do for us is to have your driver's license and registration ready. In all other cases, you need a title to sell your vehicle, whether it be online or to an individual in person. This is a day certificate that shows the ownership of the car that you are selling, so you will need to transfer it when legally selling your junk car.


 However, with us, we do not require this. No title? No problem. In most cases no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and registration ready to go during the sale. Our process is so that it can be done as quickly as possible!


 There you have it! We are the area's top junk car buying service. Cash Cars Buyer provides everyone living in Cape Girardeau with the best deal on free junk car removal, cash in hand within 24 hours, and professional and friendly service for you!